Nicki Minaj Announces Retirement

Published: Thursday 5th Sep 2019 by Sam

In breaking news, rapper Nicki Minaj has announced her retirement from music.

Her words below…

Moments ago, the femcee tweeted:

Minaj has made no secret of her plans to settle down with lover Kenneth Petty, but full on retirement?

We’re not so sure we’ve seen the last of Onika. Still, it does beg the question: what has spurred on this supposed curtain call?

Given the drama that has magnetised her name of late, we feel a break may be what’s needed. But a full-on goodbye?

Your thoughts?

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  1. MCalling you h*** out September 5, 2019

    It’s been a wild one ms Minaj

    • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 5, 2019

      Attention seeking old hag. It’s sad she has to do these pr stunts to “compete”. MegaTron flopped and she in her feelings lol. She should just humble herself and call up Safari to write her some music!

      • Bettie Clayton September 5, 2019


      • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 5, 2019

        I just gave birth 6 months ago. I’m aloud to be thick. My husband likes my curves

      • Tetris September 5, 2019

        You’re a MAN! Science isn’t that advanced boy!
        You’ve been exposed several times the last few years…

      • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 5, 2019

        Lol sure I’m a “man”, a “hermaphrodite”, a “woman”, a “ goddess”, a “middle eastern demon”, etc whatever title your meth pipe tells u for the day u obsessed TROLL. Calling people names is for kids.

        I am a grown woman who is secure and mature. Keep seething and staying THIRSTY for me. The THIRST is real. Straight men want to wife me and gay TROLLS want to be me. LOL

      • I’m Black Jasmine, The REAL Jasmine Okurrr. September 5, 2019

        I didn’t know drag queens can have babies.

      • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 5, 2019

        Neither did I. You learn something new everyday I guess. Look at you using my username ‘Jasmine’ as if it is your own u TROLL. Always remember I am the b|tch you want to BE but u will never be able to TRANSform into a woman! No amount surgeries and injections and hormones will make that fantasy a reality for u!

      • Tetris September 5, 2019

        You’re confusing me with your haters honey…I’ve been calling your lies for ages and I deeply think you’re a man. But I don’t call you those other names.
        Why do you feel the need to share your (fake) “personal life” here?
        I’m here very frequently and have been for the last 3years and you don’t know nothing abt my personal life…is as you ask to be trolled

      • 🥤 Jasmine’s Orange Juice 🥤 September 5, 2019

        Nicki Minaj>>>>all female rapper Discography

      • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 5, 2019

        Bow Down 🦍! Lick the ground my Gucci heels walk on! Queen B has spoken. Get to licking!!!

      • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 5, 2019

        @Tetris U looking real THIRSTY. U can call me King B Jasmine from now on if that makes you feel whole. I am a real woman and I have nothing to prove to any weak ass like you. You claim u been on here for 3 years but I have never heard of u. U are desperately seeking attention which is why your monkey looking ass tried to come for Queen B Jasmine. Nobody knows u or pays u any attention on here so take your comments down to the bottom section of the comments where bottoms like u write shi.t nobody reads. The top section is reserved for Top Divas like me!

      • Lisa September 6, 2019


    • 🥤 Jasmine’s Orange Juice 🥤 September 5, 2019

      Nicki Minaj made history for having 104 charted billboard artist and is the most for female

      Only Taylor Swift came close and can break this records with (94)

      • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 September 5, 2019

        Really? Orange juice with a blue drink emoji? U can do better than that TROLL.

      • Abomb September 5, 2019

        Nicki still cant get a #1 or a Grammy thp

  2. #TeamTinashe Stan September 5, 2019

    YES! YES! YES!
    Lets hope this is true.
    She needs a break.

    • Oh plz September 5, 2019

      It’s a LIE and she’s a LIE She was just on Jimmy Fallon talking about how about how her new album was done and how she already has a date picked out. This is PR stunt…and terrible one at that.

      • 🥤 Jasmine’s Orange Juice 🥤 September 5, 2019

        You are ghetto and nonsense

    • Oh plz September 5, 2019

      She has to fulfill her contractual obligations to the record label by releasing the album BEFORE can retire.

      • DC3Fan September 5, 2019

        There is always a loop hole to that. A greatest hits album can take the place or some random compilation album can

      • IAmJamesAl September 5, 2019

        Lauryn Hill is still under contract and we STILL waiting on that next album

  3. K September 5, 2019

    Bye bye bye bye now we have Cardi and Iggy bye bye

    • SMH September 5, 2019

      Lmao who?

