Kanye West Takes Sunday Service To The Skies With ‘Airpool Karaoke’ Special

Published: Tuesday 29th Oct 2019 by Sam

Ever unconventional, Kanye West is marching to the beat of his own drum with the campaign for his ninth studio album ‘Jesus Is King.’ A campaign that has officially ascended to the skies.

Ye invited James Corden to join him aboard a plane to LA and staged a special spectacle with his Sunday Service choir.

The Airpool Karaoke segment, which puts a unique spin on Corden’s Carpool Karaoke format, saw the rapper dish on his “church,” marriage to Kim Kardashian and more. It also featured sing-along’s to ‘Jesus Walks’ and new material from West’s latest LP.

Watch the full segment after the jump…

As reported, ‘Jesus Is King’ looks set to open (relatively) big on the Billboard 200 and, with the arrival of this feature, could fly even higher.

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  1. CHINA October 29, 2019

    Ms. Overly emotional sightly bipolar Kanye is trying to change that image and become likeable and it’s working for now…….. still very very questionable. His Fame-Hungry WIFE and her disgusting family —-still creeps out most of the public.

    • Vulvalicious October 29, 2019

      And James Famedigging Corden is helping him along with Ellen to change his bruised image!!
      Honestly this is plainly ridiculous a lot of celebrities have been canceled for a lot less. I swear I’m sick of these hosts trying to bring back their “famous” sick friends and shoving them inside our throats.

  2. Clarkson October 29, 2019

    But you guys said he was cancelled.

    Album predicted to debut at number one

    Black people dont have the power to cancel anybody.

    • CHINA October 29, 2019

      Correction: Black People have the Power of Forgiveness. Just like they Canceled Whitney Houston in the Late 80’s for sounding “white”. Whitney Houston goes on to be the Queen of Rnb. Underneath all there Struggles, the Black Community Forgives and ALWAYS believes in 2nd Chances. B_itch.

      • Huh you need to STFU October 29, 2019

        DO NOT put Whitney and Ye on the same playing field. seriously smh at this bunk analogy. You need to do better too. by many levels… and quickly.

      • Lanafan1 October 29, 2019

        We never cancelled Whitney lol

    • CHINA October 29, 2019

      Comparing situations you dumb F_ck NOT TALENT. You sound as stupid as your probably look H_oe. STFU and go wash your A_SS

    • Swirly October 29, 2019

      Most of Kanye’s support is no longer coming from the Black community. His cancelation is still effective. He will have no one to turn to once his hype beast stans move on to the next trend.

      • Clarkson October 29, 2019

        Kanye west is always setting the next trend. Infact kanye west is the trend, anything he does is the next trend

        “His cancelation is still effective. ‘

        Lol. Album debuting at number 1
        Multiple songs in the iTunes 100 and spotify 100

        His ugly very expensive sneakers line selling out,
        who are the folks buying it? Black people.

        Yall cant cancel kanye. Black folks dont have the power to cancel anybody
        Kanye is uncancellable

      • Gworl Bye October 29, 2019

        Then why did his last 3 albums flop horribly? why are WHITE KIDS the only ones buying those expensive and hideous shoes of his? C00nye is still canceled dear, only trump supporters and self hating blacks support his buffoonery. Stop trolling and go help camila find a hit.

  3. Dc October 29, 2019


  4. Always October 29, 2019

    Very nice video, always has love for kanye and his music.

  5. Dc October 29, 2019

    Whole plane of black sellouts

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 29, 2019

      No whole plane of employees. Aint like they had ish going on before Kanye. The struggle is real for blacks in LA. Less tham 1 percent pf black people in CA own homes. #FACTS

  6. I Hate blaccc n whyyy y’all not sht October 29, 2019

    how will he explain to his children that his wife was a p**** star he’s all smiling but what is he going to do when they find that out

    • Lanafan1 October 29, 2019

      She wasn’t a p*** star. She’s just scum. And no one should have to explain anything to their children.

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