Mariah Carey Unveiled As Star Of Walkers Crisps Christmas Campaign

Published: Wednesday 23rd Oct 2019 by Sam

With the holidays fast approaching, Mariah Carey is getting her festive on early. Because, the diva supreme has just been unveiled as the face of Walkers Crisps’ Christmas campaign.

Full story below…

The much-loved British snack (which goes by the name Lay’s chips in the US) enjoys a top tier rep in the UK and their media roll-outs are renown for being all sorts of memorable.

This year, they’ve tapped Mimi for a campaign that’ll run in tandem with the 25th anniversary of her ‘Merry Christmas’ album and signature holiday hit ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.’

Speaking on the partnership, the songbird said:

“Everyone knows how festive I am, and it’s been fun getting into the holiday spirit this year with Walkers crisps – they’re irresistible!

I can’t say too much about the campaign yet, but there may be some fun twists at the end!”

Wayne Newton, Head of Marketing at Walkers, added:

“With Mariah on board too, our Christmas spirit has just stepped up a gear.

It doesn’t get much bigger than working with a global superstar like [her] and it’s been a big secret for us to keep – but we can finally announce that the rumours are true … the Queen of Christmas herself will be the star of our biggest ever Walkers Christmas advert. Keep your eyes peeled in the upcoming weeks for the ad.”


While some may scratch their heads, we’re all sorts of here for this alignment.

Walkers play no games with their campaigns and have major visibility. And with Mimi going all out this year for the landmark anniversary of ‘All I Want,’ we’re in favor of any and all means of maximizing its success during this milestone window.

Your thoughts?

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  1. taustin13 October 23, 2019

    Queen getting paid $11.5 million for this.

    • I Hate blaccc n whyyy y’all not sht October 23, 2019

      Yeah, alll that $$$ and nooo man, no hubby like Nicki Minaj ….she will never be loved like Whitney Houston

  2. IG : mixedboy October 23, 2019

    Mariah deserves AIWFCIY to go #1 this year.

  3. Fancy BISH October 23, 2019

    Certified Queen Of Christmas ? ? As soon as Halloween is over I’mma start blasting All I Want For Christmas lol ⛄️

    • Flexin ass Rap B**** October 23, 2019

      She doesn’t need to loved as u say however sis outsold Whitney while she was still alive had three times the hits Whitney has wrote all her own hits Whitney signature song is actually someone else but I digress

  4. Clarkson October 23, 2019

    All I want for Christmas is one of many Mariah Carey signature songs

    Only bad bìtches have signature songs. lol
    Some people can not relate.

    • Nicky October 23, 2019

      Yes. A Featureless Song

      She has multiple to her name.

      Others can’t relate.


      • Clarkson October 23, 2019

        Yeah cause people listen to Havana cause they wanna hear young thug’s verse. Lol
        Young thug cant perform Havana alone cause it is not his song.
        Camila performs Havana with out young thug all the time.
        Same thing with seniorita. Camila perform seniorita with shawn Mendes cause it is her song. She sang more parts than shawn Mendes on the song.


        Cause people listen to Beyonce crazy in love cause they wanna hear Jay z verse.
        Jay z can not perform crazy in love alone cause it is not his song.
        Beyonce performs crazy in love all the time without Jay z

        Cause people listen to Rihanna umbrella cause they wanna hear Jay z verse.
        Jay a can not perform umbrella alone cause it is not his song.
        Rihanna performs umbrella all the time without Jay z

        The hooos are mad MAD.
        Ur faves dont have a signature song. My faves has 2 signature songs. More signature songs are coming in future for my faves. Lol

      • Only Facts October 23, 2019

        I’m dead ?

        But that’s true, most people’s signature songs are solo songs and do not have features:

        Britney – BOMT/Toxic
        Mariah – Hero/We Belong Together
        Ariana – Thank u, next
        Katy – Roar/firework
        GaGa – Pokerface/Just Dance/BTW
        Whitney- I’ll always love you
        Beyonce – Irreplaceable/Single Ladies/irreplaceable

        I could go on and on but moral of the story is your signature song should not be a feature. ?

    • I Hate blaccc n whyyy y’all not sht October 23, 2019

      Whitney Houston knew. The meaning of Xmas. That is Jesus bday…. Whitney would have never not mention the Lord on Xmas…..

      F*** Mariah

    • Vulvalicious October 23, 2019

      Camella can never relate…no signature song, no peaking in charts anymore, needs white men to give her chart hits and her numbers keep falling…SAD
      She should just retire before she becomes ever more irrelevant than poor Nicole Scherzinger!

  5. Clarkson October 23, 2019

    The photoshop on that first photo is ridiculous tho. Mariah we all know ur fat, own ur weight.

    Ur waist is not as small as that, ur looking like wendy Williams.

  6. Only Facts October 23, 2019

    That’s nice


    Mona Scott-Young – we need a show titled “love and pop” with these 3 NOW

    • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? October 23, 2019

      Nicki Minaj is a married woman

    • Clarkson October 23, 2019

      Summer Walker, an artiste with no hype but shes selling singles and album

      Why not u talk about normani and motivation , or yall are going to pretend that never happened ????

  7. #TheTruth October 23, 2019

    I don’t understand why they would airbrush her face so bad, she doesn’t need it… anyway congrats MC. Never heard of that company btw.

  8. MrDLOC October 23, 2019

    Campaign looks great! Go Mariah!!!

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