Lil Kim Announces Two-Part Comeback Album

Published: Monday 30th Sep 2019 by Sam

As the age old adage goes, “patience is a virtue.” And for Lil Kim fans, it looks as though their 14 year wait is about to be rewarded in a major way.

Because, Rap’s Queen Bee has revealed that her new album is being rolled out as a two-parter.

Full story below…

The news was announced tonight during the reunion special of Kim’s VH1 show ‘Girls Cruise.’

As for the reason her ‘9’ LP is being released in two-parts, the veteran explained that it’s because she recorded a large sum of songs.

We’re still patiently waiting on the release date for “a” project (speak less two), but at the same time we’re opting to trust Kim (this time) when she stresses that it truly is coming soon.

New single ‘Found You’ is gaining solid buzz and it appears all is building towards the long-promised roll-out of the follow-up to 2005’s ‘The Naked Truth.’

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Michael Antonio]

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  1. Clarkson September 30, 2019

    She’s always doing a comeback album

    How many comeback albums has she done now?
    Gurl give it up, nobody is checking for u

    Do some collaborations with reigning pop girls like ariana, Camila, demi, billie eilish, Selena.
    Get ur name out there with the young crowd. stop messing with your face
    Change ur style, ur hair, makeup, wardrobe etc
    Stop talking about nicki or cardi or any new rap girl.
    Stop calling urself the queen, the public dont like it when musicians do that.
    Do lady marmalade part 2. Pink is cool, she will agree to it. Mya needs the money, xtina needs a hit so bad.

    • @Curiously_CJ September 30, 2019

      How is she always doing a comeback album when her last album was The Naked Truth in 2005??? #DoYourHomework

      • Jackx September 30, 2019

        School that Dumb HO3

    • Lamar September 30, 2019

      Actually, majority of them think they’re the queen. However, Lil’ Kim was given that title of Queen by Biggie and her fans, YEEEARS ago. She stuck with it, and rightfully so, cuz even in her prime, no other female hip hop artist was touching Kim. Some of the girls now have all taken a bite from Lil’ Kim. And as far as Nicki goes, Kim last stated that until that lady tells the truth, she has nothing else to say and wished Minaj well… So that’s done. Kim has ALWAYS praised Cardi B, and many other new female MCs, currently.

      • Jamon_84 September 30, 2019

        Clarkson has to be 20 or younger. Lil Kim has always been known as Queen B. I’m sure you think Beyonce’s Fans gave her that name first. Since Junior Mafia, Biggie gave her that title. Besides Foxy and Nicki, she’s always praised female rappers. She had a whole song with 3 female rap features. Nicki bit her style, hard and played it off like she didn’t. Nothing was original about Nicki when she first came on the scene.

      • Clarkson September 30, 2019

        I dont care who gave her the title, she needs to drop it, its outdated

        King of the south, prince of the bronx, king of west coast , queen of crunk, king of Atlanta, prince of Detroit, Atlanta first lady, etc all these rubbish titles rappers gave themselves back in the day are tacky and childish today.

        The public dont like that trash.
        Get with the times.
        I grew up watching mtv cribs and making the band and making the video and punk’d, so I am not 20.

      • SMH October 1, 2019

        LOL. Nobody ever gave lil kim the title “Queen” except her fans. And all fans call their faves “Queen”.

    • Jamon_84 September 30, 2019

      Always doing a comeback!! School me in her last comeback album, please…

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 1, 2019

      @Clarkson her title is ‘Lil’ Kim’ and ‘Queen B’z That is her brand. That is how she makes her money! STOP WHINING!!!!

      Nothing worse than an old sissy whining abou what so and so “should” do cause they aint got the balls to do it themself! Last time I checked Rupaul Drag’s race is still accepting applications so i encourage unto STOP whining and apply as Ms. Clarkson.

      • D October 1, 2019


    • Interac October 1, 2019

      The streets named her the queen.

      • The Real Princess Jasmine October 1, 2019

        The streets also replaced her that’s Beyoncé stole the Title Queen B and Nicki Minaj uses The Queen of Rap not Queen B so how is Nicki stealing Lil Kim’s name when she never called herself Queen B

    • Nicky October 1, 2019

      Camila an it girl??????????

      A joke.

      2 flop songs 2nd album not coming ?????

  2. Tino September 30, 2019

    If she never f***** her face and skin up i could take her more serious.

  3. L’ORANGE September 30, 2019

    Oh she is giving Ming Ling Wu Foo Realness in that pic

  4. The Real Princess Jasmine September 30, 2019

    Who cares about her Album even Jesus knows it’s going to Flop radio ? isn’t going to play her music either so it’s just for her hardcore fans because she won’t Chart

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 30, 2019

      8.13.19 – TGJ EXPOSED u as a “racist troll”. Why are u still here pretending to be a ‘Jasmine’ when u look like Latrice Royale? Get lost punk. U are NOT welcome here on MY Grape Juice!

      • The Real Princess Jasmine October 1, 2019

        Girl shouldn’t you be somewhere bleeding go get a pap smear dirty roach

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 1, 2019

        Actually I’m chillin like fine wine on vacation letting u have at it sissy. Its amazing how I can be gone for days off this site yet u still troll under your fake ‘Jasmine’ accounts. That PROVES u want go be me like i said before.

  5. Ratedxxx October 1, 2019

    She was so beautiful before all that surgeries…she obviously don’t love herself…

    I need the old kim back….this new kim is not cutting it…

    And her new music…not feeling it either…

  6. And I … Oop! October 1, 2019

    If it isn’t “Hardcore” Kim. it’s a “Hard Pass”. B**** been coming out with an album for 14 years. We’re done with the fuckery. Shade but No Shade. ??

    • Justafan October 1, 2019

      exactly. I get she wants her sound to evolve BUT…despite releasing new singles, her new sound has not resonated with fans at all

  7. SMH October 1, 2019

    LMAO. Girl…..

  8. Swirly October 1, 2019

    Kim, baby……

    You know what, never mind. Bless your heart girl.

  9. Urg October 1, 2019

    If it is that autotone muble rap ish she can f*”*ing keep it. Bring back Hardcore, Notorious K.I.M La Mafia Bella Naked Truth Kim or else this will be an epic flop.

  10. Beam Me Up Scotty October 1, 2019


  11. Latinissima October 2, 2019


  12. Teanja Travis October 2, 2019

    We been working hard since before my falls and she never left us alone she did greatness and vybzkatel fans like me ? the best that ever did it.just as Vybzkatel did.keep up she told us ? wide they ? copying there vip culture.up trendsetters styles .and now it seems to feel like greatness

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