Harry Styles Announces Sophomore Album ‘Fine Line’

Published: Monday 4th Nov 2019 by Sam

Harry Styles has named and dated his new album.

Full story below…

Moments ago, the former One Direction singer revealed that he’ll be unleashing his sophomore effort ‘Fine Line’ on December 13th.

The Columbia Records set is preceded by lead single ‘Lights Up’ – which has thus far peaked at #3 in the UK and #17 (and climbing) Stateside.

‘Fine Line’ arrives as the follow-up to Styles’ self-titled solo debut, which topped the charts upon its release in May 2017.


We’ve had ‘Lights Up’ on replay here at TGJ and have found it much more sonically accessible than his earlier outing. As such, we’re excited to hear the album. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Only facts November 4, 2019

    His first album was a certified flop and now he’s pandering to us, the gay community, for relevancy. Not falling for it b*tch

  2. L’ORANGE November 4, 2019

    He is not pandering to the g|ay community. Harry is a g|ay male as evident in that pic and he is part of the community. Be Proud, Be Bold and Be You!

  3. Shayla Queen November 4, 2019

    Is this another soon to be case of wishing to be referred to as “they” because that picture certainly says so.

  4. Fancy BISH November 4, 2019

    Interesting album cover! David Bowie vibes..and he looks better now than he did in One Direction and is more appealing as a solo artist in MY opinion lol

  5. Dc November 4, 2019

    Everyone gay now for clout ????

  6. only facts November 4, 2019


  7. Clarkson November 4, 2019

    The people who visit this blog tho.
    Many of u are just finding out about dua lipa. Smh. When u spend all ur time listening to k. Michelle and fantasia. Smh

    Harry has always baited the gay community.
    He did this thru out his last era, that’s why he still has a career today.
    He wants everyone to believe he is bi

    He dresses flamboyantly, colourful blouses , baggy pants, allowing a dude to rub against him in this music video, etc. Its all fake to grab headlines.

    • only facts November 4, 2019

      I’m going to ignore the racist undertone of your comment and just say that Selena Gomez is #1 on the Billboard hot 100. No feature. No remix. SOLO. MAIN POP GIRL STATS! Camila could NEVER achieve such a feat SOLO! HA!

      You shaded the F*** out of Selena last week, and look at her now (pun intended). Where are Camila’s FOUR SOLO SONGS ON THE HOT 100?! LOL.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        Idiot ur hyping everybody else except ur faves normani. A sign of a loser.
        I knew Selena was gonna hit number 1 this week.

        Congratulations to Selena, she can sit at the same table with bad bìtches like Camila cause they both have number 1’s. Normani can and will never sit at the table with pop girls with number 1’s cause she will never have a number 1.

        Camila has 2 number 1 songs.
        Selena has only 1 number one song . But congrats to Selena.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        “’im going to ignore the racist undertone of your comment”

        Lol. So u still think I’m white.
        I and Camila live rent free ur empty pathetic troll head.

        Normani jumped on the bad to u song cause she thought it was gonna give her a number 1 . Lol. A fùcking loser.
        Let’s see where motivation landed this week after normani released the remix.

      • only facts November 4, 2019

        “Many of u are just finding out about dua lipa. Smh. When u spend all ur time listening to k. Michelle and fantasia.” Yeah, that was racist you dumb f*ck.

        Camila can’t sit with Selena, Adele, Britney, Rihanna, Katy, GaGa, Taylor, Beyoncé, Kesha. Wanna know why? Because they all have SOLO #1 singles! HA!

        And its funny that you think you know my faves. My ultimate #1 above ALL of these h*es is ALWAYS going to be Britney Jean Spears. Don’t ever for a second think you know who are my ALL TIME FAVES, hun.

        I love Normani and I do think she’s an icon in the making. I live for Normani’s live performances, and I enjoy her music. I think Normani will be HUGE. And lets not forget that Normani’s “Motivation” (her lead solo single) outpeaked Crying In the Club, Liar, Shameless, Easy, and Cry for Me. You’re ill-equipped for this debate.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019


        Ur such a ridiculous person and a dumb àss

        Ur comparing an artist’s most successful song to another artist least successful songs.

        It’s like comparing tinashe 2 on to beyonce pretty hurts that didnt even chart. 2 on outpeaked pretty hurts does that mean tinashe is better than beyonce? ???

        Natalie la rose somebody peaked at number 10 while Rihanna kiss it better peaked at number 65, does that mean natalie la rose is better than Rihanna?

