Aaliyah Honored With Wax Figure At Madame Tussauds

Published: Thursday 22nd Aug 2019 by Sam

Aaliyah was a once in a lifetime talent and now she’s being honored as such. Because, a brand new wax figure of the late legend has been unveiled at Madame Tussauds. 

Full story below…

With the 18th anniversary of her untimely passing approaching, Baby Girl has been given the ultimate salute by the Las Vegas branch of the popular attraction.

In celebration of the unveiling, Aaliyah’s brother Rashad Haughton was on-hand amidst fans (who’ve long been campaigning for her addition) to share the wax work with the world.

Check out snaps of Rashad, Kash Doll, and alternate angles below…

Loving it! Are you? Let us know…

Your thoughts?

[Photo credit: Key Lime Photography]

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  1. Meme August 22, 2019

    Idk who did suppose to be but that’s not Aaliyah.

    • Donald August 22, 2019

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    • Lmfao_Hoe August 22, 2019

      Hell NO that’s not Baby Girl Princess of R&B ??‍♀️ Got the game f***** up we need s serious DO OVER !!

    • Jasmine August 22, 2019

      everything is off. They never get it right

  2. Ronna Simmons August 22, 2019

    Not even close

  3. Jamie August 22, 2019

    Try again **pun intended**

    • Lmfao_Hoe August 22, 2019

      Lmfao YESSS ???

  4. 2bad2bme August 22, 2019

    Aa-Who? They meant Aakiyah…

  5. Lmfao_Hoe August 22, 2019

    I need her Mom and brother to let her REST and let her legacy live on by releasing some MUSIC. It’s disrespectful to her fans One In a Million, Self titled, and Hits along with Romeo soundtrack are not available on any streaming sites or ITunes. And I hope 40 someday produces her unreleased songs as Enough Said was dope. Perhaps Drake should’ve kept his ass off then the backlash wouldn’t had been that much negative as the song was nice. Tim is too dated honestly and couldn’t save Justin last album nor Pharrell so let someone else do it justice. Hell the Self titled album was done with various producers too so don’t hit me with any bs.

    • Lmfao_Hoe August 22, 2019

      Every artist has worked with other talented producers while staying true to their roots – MJ, Mariah, Janet, Beyonce, Mary J. Ect and I’m sure had she lived worked with many of the producers we know today at some point in time too – Kanye, The Dream, Raphael Saadiq ect

    • LUCKI August 22, 2019

      It’s not her mom and brothers fault. It’s her uncle BARRY HANKERSON, president of her now-defunct label BLACKGROUND RECORDS. He owns the rights to Aaliyah’s music except maybe Try Again, I Don’t Wanna and Are You That Somebody since they were on soundtracks. He also had JoJo in an airtight contract which made her unable to release music for nearly a decade.

      • Holliewuudd August 22, 2019


      • Queef August 22, 2019

        he sitting on them songs like black folk do when their neighborhood being gentrified. Somebody give him the right price so he can come off the music.

  6. Tori August 22, 2019

    That’s more like Sheree Whitfield, less like Aaliyah…

  7. The Truth August 22, 2019

    I promise, at least once a week I think about how Aaliyah would do in today’s musical climate. If she would have hit the heights of Beyoncé. Would she still work with Timbaland? Would Ciara have come out differently in 2002/3 (since Ciara’s image in the beginning was VERY heavily inspired by Aaliyah)? Sigh. Just SO much wondering about Aaliyah. I was so obsessed with her and she literally died on my 10th birthday. Miss her and her voice terribly.

    • Jay Jay August 22, 2019

      I think Aaliyah would have been fine. I do think she have done more films though. She was supposed to be in the matrix. And she was a good actress.

      I’m sure she would have been casted in marvel mcu too. Gosh I miss her

  8. SMH August 22, 2019

    I don’t hate it. I think they did a good job. I just wish that damn uncle of hers would come up off of her music and release it to digital & streaming platforms already.

  9. SuxMyCockiness ? August 22, 2019

    Harpo who diss woman?

  10. The Truth August 22, 2019

    Kinda off topic, but I’m sorry, something about Kash Doll is just a little off for me. Her skills rapping are lackluster (I did KINDA like her on the song with Iggy, but only a smidge). And her look is just not it. She needs a new stylist. And I’m not saying she has to look a certain way to be successful, but every time I see her, she just looks like someone walking to class on a university campus. This is NOT shade because I want there to be as many successful female rappers as possible.

    Rooting for her.

    • LUCKI August 22, 2019

      The problem is Kash Doll looks much older than 30. She gives an auntie tea almost. I saw a pic of her without weave & makeup and she looked so much younger.

      • The Truth August 22, 2019

        lol not auntie teas! Ha! How old is Kash?

        She definitely needs a new look. The hair, makeup, clothes, it just ain’t it, sis. Maye shorter hair and bangs would be more fitting? Idk. Something has to change.

        And once again, not shade. I want as MANY female rappers to succeed as possible.

      • LUCKI August 22, 2019

        She turned 30 this year and I agree.

        Less heavy make-up and helmet wigs firstly. Her face in the pic above is ashy looking. Plus she doesn’t dress for her size. She has a very “stripper/budget-friendly” look.

      • The Truth August 22, 2019

        “She has a very “stripper/budget-friendly” look.” HA! You are KILLING me!

  11. C August 22, 2019

    Looks more like her brother than her. What are those mouth and frown wrinkles. Manly af

  12. eric August 22, 2019

    “Try Again” is a good pick and it’s nice to see Rashad is happy with it, but the facial features are all wrong. I’m sure they won’t replace it, just like some of the mistakes that sit in the NYC location. Maybe they can create a better version for New York.

  13. Daughta August 22, 2019

    That don’t look nothing like her in the face!!

  14. Leandra Green November 30, 2019

    Don’t look like her smh??☹️ let her rip please!!!

  15. Leandra Green November 30, 2019

    They already messed up her movie of her life now this ???

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