    • Tetris September 5, 2019

      She ended Cardi

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        lol lizzo definitely didn’t end cardi. 🙂 Cardi is the #1 artist on Atlantic’s roster. Try again B***h

      • Tetris September 5, 2019

        Shes 100% that B**** and she ended Cardi! Who heard abt Cardi since Lizzo arrived?

        This year Cardi released Please Me (3) with Bruno Selling King Mars and was her highest peak! Press was 16, Twerk with city girls reached 29, Wish Wish with Khaled reaches 19 and Clout with her Boo 39…where’s her magic hum?

        Lizzo reached #1 with a song who was released 2 f****** years ago and your diva can’t even get there with Bruno Mars? 😂😂😂

  4. Meme September 5, 2019

    Your mental health is more important than anything. She’s clearly going crazy. So Good for her.

    She is the best to ever do it, on all fronts…sales and talent. She has nothing else to prove.

    • JustSaying September 5, 2019

      “The best to ever do it.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • biancacook September 5, 2019

      maybe on sales but talent? naw remy proved that.

      • Tetris September 5, 2019

        So what’s your standard Biancacook if sales doesn’t matter what matters? Your personal opinion?

      • SMH September 5, 2019

        Remy who?

      • JustSaying September 5, 2019

        Just cuz the pig crossed over to pop it don’t make her the best to ever do it. Why must the standards be lowered for female rappers to be successful? J Cole don’t have this problem and the GP respect him as a Rap King, the same should apply to females. What Nicki did was hold others back from excelling and being appreciated. We had one look, one standard for damn near a decade, while the 90s had so much variety and different female rappers sharing different narratives. Nicki leaving the scene will make ppl realize what they been missing. She won’t be missed! 💯

  5. NO WORDZ September 5, 2019

    “Hang It Up, Flatscreen!!!!”…LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….but seriously, this is her FAKE ASS BROKE FANS FAULT! Well since the Barbz stop their support after a week, like what else there to do?! Keep releasing music that these bums who stan for you don’t support after a weeks time?! Enjoy your new life, mama!

    • High Price September 5, 2019

      😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 Hang it up!

  6. Clarkson September 5, 2019

    Bye felicia

    No number 1 no Grammy, a flop

    Dont worry u gonna get that life time achievement grammy in 2060 , that’s if mr petty hasn’t murdered u by then.

    Of all the men to settle with, u choose a lookin àss niģga . Gurl take your L

    • Kenny September 5, 2019

      She’s still went platinum dumb ass

    • E. September 5, 2019

      Apparently getting a Grammy and #1 is more important to you than it is her. Y’all will still be bringing her name up for years to come, it will be like she never left.

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        Apparently getting a grammy and #1 hit is pretty important to Nicki since ANOTHER female rapper got a #1 hit the same week she’s announcing her retirement lol. She knows her time is up.

      • Fancy BISH September 5, 2019

        @E., Girl, shut up HOEEE 🤣 I knew you was a Nicki stan when you didn’t chime in on those lil snotty asss kids coming for Cardi…instead, you came for me…well, INSTANT KARMA bish…I keep trying to tell ya’ll hoees that it won’t work…it never does! 😂🤳🏽

    • E. September 5, 2019

      Furthermore, she’s with the person she love. She’s not out here trying to please y’all, just worry about who you’re with.

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        This is her Britney/K-Fed moment. He isn’t staying with Nicki. She will have a baby by him and then he’ll dip. Watch. 2020 will be Nicki’s version of Britney’s 2007. Sending prayers and well wishes. She’s troubled.

    • Day347 September 5, 2019

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣all FACTS!

  7. Urg September 5, 2019

    She could at lease drop her 5th album before she go. But most def she preggo with Kenny baby.

  8. Darius September 5, 2019

    good 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  9. L’ORANGE September 5, 2019

    Clearly, she did not want to but chose to retire to please the haters. I don’t like her but it should be her choice not a force choice

    • E. September 5, 2019

      I don’t know why the haters are so happy about her retirement. Y’all wasn’t forced to listen to her. Y’all purposely clicked on articles about her just to critique her every move but she’s the crazy one. I’m sure she’ll still be on social media and you bum b****** will still go to her page talking s***. Just can’t let that woman live.