        If u want to compare two artistes together, compared their biggest hits , chart records and awards. Camila beat normani in everything

        Camila 4 biggest hits
        Havana – 1 (1.3 billion streams)
        Senorita -1 (927 million streams)
        Bad things -4
        Never be the same -6

        Normani 4 biggest hits
        Dancing with a stranger -7
        Love lies -10
        motivation -33
        Waves- didnt chart

        Camila- 2 Grammy nominations
        Normani- zero Grammy nominations

        Camila- 4 American music awards
        Normani- zero American music awards

        Camila- 5 mtv EMAs
        Normani- zero EMAs

        Camila- 4 vma including video of the year and artist of the year
        Normani- 1 vma. Best rnb video. Lol

        never be the same outpeaked all of normani’s 2 biggest song. Here comes the it had a remix.
        If the remix was bigger than the original billboard would have counted the remix but they didnt.
        Lastly, never be the same was at number 13 on the charts before Camila released the remix version


        Ur a clown
        Normani is never going anywhere. Mark my words. She only has Instagram hype. No artistry, no talent (placed 3rd on Dancing with the stars), zero vocals etc.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        The rapper desiigner has a number 1 song panda, no features or remix, those that Make him better than Jay z who has only 4 number 1 songs , all have features.
        heartbreaker- Mariah feat Jay
        Crazy in love, Beyonce feat Jay
        Umbrella, Rihanna feat Jay
        Empire state of mind, Jay z feat alicia keys.

        So according to ur logic, desiigner is a better rapper and has a better career than Jay z cause he has a number 1 with no features, while Jay z has 4 number 1’s with features

        Ur a dumb f****, I swear. Sometimes I wonder why I’m arguing with u.

      • only facts November 4, 2019

        You’re illiterate. Apparently reading comprehension isn’t taught wherever you are. The moral of the story is:

        1) Longevity matters more than #1’s
        2) Solo #1’s are more impressive that #1’s that are features
        3) Normani will be huge and is enjoying success
        4) I never said anyone was better than Camila, I’ve only said that Camila is a flop, and cannot get a hit without features, and is borderline attractive
        5) Copying and pasting from your previous comments on other posts is proof that you’re ill-equipped for this debate with me
        6) You’re mentally unwell
        7) Camila Cabello will never get a solo #1 hit
        8) You dragged Selena Gomez’s name through the mud last week and said her two songs suck, and that Camila is better than her….Camila will not have the longevity of Selena. At this juncture, Camila’s stats are starting to look a lot like Iggy’s in the beginning. Lots of success, two big hits, a handful of moderate hits, then bam, nobody cares about you any more.

        Good day.

      • Clarkson November 4, 2019

        “Solo #1’s are more impressive that #1’s that are features”

        Dumb àss

        With this logic desiigner is a better rapper than Jay z.

        “Normani will be huge and is enjoying success”

        Lol what success? hanging on to Arianna for a hit. Motivation flopping after all the hype and free promo form 100 celebrities on Instagram and Twitter
        Being attached to a flop Charlie’s angel soundtrack.
        Motivation remix debuted at number 467. The remix didnt even help the original song.

        Next year normani will not survive cause adele is coming, Rihanna is coming , lady gaga is coming. This year was her only shot and she blew it

        She will never be huge, ever. She will only be admired for dancing at events like teyana Taylor and for her Instagram posts.

        How is Camila stats looking like Iggy? Lol
        Camila has 2 number 1’s, Iggy has only 1 number one song

        Camila Havana has the most streams by a female lead artist 1.3 billion

        Seniorita has 927 million streams. The fastest song to reach 900 million streams. Before the end of the year senorita will have 1 billion streams.
        Camila will be the only female lead artist to have 2 songs with 1 billion streams each.
        She did this with only one album.
        Havana has sold an extra one million copies in 2019 alone. This is a song released in 2017.

        Gurl ur dumb .
        U cant stand it that Camila is winning.

      • Glass house November 4, 2019

        Still waiting for Clarkson to tell us why he hates Normani so much

  8. J November 4, 2019

    He’s flopping. Sad cause I started to like the song. ?

    • Glass house November 5, 2019

      Everyone is flipping according to somebody. He has a major fan base and his song is number 17 how is that flopping ?

  9. 1988 November 5, 2019

    100% UNATTRACTIVE PICTURE LMAO. It’s a NO from me. Give me any Jonas Brother in a black thong. ;p

  10. No Glory December 1, 2019

    Dude weird ashell. But what’s new?

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