Lizzo Lights Up ‘The X Factor’ With ‘Good As Hell’ [Performance]

Published: Saturday 16th Nov 2019 by Sam

Lizzo may be slaying on a global scale, but she isn’t resting on her laurels.

The chart-topper is currently in the UK and stopped by ‘The X Factor’ with a bevy of dancers to  deliver a dynamic showing of ‘Good As Hell.’

Originally released in 2017, the track is uniquely enjoying renewed success thanks to Lizzo’s heightened profile and growing chart portfolio. It also benefited from a remix featuring Ariana Grande.

That said, the Houston native was more than capable of leading the charge herself during the spirited performance.

Check it out below…

She did that!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarksoon November 16, 2019

    I cant wait till she is forgotten about. A big nappy headed whale with no real talent. Cant sing. Cant rap. Dont gove me that she can play a harmonica crap. That is just a gimmick

    • AJ November 17, 2019

      And yet she still managed to nab a solo number one. Something Sneaky Minj has not managed. Take several seats…


      • Clarksoon November 17, 2019

        But truth hurts had a remix feat da baby
        And lizzo discounted truth hurts for 59 cents on itunes

      • AJ November 17, 2019

        Sneaky also reduced Anaconda to $0.59. Da Brat is hardly a huge chart sensation and Truth Hurts hit number one before the remix was released.

        Furthermore look who Sneaky has collaborated with – Ariana, Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey, Drake, Chris Brown… the list goes on and she’s still not been able to go number as a solo performer.

        Let’s not forget she bundled albums with her tour and tacked on the “Fefe” collab and still couldnt top the Top 200.

        You want more tea? Okay her husband is a convicted paedophile and s** offender and she collaborated with Takeshi another convicted s** offender. The headlines couldn’t even propel her to no1.

        Oh and, Sneaky fans are salty because Lizzo is naturally curvy whilst Sneaky is full of silicone. Lizzo isnt even a rapper but broke the rap record.

        Its game over hun. Quit before you embarrass yourself even more.

    • Maxx November 17, 2019

      You must not have seen her on Tiny Desk NPR…she was freakin great! Beautiful personality, voice like an angel….she is sooo talented. She writes her own songs…sorry but you just can’t take this ladies talent away from her & her size should not deflect from that…some of the greatest talents are full figured such as Aretha Franklin and Adele…and they are both superstars. Lizzo’s talent cannot be denied boo.

  2. Clarksoon November 16, 2019

    Congratulations to 2 time Grammy award winner Camila cabello on your achievements

    “Romance” — Pre-Orders on iTunes (Biggest Markets):

    #1. United States
    #1. United Kingdom
    #1. Australia
    #1. Belgium
    #1. Canada
    #1. Netherlands
    #1. New Zealand
    #1. Sweden
    #1. Switzerland
    #2. Brazil
    #2. France
    #2. Germany
    #4. Italy

    Any yall said nobody was checking for the album.
    Pls pre order romance,let’s give the queen her second number one album.

    2 consecutive number one albums will be a good achievement for Camila to accomplish. Let’s make this happen

    • Only facts November 17, 2019

      Latin Grammys b*tch.

      • Oh-Ren November 17, 2019

        That’s right the artists with more Latin Grammy awards are Residente and Visitante from the group Calle 13 with 24 each. ???
        They’re hardly huge artists in the us or even internationally same as C*****

  3. Bam November 16, 2019

    The vocals for mtv were better but this had better coreo.

  4. Beam Me Up Scotty November 16, 2019

    I just love this song

  5. Bravo!! November 16, 2019

    She did what?! She a beautiful big gurl, but on the other hand vocals are whatever. The performance was alright though. I didn’t watch it all the way through as well.

  6. ?? November 17, 2019

    Billboard Top Artist Of All Time
    Billboard Top Artist Of All Time

    Where is the post about it??

    • Clarksoon November 17, 2019

      Well The Beatles is number 1 and Michael Jackson is at number 7 but since Michael Jackson owns the Beatles’ music he technically is number 1 since he owned both his own music and the Beatles music LMAO.

      Now Mariah is at number 4 which makes her the highest charted female on the list but I question that too because Elton John is at number 3 and I though lt he was transitioning into a female so maybe Mariah is the sexomd highest female.

      Taylor and Rihanna and Drake are the youngest to make the top 20 and they are very early 30s.

      Unfortunately, the 2000s solo girls did not make top 20 (Britney, Christina, and Beyonce) but that is not surprising since the 2000s was that weird time period where music sales was transitioning from selling millions to thousands And never recovered since. Artists like Drake, Rihanna, and Taylor making the list are great because it gives hope to the dying side of music sales.

      Also, the Jacksons are the only family to be on the top 20 not once but technically 3 times (Michael, Janet, and Michael’s ownership of the Beatles music).

      There is your post. Watch TGJ copy and paste my commentary into a new post now that I gave them a way to not put Beyonce in a bad light by posting the Billboard list.

  7. Dr November 17, 2019

    Song came out 3 years ago lol

  8. Jay November 17, 2019

    Her 15mins of fame not over yet?

  9. Clarksoon November 17, 2019

    The remix with Arianna was total unnecessary.

    The song didnt need a remix , Arianna brought nothing to the song that’s why the remix is out of the itune 100 but the original is still in the top 10

  10. CardiIsQueen November 17, 2019

    She wanna be Kelly Price so bad! Foh big mama house 4 ??

  11. Sweetnothings78 November 17, 2019

    In a day and age where social media scrutinises people who are not skinny being a bad thing and causing eating disorders. Is this not the same thing in reverse, celebrating obesity in all its glory. As much as she’s got a pretty face this is very disturbing showcasing obesity as ‘fabulous’. It’s not and she will get ill!

    We should be glorying healthy people who are a normal reasonable size. Not too ill looking or this big.

    Shame on xfactor and everyone else for promoting poor diets!

    • Maxx November 17, 2019

      Shame on you. there are many skinny folks that are ill & sick as hell and ummmm talentless. This woman can be whatever size she wishes…Adele anyone? Melissa McCarthy anyone? Aretha Franklin anyone? Go eat a whole pizza, bag of potato chips, a bowl of ice cream, and a chocolate cake and just be happy. FOH

      • Sweetnothings78 November 18, 2019

        @Maxx. You totally missed my point yet yielded the main one- encouraging bad eating.

        I said shame on anyone for encouraging skinny eating disorders BUT this is the same thing. NOOOOO she shouldn’t be eating pizza or anything bad.

        I struggled with my weight but stay a size 32 men’s jean but once was a 36. Why do I do it, because it’s healthy and I can do more. Watching her flail about with that excess weight ain’t cute and it stops you from doing things, like walking far, climbing stairs, enjoying things that your friends can do. She should not be allowed full stop to be glorified. Obesity ain’t cute and I hope she doesn’t have a heart attack bless her.

        Adele is not this size btw and in case you missed It Adele has lately lost a considerable amount of weight and pulled back her smoking- WELL done Adele. Being fat OR skinny ain’t cute and a plain and simple healthy eating should be encouraged not binge eating cos “‘girl got some Good curves”

  12. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. November 17, 2019

    @AJ – “Its game over hun. Quit before you embarrass yourself even more.” – Please! Will you?! You sounds delusional as heck. Lizzo is a threat to NO ONE especially not someone in Rap.

  13. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. November 17, 2019

    @AJ – “Its game over hun. Quit before you embarrass yourself even more.” – Please! Will you! Because YOU are the one who sounds stupid. This fat beyotch is HARDLY a rapper. She’s HARDLY a freakin’ human being. More like a got d@mn whale.

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