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        Isn’t that what she and her fans did to Lil Kim 10 years ago? Sounds like Karma to me.

      • E. September 5, 2019

        @Only Facts, Lil Kim was washed up. Where was the lie? I used to listen to Kim but her time came and went. If Nicki was to release her 5th album I know for a fact it will outsell Kim’s. Nicki still has good music, people talk s*** about her music cause they don’t like her, bottom line. I don’t see anybody asking Kim or Remy for features. No disrespect to Lizzo but I think she’s going to be a fly-by-night artist. I feel the same way about Lil Nas X. Yeah they got the #1s but will they have longevity. Once you become a one hit wonder that #1 really don’t mean as much. Especially when you’re forgotten years down the line. Nicki will never be forgotten, her name will forever be associated with Lil Kim, Remy Ma and Cardi B. Her legacy will live on thru them.

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        @ E. Just like you were saying the legendary Lil Kim was washed up 10 years ago, karma has come back around and NICKI is now the one that’s washed up. LIL KIM is the blueprint and SHE is the one living on through these new female MC’s.

        Accept karma. She always comes around. Nicki is mad that Hot Girl Summer wasn’t the #1 hit she thought it would be! Just like last year when her team just KNEW “Barbie Tingz” would be her massive hit. LMAO! Nicki is the biggest clown in the industry…even Rebecca Black’s wack a** is laughing at Nicki

    • E. September 5, 2019

      I didn’t mean for my post to be a reply to your comment.

  10. Caleb September 5, 2019

    Yea right

  11. Just Sayin’ September 5, 2019

    It is the best thing she can do for herself. Instead of out here on social media looking like a crazy bird, retire start a family and be happy. I wish here all the best.

  12. IG : mixedboy September 5, 2019

    Best news I’ve heard all day!! Enjoy retirement.

  13. Jez September 5, 2019

    Good for her. She might as well retire being that the industry is full of agisim, sexism, colorism and they well all stacked aganist her. She did not do to bad in her 11 year run…if she was wise she would invest her money wisely so she can support herself and her familu.

    • Only Facts September 5, 2019

      But ten years ago, wasn’t Nicki calling Lil Kim old and washed up? She’s not a victim. It’s called karma.

      • SMH September 5, 2019

        10 years ago, lil kim was old and washed up. And she still is.

      • YAS BIH September 5, 2019

  14. Jason September 5, 2019

    Yep, Jay-Z retired too… she’ll be back!

    • Clarkson September 5, 2019

      But by them everybody would have moved on.
      Her style of rap will be so dated in the year 2025.

  15. POPS MOTHER September 5, 2019

    it was overdue. Nicki has been making a fool of herself. she’s been looking like a clown being pressed and bitter about other girls coming in the game. her time is up. her sales indicate it.. she’s grammyless, number 1-less and hated by so many. It’s only gonna continue going down from here on.. she’s gonna keep declining each day.. her stock value isn’t what it was 10 years ago.. she had a good run. now Cardi will continue the game.

  16. Jasmine September 5, 2019

    Lizzo’s impact. it was fun while it lasted, ??? U might as well retire too sis

    • Darius September 5, 2019

      Lizzo has 1 hit the cardi b impact 👏🏾👏🏾

  17. LUCKI September 5, 2019

    Nicki has completely lost her s***. It’s been a rough few years for her. From her p******** brother, Shether, back to back flop singles and album, cancelled tour dates, rants and now a p********, r*****, murder of a “fiancé,” she’s on the verge of a MariahBritney-esque breakdown. I’ve always said that Nicki needs to regroup and carry herself like the “QUEEN” she claims to be. The music should be speaking for itself at this point in her career, but I guess girl.

    BTW would her “fiancé” even be allowed near their kids?

  18. Only Facts September 5, 2019

    LOL! The week Lizzo earns her #1, Nicki announces retirement? I can’t lol. I CAN’T! I CANNOT!!!!! She is such a JOKE!

  19. Nonya September 5, 2019

    It’s a gimmick like her….why would get ur own record label and then get in all kinds of shyt them wanna retire lol girl stop!

    • E. September 5, 2019

      To sign other artist, IDIOT!

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        E. You need to calm down. You’re going to give yourself high blood pressure.

        Is that you, Nicki?

