Liam Payne Strips Down For Hugo Boss Underwear Campaign / Talks Solo Music, Therapy, & More With GQ

Published: Monday 4th Nov 2019 by Sam

Cop a gander of Liam Payne!

The former One Direction member is gearing up for the release of debut solo album ‘LP1’ on December 6th and has teamed with Hugo Boss to amplify buzz.

Flaunting his fit physique, the 26-year-old fronts the new campaign for the fashion brand’s underwear line.

He poses up in the form fitting range a-front of the newest issue of British GQ, in a striking shoot lensed by by Mert & Marcus. 

Within his interview feature, he opens up about his motivations for posing in his bare essentials, his upcoming album, being lost after 1D, and how therapy helped him rebuild.

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On Teaming With Hugo Boss Underwear:

“Before we landed the deal with Hugo Boss I’d gone into my gym and said, “I’m going to get an underwear commercial.” I just wanted to do it; I knew I could do it. And then it actually happened! And I worked my ass off and I’m still hitting the gym: I didn’t realise once you get on that thing you can’t really turn it off. You’ve got to keep it going. Like I said, it’s been a lot of training and being an athlete and working out – it became 90 per cent of my job for the best part of a year leading up to that shoot, which was crazy. Come 2019 everyone’s a lot more open about body image and I wanted to get in shape. Not to show off my body to anyone else, I just knew that’s what would give the confidence on set. I didn’t want to arrive not ready and not looking like I’d worked hard to get there.”

On Going Off The Rails & Helpful Therapy:

“I was drinking too much and getting into really bad, bad situations for quite some time actually. And I hit a peak moment where I knew the drinking was going to get me; I needed to do something about it. I spent a lot of time drinking to escape the crazy world that I had created for myself. I didn’t know what I was doing. That first therapy session and being like, “I don’t even know what I like or anything about myself” – it was pretty scary stuff. I was afraid of how far my career was going and that it might go even further. You can say, “Who is afraid of success?” But that’s what it entails sometimes. Success has got the better of me on more than one occasion. When I am losing I tend to concentrate more.

On Process Of Piecing Together New Album:

“I was going through a bunch of stuff when we started writing the album – growing up and all sorts of different shit coming out of the band. So for me it wasn’t the best entry into the writing side of it and making personal music rather than writing for a band. So it was difficult, but I mean the album is done and coming out and I absolutely love it and it’s just interesting to see that my favourite is from when I was younger. The first albums I listened to actually helped create my first album, so super cool.”

You checking for Liam?

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: GQ / Mert & Marcus]

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  1. ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 4, 2019

    Where is Zayn Malik and why is he missing? Can someone please find my husband Zayn Malik he is missing from the music industry

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate November 4, 2019

      All these children are so hungry for fame and then they get there and it amplifies all their vulnerabilities and puts addiction and hedonism in their face and it all goes south. It takes a strong individual with the right support to make it through that without going off the rails. Zayn is one such example of having his vulnerabilities magnified by fame and he couldn’t handle it. It’s probably better for his health not to be famous.

      • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 4, 2019

        I heard he got dropped from his label and is strong out on Cocaine in the UK and doesn’t leave his house

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate November 4, 2019


    • I love big black c** November 4, 2019

      In yo dream b-I-t-c-h u ain’t got no d-I-c-k-s honey

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 4, 2019

      Thirsty ass Jawanna Mann troll why are u still stealing my username?

      • Shayla Queen November 4, 2019

        Because it has no identity of it’s own. It’s role model is Nicki Minaj who is also a cheap subpar copy of somebody else so what do we expect?

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 4, 2019

        Thanks Shayla. Just like Nicki, without a ghost writer it is a flop. They lack creativity. Just copy cats

      • Glass house November 5, 2019

        Freaking weirdos. At least she doesn’t live in comments of a gossip site like y’all

  2. XYZ November 4, 2019

    “The full package” ?

    He really is a Hottie and could sit on my face anytime he wants to. Too Bad bis music sucks.

    • I love big black c** November 4, 2019

      Sorry he’s so white trash same as Justina Bieber

  3. I love big black c** November 4, 2019

    That fake bulge tho, photoshopped much as Justina. White boys got small pink d-i-c-ks

    • Shayla Queen November 4, 2019

      That is so not true ?

    • J November 4, 2019

      Somewhat true but the biggest one i seen was a white boy lol. U never know with them sometimes ?️? SN he’s looking like a healthy snack

    • XYZ November 4, 2019

      Really not the truth. You’re right, the Chance to get a smaller one is bigger than with black guys, but some of them are huge. All in all I would say they have more variety when it comes to d*** sizes

  4. Only facts November 4, 2019

    Liam is hands down the sexiest member of 1D, but he doesn’t have the ear for a hit. Not sure why his team can’t get the music right. But he cannot rely on underwear pics for success.

    • Shayla Queen November 4, 2019

      Unless we get a free worn pair with the album, then I’d hand over my coins for sure!

  5. stan November 4, 2019

    great underwear, beautiful underwear

  6. The Truth November 6, 2019

    I’ve always wanted him to destroy me! (Wink)

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