Cardi B Responds To 6ix9ine’s Claims She’s Affiliated With Bloods Gang

Published: Thursday 19th Sep 2019 by Rashad

Cardi B may have rapped she doesn’t “need more press,” but more press is exactly what she’s gotten thanks to testimonies from an ongoing trial that’s seeing imprisoned rapper 6ix9ine – in cooperation with federal investigators – fire off a list of names of fellow entertainers who are gang-affiliated.

Fans familiar with his case are aware the 23-year-old is facing 47 years in prison for gang-related activity including racketeering.  Reports have it his testimonies as an informant will help reduce, if not completely eliminate, that potential sentence.

Making headlines for pointing fingers to rappers Jim Jones and Trippie Redd for their alleged gang activity (which both parties later denied), 6ix9ine also listed Cardi B (as we reported here) as a member of the Bloods gang potentially connected to illegal activity.  Shortly thereafter, the rapstress’ label home – Atlantic Records – took to press to deny her relationship with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods (click here to read).

Now, Cardi’s speaking on her own behalf. See what she said inside:


The word from Cardi came just hours after her rep claimed her affiliation with Bloods was “not true” (a statement separate from that of her label home).

As stated in the tweet above, the Grammy winner is not denying association with the gang overall, but instead correcting the “set she reps.”  Her relationship with Bloods has been well-documented as she has made no secret of her membership to the “organization,” in song lyrics and interviews.

We’re keen to see how and if Cardi and other rappers continue to get roped into 69’s case as he points fingers to escape legal penalties.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ?? JasMAN’s Nut Juice ?? ? September 19, 2019

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  2. Will_xo September 19, 2019

    Cardi you talk a good game now back it up , you repped bloodz dont go all cold now that shits hit the fan

    • biancacook September 19, 2019

      she didn’t, she corrected the set she reps.

      • Danny Bey September 19, 2019

        Right, like he clearly don’t know sh*t about gangs lmfaoo

  3. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 19, 2019

    What the f*** wow.
    but if it was r.Kelly you be calling him a pervert ,rapistand all kinds of names but look at the difference of how you treat one artist from another r Kelly has not been found guilty he has proclaimed his innocence from day one.

    but you called that man all types of filthy names but this man you refer to him as just a 23 year old.

    • Paulo September 19, 2019

      ooh I been tryna figure who do you stan for cause you always harsh on everyone… it’s a PedoKelly stan, lock it up and hide your kids

      • Tetris September 20, 2019

        He stans Carol Conka 😉

  4. Lizzoh September 19, 2019

    she another fake ass gangster, she use to get her ass beat on YouTube bye real zoh’s

    • biancacook September 19, 2019

      being in a gang doesn’t mean they can whoop everyone. she def part of the bloods just not that particular set.

  5. Octavia Carter September 19, 2019

    Oh no now he is really on some bull shot trying to snitch on my hubby Jon Jones. I will f*** him up myself. It not just my b**** cardi b he coming for my dude. This p**** and the way. Hold he don’t drop the soap but he like it’s like that.

    • Octavia Carter September 19, 2019

      And I mean Jim Jones it’s the phone

  6. Pooh September 19, 2019

    they ment her ghost writers were gang

  7. Clarkson September 19, 2019

    Cardi scared of going to jail, ???????????

    Free cardi,lock nicki up.

    • Urg September 19, 2019

      On what grounds?? I not a fan of Nicki Minaj but wtf does she have to do with this? Cadri needs to shut her a** up cause she not going to always get a free past.

  8. biancacook September 19, 2019

    well nicki and her zoo man be throwing up the same sign 69 and crew throw up, their pic with her in the rainbow chanel dress u can see it soooo clearly they’re both throwing it up. not to mention as of late she’s been using her boyfriend as a threat to male rappers and podcast hosts. thats why she feeling so gangst aaannnddd she did a song with 69 maybe zoo really isn’t a boyfriend from the past maybe she just met him and didn’t wanna make it seem like she’s not moving so fast.

  9. #TheTruth September 20, 2019

    The whole gang thing is still a thing ? Please… people are desperate to look gangsta. Be smarter kids, this will lead you nowhere. You think you will look cool and next thing you know they will beat you up if you ever dare stepping away because you won’t obey.

  10. Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) September 20, 2019

    Why he ain’t put Nicki on blast? She and her husbands are the ones who rep that set (Trey Way).

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