      • E. September 5, 2019

        @ONLY FACTS, as if you don’t have comments all over this post. You think Nicki’s retirement has something to do with Lizzo. Just cause y’all are obsessed with Nicki don’t mean she spend every waking moment thinking about the Billboard Charts. There is life outside of music. The obsession is obvious because a female can’t accomplish anything in the music business without a mention of Nicki. She’s on y’all mind 24/7. Every time a female artist goes to #1 I look in the comments cause I know it’s gonna be a mention of Nicki. Like clockwork her name always comes up. It could be a female singer or rapper, Nicki name will be in the conversation.

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        @E sooooo you mean to tell me it’s one big COINCIDENCE that Nicki Minaj announces her “retirement” 3 days after Lizzo gets a #1 hit? The THIRD female rapper since Nicki came out that has gotten a #1 hit? Let’s reflect for a moment: Iggy (#1 Hit with Fancy in 2014); Cardi (3 #1 hits in 2017/8 respectively with Bodak Yellow, I Like It, and Girls Like You); Lizzo (2019 #1 hit with Truth Hurts).


  20. Only Facts September 5, 2019

    I want this to be true, but you KNOW this is a PR stunt. She wants people to say “No Nicki, please don’t go. Hip hop needs you.” lol. She thinks this will make people miss her to the point where anything she releases next will sell like wildfire. She is a LOSER!!! Cardi had her shook with 3 #1 hits, and a GRAMMY win, now Lizzo came and got a #1 and that was the nail in the coffin. HA! I CANNOT!!! I would never wish her or anyone bad, but this is definitely her karma for how she treated Lil Kim.

    • E. September 5, 2019

      Whatever b****, from this comment alone it’s obvious you were rooting for her downfall. You call her a loser and then say I would never wish anyone bad. B**** bye!

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        Rooting for her downfall? No. I was a Nicki fan UNTIL 2014 when she started coming at Iggy Iggz. It’s called karma…she’s a big b*tch with a fat p***y. Karma. Say it with me. KARMA!

    • SMH September 5, 2019

      You people act like Lil Kim was an angel that supported all females. WRONG. She was WORSE than Nicki Minaj and was jealous of all the other female rappers in her day. So is her washed up and outdated career her karma for the way she treated other female rappers too?

      • Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) September 5, 2019

        Left-Eye, Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, and Eve didn’t seem to think so. The only female rapper Lil Kim ever had real beef with was Foxxy.

      • Ronna V Simmons September 5, 2019

        She came for Eve but Eve igged it

  21. Tyty September 5, 2019

    It’s for best the ultimate blow to this plastic Narcissist was Remy ma and Cardi b there was no recovering from that. Ultimately she cannot handle being 2nd it’s best for her mental health.

    • Tyty September 5, 2019

      Although it probably will be short lived her sort love attention… and they will go to the extreme to get it.

  22. Only Facts September 5, 2019

    To be honest, it sounds like the label shelved her record and she’s hanging it up because the label doesn’t want to waste money in her flop a** anymore. HANG IT UP! FLAT SCREEN!

  23. dydy972 September 5, 2019

    I don’t believe she’s retiring, she’s gonna pull a jay-z on ya’ll … she’ll be back next year.

    • 6inheelz September 5, 2019

      Nicki could never pull a Jay-Z because he’s well respected in the hip hop community. All Nicki has are social media gays and hoodrats who don’t purchase her music.

      • SMH September 5, 2019

        LOL Jay Z “respected” in the hip hop community?? LMFAO your nicki hatred is exposing your ignorance.

      • High Price September 5, 2019

        @SMH Do you remember what happened around the time Jayz announced his black album retirement??? It was hip hops breaking news. Till this day critics say Jay has YET to compete with “The black album” era.

  24. Clarkson September 5, 2019

    Let me tell u what’s gonna happen to her

    She’s gonna marry this dude without signing a prenup cause she dumb as hell

    She’s gonna have a kid or two with him

    He’s gonna beat her and take all her money

    She gonna do a comeback album but it will fail cause people would have moved on and rap would have evolved and her style is so dated

    She will release a memoir, nobody will buy it

    She will go on celebrity big brother or dancing with the stars , she will be eliminated 3rd episode

    Appear on oprah’s where are they now.

    She would go to culinary school and start a Martha Stewart type cooking show. Lol

    • Only Facts September 5, 2019

      “She will go on celebrity big brother or dancing with the stars , she will be eliminated 3rd episode.” I’m dead. LOL

    • Wonder Woman September 5, 2019

      😂😂😂😂😂 noooooo!!!

