Madonna Slammed By Own Fans For Banning Cell Phones From ‘Madame X’ Tour

Published: Sunday 8th Sep 2019 by Rashad

Just days before the kick off of her highly anticipated ‘Madame X’ tour, Queen of Pop Madonna saw her fans royally disappointed by a mailing they received from Ticketmaster which expressly forbids the use of cell phones during her concerts.

Although the move is one being embraced by a number of artists who feel concertgoers on phones during shows disconnects them from currency, the increased popularity of fan captured footage has also served to the detriment of performers in ways that include decreased demand for tour DVDs or related videoed merchandise, decreased demand for concert ticket purchase, and increased likelihood of mishaps being captured and going viral (i.e. audio fails, slip and fall on stage, etc.).

Madge fans are particularly pissed because a number of them could not attend the concert in person due to its limited locations and/or cost.  As such, unlike with her previous outings, their absence means they won’t even get to enjoy footage on Youtube or social media.  Ouch!  Needless to say, they aren’t happy about it:

Fans were livid after being alerted to the message below.


Taking to Twitter in droves, see some of the responses below.


Not all fans were against the announcement.  Some took to the net to defend the Queen.


The cell phone ban comes just days after reports M cancelled or rescheduled some of the tour’s dates just weeks before its launch.  Click here for more details.

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  1. Patthepuss September 8, 2019

    As obnoxious as I find her I kind of love this boss move lol.

    • Lmfao_Hoe September 8, 2019

      Yes like people are so distracted by social media they don’t realize they won’t be actually LIVING the moment but mere RECORDING. There is a difference. There’s more to enjoyment then a mere video to share. Memories are forever and the experiences so be treasured. Put ya phones down

    • Marie September 8, 2019

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    • Jasmine September 8, 2019

      I agree. I like this boss move. People are so ignorant these days at concerts where they stand up the whole time in front of you recording. Last concert i went to, one of my good girlfriends punched the woman in front of us for repeatedly blocking our view of the stage after we repeatedly asked her to sit down.

  2. stormiscomimg September 8, 2019

    Great idea! Who the f*** on earth would use cellphones in a theatre?!

    • King z September 8, 2019

      Madonna herself has been caught multiple times on her phone during broadway shows

      So yeah, the artist enforcing this rule is a serial breaker of it

  3. #TheTruth September 8, 2019

    Why do people film during a show ?
    Ok 30 sec somewhere during your fav song as a souvenir… but as Adele said, it’s not a f***!ing dvd !
    Do people actually rewatch that at home in horrible sound quality ?
    Just like people filming fireworks… WTF ?
    I don’t care about Madonna but I think this is good.

    • #TheTruth September 8, 2019

      Just a tiny bit hypocrite regarding her using it herself. Was she just taking 1 photo ? Or filming ?

  4. Rashad September 8, 2019

    Ariana claimed the same sh*t during the Sweetener Sessions mini tour but it was bogus and they didn’t do anything to our phones

  5. Miss Salt Gawl September 8, 2019

    This is nothing new. Bruno Mars doesn’t allow phones at his Las Vegas shows. I actually enjoyed it and was able just to focus on his talent.

  6. SMH September 8, 2019

    I think this is a brilliant move on her part. Those whiny little entitled spoiled brats/fans will just have to get over themselves and buy the DVD when it comes out.

  7. Fancy BISH September 8, 2019

    Madonna is Queen and you will deal. The Queen will have no distractions from the likes of you and the others. The Queen will perform. You will watch. That is all lol ? ???

    • ROBERT BOULDIN September 10, 2019


      • Fancy BISH September 11, 2019

        Yes! ✅✅✅

  8. eric September 8, 2019

    As much as tickets are, I always try to get a few short videos and a handful of photos if I know the arena isn’t going to enforce the no video policy. Beyond that, I don’t like trying to watch a live concert through my phone. It’s like I’m not even there if I do that. Some artists really want to look you in your eye, not the eye of your camera. Other artists and bands like Backstreet Boys and NKOTB are perfectfully fine with cameras and make a point to pose for selfies with fans in audience. I think phones also have the potential to push artists to give stronger performances knowing the footage could end up on Twitter or YouTube.

  9. Stella September 8, 2019

    Thank you Madonna, all those people with cellphones are annoying, block my view. Great! ?

  10. Gary R. September 8, 2019

    First of all, there was a time before cell phones were even an option. I think it’s great she is doing this because it is so annoying when people in front of you have their hand up all night in your line of sight. Actually it has been a rule for years, look back at your past tickets, nobody enforced it though. Also keep in mind that you are detracting from music acts future revenue because you post so many clips that people don’t feel they need to buy the tour dvd. In the end if you can’t be without your phone for a couple hours you have bigger problems. LOL

    • Shanel September 8, 2019


  11. Ali September 8, 2019

    F***, f***, f***. Nooooo

  12. Shanel September 8, 2019

    Good on her. People never watch the things they record later. It’s all for the likes on social media. Be present, people. We are all addicted to our phones and this gives you a chance to truly connect to your experience. Quit bitching.

  13. Luvbug September 8, 2019

    Dave Chapelle didn’t allow phones at a show of his that I attended sometime ago. Once you showed your tickets, you were directed to place your phones into some sort of bag that locks until the end of the show. Needless to say, that was the best comedy show I have ever attended. No distractions and just living in the moment. I don’t blame Madge. Let’s get back to pure enjoyment without social media or recording.

  14. Rafael Feliciano September 9, 2019

    Then do go if you want to record the danm soooo that simple

    People havbe to much opinions now adays

    shut up

  15. Michael R Smith September 9, 2019

    This shows just how addicted people are to their devices. GET A LIFE PEOPLE. If you really want to SEE the show FOR REAL, put your stupid phones down, BUY A TICKET LIKE HER REAL FANS DO and enjoy the experience for a change!

  16. LUIS September 9, 2019

    So glad she is doing this
    Nothing worse than seeing people watching an artist through a small screen whe he or she is standing a few feet from you and disrupting the people behind them that want to experience the live performance. Hope she bans people who bring in big signs too.

  17. Zook September 14, 2019

    Some of us have important equipment interfaced to our phones (i.e. glucose meters, insulin pumps on our own bodies or that of young family members) and can’t be without them.
    I go to 10-12 concerts a year, and I understand the sea of phones being annoying. Personally I don’t take much video, if any. A few pictures, and snippets of favorite songs at best. I prefer to enjoy the moment without worrying about recording it.
    I hope Madonna’s policy does not take hold, because that will put a screeching halt to my yearly ‘concert tour’. Not to mention the lawsuits alleging discrimination this might bring about.

  18. Richard September 18, 2019

    I’m not thrilled about it. BUT… I actually,(after my initial disappointment, respect her decision. The irony is that I ended up with actual,(paper)tickets through Ticketmaster and NOT mobile tickets! And now that I found out about the phone ban–I can just comfortably ahead of time, leave my phone in my car. So no problem for me.
    So far as her being,(I’ve heard, going on up to THREE HOURS late)-I was already prepared for that and prepaid for parking for a full 24 hours to cover me for that weeks ago!

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