50 Cent: “I Don’t Want Nicki Minaj To Retire”

Published: Sunday 8th Sep 2019 by David

50 Cent has urged Nicki Minaj to think twice before she throws in the towel.

The femcee, whose pure sales feats make her the highest selling female rapper of all time, announced that she is to retire so that can she build a family with lover Kenneth Petty after she braved two years of negative press, fake news stories and a stream of spats with some of her peers.

And it appears 50 was upset by the news.

See his message below…

Minaj will explain why she’s chosen to bow out during the next episode of her Apple Music radio show ‘Queen Radio.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Darius September 8, 2019

    Give her a role on power 2 lol

    • KeepingItReal September 8, 2019

      Lmao Nicki can’t act for s***. No one needs to see that mess

      • Jamon_84 September 8, 2019

        We see enough of Lala

      • September 8, 2019

        Nicki cant act you say, pff you are truly a damn clown.

    • YAS BIH September 8, 2019

      God nooo she’s the reason why I still til this day refuse to ever watch Barbershop 3 after seeing the previews let her do us all a favor and retire in peace 🙏

    • Marie September 8, 2019

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  2. Jayy September 8, 2019

    I love that for a n**** who normally doesn’t do much defending (or f*** with to many people in general) he has always supported Nick, that’s dope. I also agree with him and think Nick should definitely if anything take a break and re evaluate a couple things. One major thing that’s working against her with a break is her age. I’m not one of those stupid f**** who think her being 36 or 37 is to old to keep rapping (mind you N***** in they 40’s + rapping about slinging, f****** b****** & getting money) so miss me with that chit chat. HOWEVER, I don’t see her in her 40’s with a family & child wanting to keep the same style she has now. Maybe a little more creative and thoughtful music which she has done before but not to often would be nice. Whatever lies ahead I wish her the best, regardless of what anybody says she carried female rap ON HER BACK when the genre was pretty much dead so she always gonna get respect in my book. 👏🏾

    • MsBrazil September 8, 2019

      To and too have two different meanings

    • September 8, 2019

      I agree.

    • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 8, 2019

      She is NOT retiring though! Some people are blowing this out of proportion. Just last month on Fallon she was talking about her new album coming out this year and her new single MegaFLOP. She is taking a well deserved break and will be back soon with some of those tracks she recorded and currently is recording. She should return with an album featuring a lot of rnb and pop features from artists who featured her in the past.

  3. DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 8, 2019

    Darkies Like rihYAWNna and NIKKI just Decide to just throw in the towel and RETIRE rather than TRY to compete with White Creole Dominican Queens like Bey and Cardi

    Fun Fact Anti Tour cancelled all of 3 STADIUM shows LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    … One being the PRINCIPALITY stadium which BEY Sold Out lol All 49,742 seats on numerous occasions LMAO… #FAIL

    RIHSCEDULED os next to announce official retirement… Might as well 😂

    • Marj Blunt September 8, 2019

      But Rihanna is Still the Highest Paid Female Musician of All times tho and Still has the most Anticipated album of the Year 🤔 the hate is real$

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 8, 2019

        All rih recent albums are FLOPS in respect to it’s hits and promo and I decline to remember a time when Rih was ever even top 5 on FORBES lol

    • Nicky September 8, 2019

      Forbes: The Highest Paid Female Musician: Rihanna

      She makes money in her sleep.

      You mad? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • Tyty September 8, 2019

        Actually according to Forbes Beyoncé made more money than Rihanna this year.

  4. Caleb September 8, 2019

    So 50 has a problem with Michael Jackson but has nothing to say about an actual r*****/ murderer? #priorities

  5. High Price September 9, 2019

    He may feel that way but for someone to have made such an impact, the news of her retirement has kind of fizzled out. A lot of people don’t care. Idk what her plan is but it’s not working .

    • E. September 9, 2019

      Exactly how long do you think people should talk about it?

  6. Miss Sammy September 9, 2019

    Nicki I say do what u want to do don’t listen to no hater I will support u in what ever u do #nicki fan for life 😻

  7. issa edwym mwangala September 10, 2019

    I think it is in her best interest to retire she has achieved what no one else.it’s good to retire when one is still on top of their game than when they’ve hit the rock bottom & have lost relevance like 50 himself

  8. Snenhlanhla September 14, 2019

    Nick please dont retire please your good in wht ur doing u can have a fam and still on the industry pls😢

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