  25. 6inheelz September 5, 2019

    Good riddance. She has been insufferable for the last 3 years or so. There’s no room for sore loser cry babies like her in the rap industry.

  26. lust September 5, 2019

    oh no, now what will her no life having haters on this site do with their free time?

    • Just Sayin’ September 5, 2019

      Continue to hate on her what else that ssems to be their sole purpose in life

    • E. September 5, 2019


      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        Lil Kim says Hi.

      • SMH September 5, 2019


      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        That’s what people will be saying about Nicki in 10 years. Who? HA! The only difference is Lil Kim is the blueprint for these new female rappers. Nicki…well…she’ll always be known as the lady that wore a chicken wing necklace to an awards show performance. Yeah….a JOKE!

  27. Niki September 5, 2019

    This is the best choice for her and for us ,I hope it’s true.

  28. Lol September 5, 2019

    I dont believe this for a second.

  29. E. September 5, 2019

    Y’all haters just mad to hear about her retirement because y’all would have absolutely no reason to bring her name up but y’all will anyway. That’s been proven before when she went on a hiatus. People love to keep her name in their mouth. Every time a new female artist comes out Nicki’s name will come up. 10 years from now people will be bringing her name into the conversation. I’ll bet money on that, y’all will miss her. Y’all say that y’all won’t but you will. It will show everytime y’all mention her name. I bet y’all ran to her social media page to see what’s being said.

    • Only Facts September 5, 2019

      Lil Kim says hi. Karma says hi as well.

      • SMH September 5, 2019

        Karma is too busy bending kim over for the way she treated females to be worried about nicki.

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        @SMH lil kim will always be the blueprint for female rap. Nicki will always be known as the woman that wore a chicken wing necklace around her neck at an awards show! CLOWN A**!!!

    • L’ORANGE September 5, 2019

      Girl you are having a psychotic break. Nicki don’t acknowledge nor claim you. Please stop responding to every comment as your opinion never mattered

  30. Ray Ray September 5, 2019

    If this is true, let’s salute Remy Ma and Cardi B. The Bronx ladies kilt the Queen.

  31. Clayne September 5, 2019

    Retire… then jump on a track, hits number 1. Good marketing on her teams part

    • Only Facts September 5, 2019

      The kii is she’ll try to come back after the “retirement” and her next track will do even worse than “Megtron”. HA!

      Karma….that b**** always comes back around.

  32. Wonder Woman September 5, 2019

    She better trap her billionare bae.. anyways I used to stan this girl pre 2016 but just like Chris Brown she over saturated the music scene and her personality became nastier, doesn’t help music as a whole has been in the pits in the past few years…

    She should come back a decade or 2 later as nostalgia act, maybe she’ll get an ounce of respect outside her stanbase..

    The Pinkprint still is the shyte tho🔥🔥…

  33. pat September 5, 2019

    on one hand, i don’t believe it.. on the other she is a sexualized female rapper pushing 40 so it makes sense

  34. Paulo September 5, 2019

    She’ll be back in 3 months and get dragged for fake retiring. Eugh Nicki

  35. Cardi Motherf***ing B September 5, 2019

    “Took the crown shut it down had it hype up in the 6.”

    – Backin’ it up (2018)

  36. Lolzzzzz September 5, 2019

    Wow only other time I see this lame site gets this much traffic is when they pushing their Beyonce agenda

  37. Cardi Motherf***ing B September 5, 2019

    The Billboard Hot 100: Nicki, where are you?

    Nicki: “I’m standing right here.”

    Everybody in 2019: “where?”

    • Wonder Woman September 5, 2019

      She got her 100th entry this year…. try again.

    • Depress not on hot 100 September 5, 2019

      Worried about the Queen but where is press on the charts?

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        Cardi is still working on her album. When Nicki released Megatron, she said the album was almost complete. WHERE IS THE ALBUM?? WHERE IS THE ALBUM?! Press outperformed Megatron. Please me out performed Megatron. Money outperformed Megatron. And let’s not talk on how “Invasion of Privacy” COMPLETELY outperformed Nicki’s albums. And I don’t want to hear “but her pure sales were a flop.” B***h, that would be like Lil Kim saying in 2009 that Nicki’s cassette sales were a flop. STREAMING is king in 2019! Cardi could retire right now and she would be fine. IOP was a CLASSIC hip hop album! Nicki can’t even give us a classic hip hop SONG! BYE!

