Young Thug Declares That He’s Not Gay: “I’m The Straightest Man In The World”

Published: Thursday 22nd Aug 2019 by Sam

Young Thug is fed up of the rumors.

Ever one to march to the beat of his own drum, the rapper made headlines the world over when he rocked a dress a-front of his ‘Jeffery’ album.

Despite being in a liberal age of artistic expression, this saw some question his sexual orientation. A discourse which continues to this day.

Looking to control, alt, delete any doubt, he has addressed the matter head on.

His words below…

Speaking during an interview on Big Boy In The Neighborhood, the MC asserted that he’s been “misjudged” and that he’s the “straightest man in the world.” Peep the clip…

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#YoungThug says he’s not gay

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The comment comes after Thug suggested Lil Nas X “probably shouldn’t have come out,” citing the public’s shift in focus to his sexuality and the hate he’d receive as a result.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lol August 22, 2019

    So you’re the straightest man in the world but you were wearing a dress on your album cover. And it took him this long to say that. Ok,..

    • MCalling you h*** out August 22, 2019

      You do realize pants weren’t invited hundreds of years after dresses

      • Jasmine August 22, 2019

        He was not alive hundreds of years ago so u have NO point

    • Jasmine August 22, 2019

      Sure he’s straight but Birdman breaking his back two nights a week lol. This is 2019. Nobody cares if you are gay or straight! If a man does feminine things like wear dresses and dye your hair blonde and paint your fingernails some people will:
      1) Assume you are gay; or
      2) Think you are straight but eccentric; or
      3) Choose to not fall for your publicity stunts by not knowing or supporting your work

      I fit in category 3). I know who he is, where he lives, and my cousin sold him a car. Other than that I have never listened to any of his music, including features. He is not my cup of the as an artist. I think this is all an ongoing publicity stunt and he is exploiting a certain type of gay lifestyle lives by people who have no choice but to live that way.

    • Donald August 22, 2019

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    • Clarkson August 22, 2019

      Dont be silly.
      It’s not only gay men that wear dresses or makeup
      So many cultures around the world, the men wear dresses, skirts, make up etc.

      • Jasmine August 22, 2019

        You are not saying anything people don’t already know. We are talking about an American black man wearing a dress, makeup, hair weave, and women’s jewelry. We are not talking about men in other countries.

      • Clarkson August 22, 2019

        Bìtch STFU. I dont exchange words with peasants so keep trolling me, I will keep ignoring u.

      • Jasmine August 22, 2019

        I am the Queen B Jasmine?. You should be honored, great full, and appreciative I took time out of my day to respond to your comment and educate you. You should be thanking me not attacking me but I guess they did not teach you manners in the ghetto trailer park u grew up in which is why u are vile gutter trash ?. You need to beg ?? for my forgiveness.

      • Jasmine August 22, 2019


  2. 2bad2bme August 22, 2019

    Right, and Santa Clause will be at my house round 1:45am 12/25/2019 ?

    • High Price August 22, 2019


    • Urg August 22, 2019


    • Fancy BISH August 22, 2019


    • Meme August 22, 2019

      I’m hollering Lololol

  3. K_man August 22, 2019

    That’s right girl! Deny deny deny.. now sissy that walk!!

  4. Maxx August 22, 2019

    No straight man would ever where a dress! Especially a straight black man.

    • Clarkson August 22, 2019

      chiwetel ejiofor wore a dress and heels in the movie kinky boots. Chiwetel is straight, and black.

      • Jasmine August 22, 2019

        U clearly know nothing about American black men

    • LUCKI August 22, 2019

      If they want attention they will. Young Thug is more known for his antics and dressing than his music.

  5. Tyty August 22, 2019

    That s*** was controversial year’s ago who gives a f*** in 2019 you got dudes wearing nail polish and weaves… Find some other schtick…like talent perhaps ??‍♀️

  6. LUCKI August 22, 2019

    Guys like Odell Beckham and Young Thug love the gay accusations because it gives them press. It’s sad because actual gay men have to suppress their sexuality in order to appeal to the general public. We been knew Sam Smith was gay, but how long did he take him to actually be himself? Frank Ocean is a hermit crab and doesn’t want to be known for his sexuality. Young Thug trolls during the day and sleeps with women at night. I’m not here for it.

  7. Queef August 22, 2019

    Young thug is a certified doody d*** chaser

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