Lil Kim’s ‘9’ Misses Billboard 200 Entirely / Debuts in Top 10 of Rap, Hip-Hop Charts

Published: Tuesday 22nd Oct 2019 by Rashad

Queen Bee Lil Kim may have seen her latest effort, ‘9,’ royally ignored by music lovers, but it certainly doesn’t mean all is lost.

As we reported here, industry analysts predicted the set would shift less than 1,000 copies upon the conclusion of its inaugural sales tracking week.  Later confirmed via Billboard’s most recent update of its main album chart (October 22), the project’s first 7 days of sales failed to garner a figure high enough to be included among the tally’s top 200 sellers of the week.

However, where the LP may have not performed in the grand scheme, it certainly held its own categorically. See what we mean inside:

‘9’ – Kim’s first project since 2005’s ‘The Naked Truth’ – is her first project to go to chart battle without a Hot 100 top 40 single preceding it (a feat that added to the grim outlook on its sales tally).  Acting as the first installment of a reported 2-part offering (click here to read more), some are wondering if its reported numbers will be enough to support the release of a follow-up.

While there is no ignoring the LP’s overall performance, there are noteworthy aspects.  Despite missing the Billboard 200, ‘9’ did manage to meet the top 10 mark on a number of sales charts including R&B/Hip-Hop and Rap (as seen below).  Further, it made an impact on Digital Albums, Independent, and Album Sales charts.

Here’s hoping the sales performance outside the Billboard 200 acts as a catalyst for Kim and team to create a more aggressive promo strategy for part 2.

There’s proof the public is interested.

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  1. AnonymousTruth October 22, 2019


  2. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

    This is predictable. Supply and demand. There are NO physical albums available for sale so of course it will flop! Kim’s fan base buys physical albums NOT digital or streaming.

    This is a wake up call to her ego that waiting 15 years to release an album does not work in today’s music climate. She should have been putting out mixtapes and independent albums to keep her fans interested. Now its like Kim has no target consumer base. She is also out of touch with how to promote an album. An album release should coincide with a hit single and multiple videos for singles from the album.

  3. JustSaying October 22, 2019

    Imagine thinking slandering Lil Kim, a 25 year old veteran who already secured her legacy is gonna slow down the Nicki Hate Train. Looool! Not in a million years, we gon troll that b**** right into menopause. And she’ll never have real love or family because of the evil she puts in the world. Tragic! ?

    • Bussyfellows October 22, 2019

      Because you’re full of hate and miserable. After Nicki has stopped making music you still will be miserable and lame and that’s the fact that you can’t stand

      • Shayla Queen October 22, 2019

        I think you’re speaking about Nicki ?

    • SMH October 22, 2019

      Lol, and they wonder why Kim flopped so hard. They clearly have no clue to the concept of KARMA.

    • Shayla Queen October 22, 2019

      We gon ride that b**** til the wheels fall off!

    • Johnny Boon November 26, 2019

      You talk about trolling someone into menopause and you want to talk about evil..

  4. Chris October 22, 2019

    When is Sam going to fire you? He apparently likes the controversy you cause but where’s the journalistic credibility if a website spews lies? First, it was she sold under 1000 copies, now she’s debuted on the hip hop charts but not Billboard 200? ?

    • King z October 22, 2019

      Lol sis look up how the charts work then come back and reevaluate your comment

      • SMH October 22, 2019

        Just another Lil Kim fan in denial lol.

      • Malone N**** October 22, 2019

        Shut the f*** up. Ain’t no king n****

    • BingBong October 22, 2019

      Dude, it’s literally not on here Billboard 200 updates every Tuesday.

      I like the album, but grow up. She didnt chart. The album isn’t even charting anywhere now on iTunes or Apple Music. She should have released physical copies & done merch bundles with free downloads. Or 9 t shirts that came with aCD. THATS ON HER for poor marketing! Social media hype doesnt mean s*** when your numbers ain’t hitting.

  5. Clarkson October 22, 2019





    This is the same thing that will happen to brandy, fantasia, etc

    Twitter hype dont translate to sales. Look at normani for example.

    There is a song on this album that was streamed 69 times. ??????

    • Clarkson Is A Loser October 22, 2019

      U and normani obsession is f****** disgusting.
      Honestly slit ur worst is Ur best options
      U have no hope

    • Swirly October 22, 2019

      Fantasia is currently selling out her Sketchbook Tour (not small ballrooms, either). After 15 years in the game, I would say she’s doing fine.

    • SMH October 22, 2019

      So true about twitter hype not translating into sales, i mean look at that Camila girl, she has millions of followers in the double digits, and all of her singles she keeps releasing all flopped hard. I hope her team has a plan in place so her first week sales don’t look like Kim’s.

  6. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie October 22, 2019

    ???? Go against Nicki, it’s gone cost ya! ????????????? Her fans too busy worrying about Nicki and streaming Cardi trash music to spite Nicki instead of Buying their Chinese fave music. I can’t believe the Siamese cat didn’t chart. This is embarrassing. Even Madonna, Janet old asses are still charting.

    What’s Jigsaw’s excuse? ???

    • Shayla Queen October 22, 2019

      Do not speak out your muthafucking mouth sideways about THE Janet Jackson and THE Madonna when you support a NOBODY like Megan. Have some f****** respect for those that came before you were even a spérm in your daddy’s ball sack.