      • SMH September 5, 2019

        Ok but where is Press on the charts?

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        @SMH Where is NICKI’S #1?! WHERE IS NICKI’S GRAMMY? ALLLLLLLL those chart entries and NONE of them hit #1? Quality over QUANTITY B***H!


        Cardi is still working on her album. When Nicki released Megatron, she said the album was almost complete. WHERE IS THE ALBUM?? WHERE IS THE ALBUM?! Press outperformed Megatron. Please me out performed Megatron. Money outperformed Megatron. And let’s not talk on how “Invasion of Privacy” COMPLETELY outperformed Nicki’s albums. And I don’t want to hear “but her pure sales were a flop.” B***h, that would be like Lil Kim saying in 2009 that Nicki’s cassette sales were a flop. STREAMING is king in 2019! Cardi could retire right now and she would be fine. IOP was a CLASSIC hip hop album! Nicki can’t even give us a classic hip hop SONG! BYE!

  38. Depress not on hot 100 September 5, 2019

    Now watch how fast female rap die again.

    • Only Facts September 5, 2019

      LOL! Yet there are more female rappers than ever out right now? HA! Female rap will continue to thrive even MORE now that Nicki isn’t trying to prevent other females from getting any recognition.

      She’s a nasty b***h

      • SMH September 5, 2019

        Yeah, all these female rappers and NONE of them are selling units.

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        @SMH You dumba**. Pure sales in 2019 is like someone saying Nicki wasn’t moving cassettes in 2009. STREAMING IS KING IN 2019!! NICKI CANNOT COMPETE!


      • SMH September 5, 2019

        LOL that seems to be the textbook excuse you rats use when your faves can’t sell albums. Pure sales will ALWAYS be King, streaming is for broke ratchets that can’t afford to buy albums. And ps, Nicki WAS moving cassettes as well in 2009 so sit your stupid broke ass down until your fave can SELL a PHYSICAL ALBUM or at least until you can afford to buy one.

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        @E Did you REALLY just say “Nicki WAS moving cassettes as well in 2009”????! I’m dead. LOL! Bless your heart! Do you know what a cassette is???

      • Jasmine The Real Princess September 5, 2019

        Only 30+ yr old STANS buy physical copies at this day and y’all need to accept that streaming is the new deal for the GP. Like your cheap asses ain’t using coupons for all other kinds of sh*t. Physical copies my ass

      • SMH September 5, 2019

        LOL. Y’all got a thousand excuses for why you settle for streaming because your faves can’t sell albums. Taylor Swift doesn’t seem to have a problem with selling physical albums to people under 30, so why can’t your basic faves do it?💅☕

      • Jasmine The Real Princess September 5, 2019

        That’s because Taylor’s fans are little kids who don’t earn their own money yet so their 30+ YR OLD parents buy a physical copy for them. 🤷‍♂️ #logic

    • Wonder Woman September 5, 2019

      Thrive to new heights*, no more bag stoppers… although they gonna have to produce or do better than retardi and city hoez

  39. Chis P. Bacon September 5, 2019

    Cardi Ended Her 🤣🤣🤣

    • Ray Ray September 5, 2019

      Nah. It was Shether and Cardi followed through. Timing is everything.

  40. YAS BIH September 5, 2019

    K bye you were just a clone of the Queen B we still have the mother of rap Lil Kim Queen B we’ll be fine.

    • gina September 5, 2019

      lmao yeah right, when is the last time lil kim sold an album or had a hit? when george bush sr. was still alive?

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        If I recall correctly, the last time NICKI had a hit was when George Bush Sr. was alive – he died last year. 🙂

        RIP George

        RIP Nicki’s Career 2009-2019

      • YAS BIH September 5, 2019

        She’s a Legend it don’t matter she has nothing else to prove her name will forever ring bells when the talk of hip hop or female rappers pops up.

      • gina September 5, 2019

        wrong bishh, nicki had a top 20 hit this year, and she’s been SELLING ALBUMS since George bush Sr. Last time lil kim had a hit people were selling mixtapes on Paypal and Myspace h0 so try again.💅💅💅

    • Only Facts September 5, 2019

      The LEGENDARY Lil Kim (who does have a #1 hit…not everyone can get that dahling) will always be the blueprint for Female Rap! PERIODT!

      Nicki Minaj is nothing but the woman that wore a chicken wing around her neck and showed the world how insecure she is.

  41. gina September 5, 2019

    now lets see if cardi stirs up this much attention 10 years from now lmao. Nicki’s name is in the history books, she can retire if she wants. cardi cant even read a book, she better cling to offset’s d*ck as long as she can.

  42. Puala September 5, 2019

    U Nicki dickriders must really be feeling y’all selves now. I’m sure some of ya cant contain the eciciment of this news. Y’all must be thinking this is the best shyt to happen in 2019, Nicki Minaj quits. Wonder who y’all will be dickriding when she fades into the sunset. Wonder in the next 5 years how many of u dickriders will be Lizzo or Cardi fans. Y’all full of shyt. Nicki go retire please lets see who y’all going to compair y’all fav to now??

    • gina September 5, 2019

      lmao cardi wont even be here in 5 years, doubt if lizzo will be either, america will be over its obsession with fat people by then.

      • Only Facts September 5, 2019

        Cardi and Lizzo are here to stay 🙂

      • gina September 5, 2019

        Yall said that about iggy too😂

  43. Queen 👸 Missy September 5, 2019

    stunt 101

  44. Gee September 5, 2019

    I don’t think that she is gone for good, but I think that she ready to secure her stability as far as family and should give the general public time to miss her.

  45. Darius September 5, 2019

    Cardi should make a song called b**** retired 😂😂😂😂

  46. Lolzzzzz September 5, 2019

    105 comments and counting. Not even Beyonce post gets this much and not even the lunatic Jasmine post this much

  47. BARZ4Barz September 5, 2019

    LMAO!!! Reading these comments was a hoot. Especially reading the ones mentioning Kim. I keep seeing these 10yr washed comments about she being washed. Well clearly that’s not true because she’s all through these comments lol. The same way ya’ll say Nick will always ring bells that applies to Kim as well. Pick and choose your words correctly, cause those statements doesn’t apply to just 1 artist. If Kim washed so is Nick point blank period.

    • Only Facts September 5, 2019

      PREACH! Karama is a tough pull to swallow

  48. Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) September 5, 2019

    Well, now Nicki’s old and washed up. So whats your point?

    • SMH September 5, 2019

      Nicki’s old and washed up with 100 million records sold. Can kim say that? And try to think of something better than “her sales don’t matter”. Let’s see if you can do that Lol.

  49. Only Facts September 5, 2019

    I bet if “Hot Girl Summer” with Meg took off she wouldn’t be retiring. Clown a**, dusty a**, wack a**, petty a**, sloppy a**, hating a**, flop a** B***H!

    “You never win when you play dirty!” – NeNe Leakes

  50. stormiscomimg September 5, 2019

    So cheap. Drama queen.
    She is dead.
    She is giving it up too early to Cardi.

  51. Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) September 5, 2019

    Don’t let any if this distract you from the fact that Shether is the root cause of Nicki’s demise. Remy came and knocked her crown off. Then Cardi came in at the perfect time and finished her.

    • Jasmine The Real Princess September 5, 2019

      This. Shether started it all

    • Only Facts September 5, 2019

      THIS!!! Shether opened the door and Cardi came in and finished it!

    • Adele September 5, 2019

      I do agree she never really bounced back from that roasting.

    • SMH September 5, 2019

      Why didn’t shether help the person who’s name is on it?

      • Depress not on hot 100 September 5, 2019

        they love to bring up Shether but can never explain why it ended Remy’s career. lol

      • Yolanda September 5, 2019

        Are you dumb? Remy only had one album before she went to jail and her songs are legendary. Remy also has a #1 song. Remy didn’t really get the chance to build a fan base. IMO, Remy was a little better than Kashdoll and Dreezy are now. She was on her way…and then she went on her way. But Remy ain’t no failure. Thank God for Shether!

      • Yolanda September 5, 2019

        Remy knocked Nicki off of a tall pedestal. People can’t even remember the Nicki pre-Shether. Only a King could have done what Remy accomplished with Shether. Remy came home and opened the floodgates. I never heard of Cardi until Remy brought her out on the Summer Jam stage. When she did, Bodak Yellow blew up. Remy is the King! Thank you soooooooo much Remy. And stop comparing artists passed 35 years old to the younger artists. After 35 years of age, all artists will struggle, even Beyonce. Remy went away at the beginning of her prime years. She lost a lot and we’re still talking about her. Go Remy!