      • Sean January 1, 2020

        You can say that again…Janet and Madonna are f****** iconic legends, who are both in the RRHOF! It doesn’t get any better than being inducted into musics highest honor! That’s right, put some respect on those two women’s name!

    • Dannylynn13 October 23, 2019


  7. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie October 22, 2019

    Madonna, Janet Missy Elliot, Mariah hell even Trina flop ass charted! What went wrong Jigsaw??? Too busy passing down plastic crowns and talking about everyone and everything in interviews except that floppy disk. ?????

    • BingBong October 22, 2019

      Heck, even our girl Iggy even made the top 50 and the hot 100 <3

    • SMH October 22, 2019

      Janet, Madonna, MIssy & Mariah are all Certified Legends, they will always chart no matter what. The difference with Kim is that she’s a SELF PROCLAIMED legend, meaning she is no legend at all and had no torch to pass in the first place.

  8. roMy October 22, 2019

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  9. YAS BIH October 22, 2019

    It’s okay she’s been there done that and made a HUGE impact in hip hop that made her a Queen and Legend her Legacy won’t be undone by this Always will be the QUEEN BEE and Mother Of RAP ????

  10. rio October 22, 2019

    Lil’kim being from the 90s you had to push and work hard for album sales and people bought physical copies. Now a days artists do not have to work as hard for sales they go off streams. I feel like she is already solidified. Made her mark in the game. She making music for the fans and just to put out there. Me being a Lil’kim i can honestly say its not a classic album. This album is a “VIBE”. Tru kim fans know she just having fun. Period!

  11. Barb #1 October 22, 2019


  12. Barb #1 October 22, 2019

    These b****** is really shipping wood.

  13. Sam October 22, 2019

    this better wake her up… her fanbase arent interested in this autotune foolishness.. we want hardcore notorious kim back. Shes trying to appeal to the younger audience but theyre not interested so sis.. please just make a solid album, forget about the trends and trying to get a hit. Just make some hardcore s*** again with that bass voice of yours. Give us flow and lyrics again… f*** off with the autotune already. listen to your fans… we’ll buy it if its what were looking for from her. A lot of us cant stand this trap s*** and look forward to OGS like kim to put out solid work and take us away from this trap crap.

  14. No Time For Fake Ones October 22, 2019

    I love Bag and Catch My Wave! Keep going Kim, you need to release the whole 18 tracks for $9.99. Catch My Wave needs Jay-Z as it sounds like a flow that could of been on Jay-Z’s Volume 2…Hard Knock Life album. That’s the best sounding single. Bag is dope. You Are Not Alone is a good b-side. You need higher profile producers/co-writers and guests. Cardi B, Jay-Z, Post Malone, HER and Drake to name a few. You need beats by producers like 40 and Just Blaze. Co-writers for your hooks from the best writers in the business. But I will ride for you Big Momma Queen Bee! Keep releasing music. Nicki will NEVER get my money.

  15. E. October 22, 2019

    Not surprised, I said this was going to happen. I said she was gone let her fans and all that fake love gas her up to do an album that wouldn’t sell. I was right, before the “Nicki hate train” most comments about Kim were negative. Then once everyone start hating Nicki they started kissing Kim,Cardi and every other female rapper’s ass. I don’t care what nobody says Cardi’s success is a result of hate for Nicki. Cardi’s album would’ve still probably did well but I know a lot of her accolades were due to the hatred towards Nicki.

    • SMH October 22, 2019

      ALL OF THIS. I said the same exact things the second that Kim stuck her fake nose into all the foolishness.

    • Shayla Queen October 22, 2019

      You just contradicted yourself. If people were kissing “every other female rapper’s” ass and bought Cardi’s album just to spite Nicki, why did they not buy Kim’s? Make your point MEAN SOMETHING.

      • E. October 24, 2019

        @Shayla, Cardi is a new artist so she have the younger generation behind her. Lil Kim’s fans are from the Ol’ skool they’re not going to be streaming her album all day like the younger generation do. Like I said nobody was thinking about her until everybody started hating Nicki. Kim said she started working on this album in 2015. Since she started working on her album Cardi released hers. People started calling Cardi the queen so Kim just got pushed to the back burner.

  16. Detruth October 22, 2019

    If she dropped circa 2010-2012 she could have capitalized off the Minaj beef she would have charted no problem.

    • ??? October 22, 2019

      Lol she did tho, remember black friday, and how it only charted on paypal lmfaoooooo

      • Jan October 22, 2019

        Kim is an independent artist. She only released 110, 000 copies which sold out on PayPal in less than a hour. She chose to do that. No hands in her bag which could have easily made her a quick million.

  17. Okay? October 22, 2019

    Queen “B”?

  18. Dannylynn13 October 23, 2019

    Lil Kim is 50 years old, still rapping about swallowing and shooting people. Her music and lyrics are old and tired. She has no fans only Nicki haters and that doesn’t amount to sales.

  19. DéMon October 27, 2019

    I never understood why anyone outside of the music industry cares about sales. It’s like being proud of of the fact that you like the same exact artist or song that everyone else does. Nothing unique or interesting at all about you and your musical taste. Having to check Billboard so they can tell you what to like.

    I’m a fan of good music. Record sales plays no part in what I like to listen to.

  20. Nadia Belon November 15, 2019

    Will always LOVE K.I.M. !

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