  52. Lil’ Kim Is The Real Queen (and Queen Mary J.) September 5, 2019

  53. Adele September 5, 2019

    Hasn’t she been talking about her new album? Was it not completed? If not, why was she talking about it like it was?

  54. Maxx September 5, 2019

    Thank you! Yes I am happy Onika as I am tired of seeing you play yourself more and more by showing your tail in a very non-entertaining & disgraceful way. THANK YOU. Girl go have dem babies & show us some pics….and maybe jump on a track or two to remind us of your real talents…take care.

  55. September 5, 2019

    I wonder who’s shoulders they are going to stand on now, to rise up that next girl and claim Nicki is holding so and so down so people feel sorry for them. alot of them is going to starve now.

  56. Ratedxxx September 5, 2019

    If nicki is a has been….how come you’re the first one to reply in her post..

    Some people are so bitter….fyi cardi b aint got ish on nicki….you honestly think she’s going to be around 10 years from now….

    You peasants always going to keep nicki relevant….every post on here..yall bring her name up

    Yall stans harder than her own fans

    • MissGuided September 5, 2019

      Bringing up her name isn’t bringing up her sales though. Where’s Megatron on the charts?

      • SMH September 5, 2019

        Where’s press?

  57. Ronna V Simmons September 5, 2019

    I wasn’t much of fan. Not BECUASE she wasn’t good but becuase when she came out i was already over rap in general. If it wasn’t Lupe I couldn’t listen to it. I liked some of her hits too. I just wasn’t a fan of her songs that were silly. A lot of them were just nonsense. Sad to see her go tho. It’s like I’m getting older and older lol. Good job Nicki. I’m glad u u put your stamp on rap.

  58. 🥤 Jasmine’s Orange Juice 🥤 September 5, 2019

    🎶 Uh, let’s go to the beach, each
    Let’s go get away
    They say, what they gonna say?
    Have a drink, clink, found the bud light
    Bad b****** like me is hard to come by
    The patron own, let’s go get it on
    The zone own, yes I’m in the zone
    Is it two, three? Leave a good tip
    I’mma blow off my money and don’t give two shits, I’m on the floor, floor
    I love to dance
    So give me more, more, ’til I can’t stand
    Get on the floor, floor
    Like it’s your last chance
    If you want more, more
    Then here I am
    Starships were meant to fly
    Hands up and touch the sky
    Can’t stop ’cause we’re so high
    Let’s do this one more time🎶

    • Jasmine KoolAid September 5, 2019

      That song is whack😂😂😂😂

  59. RihannaIsMadonna September 5, 2019

    Release The Pink Legacy and then “retire” you can’t leave us like this

  60. GTFOH September 5, 2019

    That picture sums up her career!

  61. LOL September 5, 2019

    She does not have $1 of my money to enjoy in her retirement. She’s living off the Barbz…lol.

    • E. September 5, 2019

      I think every artist is living off of their fans money? Did you ride the short bus? Who else is going to buy an artist’s music but their fans?

  62. Yolanda September 5, 2019

    Joe Budden sacrificed himself for Nicki’s radio career. Joe stated on SOTC that he could not really discuss the particulars between him and Nicki until about four months due to corporate things. Nicki also stated that she might be on TV. She wants to be the next Wendy Williams. Also, even if Nicki had a #1 and a Grammy, her ego does not want to be in a pool of female rappers. As Lil Kim said from the beginning, Nicki wants to be the only one out there. Nicki can’t stand being amongst them, whether she wins or not. Nicki wanted to destroy female rap. She wanted to leave when no one was hitting so she could say that she brought female rap back by herself so somebody else should do the same. But she better watch out, Cardi is the Queen of talking shyt publicly so she better hope Cardi doesn’t jump into the radio game.

    • E. September 6, 2019

      I swear if I want to know anything about Nicki I should go straight to her haters. Y’all be knowing more about her business than her supporters.

  63. #Formulation September 6, 2019

    Didn’t jayz retire too?

  64. Ronna V Simmons September 6, 2019

    Now I know why. Becuase cardi surpassed her riaa certs.

  65. Justafan September 6, 2019

    publicity stunt. She’ll make another desperate attempt to be relevant

  66. Daniel September 7, 2019

    When she do comes back I hope she come back with some bagging , if this is ture I wish her the best , I know I can’t say much , much love to you I’m happy for you

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