Madonna Booed At Las Vegas ‘Madame X’ Show / Fans Chant “Refund Refund!”

Published: Saturday 9th Nov 2019 by Sam

Madonna has basked in many a win during her illustrious career, but she’s also no stranger to woes. The latest of which came last night during the Las Vegas stop of her ‘Madame X Tour.’

For, fans did not take kindly to the legend taking to the stage almost two hours after she was supposed to.

Details below…

Even the loyalest of supporter would admit that tardiness isn’t new for the star, yet it seems it won’t be tolerated any longer.

Initially set to kick-off at 10:30pm, Madge’s production didn’t start until MIDNIGHT. 

And fans were not here for the shenanigans, reportedly booing loudly, chanting “refund,” and even leaving.

Peep some of their responses…

Oh Madge!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Really November 9, 2019

    Madonna should have went out a legend a long time ago.

    • Vulvalicious November 10, 2019

      She still charts, and her tours are always amongst the most profitable and she should retire cause one anon on a gossip blog said so…that’s right ???

      • Gworl Bye November 10, 2019

        Lol still charts where? Last I checked Madame X disappeared from the charts faster than it arrived. She should have retired years ago when she was having her mid life crisis over Gagas success.

      • Vulvalicious November 10, 2019

        In the US if u don’t know Madame X was #1 on Hot200…what singers on their 60’s can still say the same sugar?
        I laugh so hard at people like you calling for her retirement for years yet she still outsells a lot of her younger peers.

        Gworl bye…
        B*tch Sh’es Madonna 😉

  2. Clarkson November 9, 2019

    Madonna came to slay and she is slaying those people’s ticket money. Everybody already knows she does bot come out on stage till after midnight so why are they whining?

    • Clarkson November 9, 2019

      TROLL ignore this person.
      U are pathetic

      • Nicky November 9, 2019

        You’ve officially lost it. Replying to yourself ?


        Those Camicky flops making you crazy


  3. Clarkson November 9, 2019

    Still better than Janet .

    madonna has earned the right to be late to her own show. She’s been in this business for 30+ years, u guys should be honoured she graced yall with her presence.

    I don’t think her heart is in this whole madame x persona. All the songs on the album bombed and the album underperformed on the chart.
    I think she has signed out of this era
    She probably wanna start a new era.

    • K.B. November 9, 2019

      You’re right she does have better props on stage than Janet that’s!that all she has..can’t dance, can’t acted,sounds like a man when she sings live…lol

      • Clarkson November 9, 2019

        Sounds like a man? Lol

        Like a prayer, frozen, take a bow
        3 songs madonna showed her beautiful softer side. Clear vocals.

    • Clarkson November 9, 2019

      TROLL ignore this person.
      U are pathetic

    • ERIC November 9, 2019

      “She’s been in this business for 30+ years.” Because of the fans!!! She has no right to disrespect the people who made it possible for her to live a life of fame and fortune. No one, including Janet who is one of favorites, is exempt. I voiced my anger like everyone else when Janet was cancelling and delaying shows multiple times on the Unbreakable tour. She got her act together and I doubt she’ll ever mess up like that again. I don’t have to buy a $200 or $300 concert ticket to be disrespected, ’cause I get that every day on my job for free!!

    • stan November 9, 2019

      bulls***. i recently went to see elton john (who, in case you didn’t know, has been in the business for longer than madonna has). he showed up on time and performed for close to 3 hours.

      i don’t care if you’re a new artist or a veteran. showing up HOURS late to your own gig is not acceptable.

    • Gworl Bye November 10, 2019

      Girl stfu, this scarecrow does NOTHING better than Janet. Except maybe lip syncing.

  4. K.B. November 9, 2019

    Get your acted together Grandma,remember you’re worth more dead than alive..The machine that controls you want tolerante this kind of behavior for too long.

  5. Danny Bey November 9, 2019

    Janet would never.

  6. Dc November 9, 2019

    That’s they dumb asses they know she’s not the same no more

  7. ERIC November 9, 2019

    I think it’s hilarious the way one person put it, and technically she’s right: “she didn’t come out until the next day — after midnight!” LOL

    • Only facts November 9, 2019


    • Keep Out! November 9, 2019

      If we would’ve stayed until the end of the concert, we would’ve been into the next day. The person who is suing her has a valid case.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 9, 2019

      People should be responsible for buying tickets to an artist that has done this routine for decades. Just because you buy a Madonna ticket dont make you any more special than other people who bought tickets in years prior. When u buy a ticket it is for the show regardless of when the show starts. Its like buying a greyhound bus ticket and whining about the bus being 8 hours late. Too bad. No refunds. People always have the option of not buying a Madonna ticket or driving instead of taking a greyhound bus.

      • Kurtz November 10, 2019

        That’s not quite how it works though is it?
        1) she is being paid for a job which she is failing to do correctly and just talking about politically views and singing no hits
        2) I don’t care who you think you are
        being late & rude to your fans is not acceptable
        3) she will ruin her legacy like Lauryn Hill then people won’t go her show

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

        The same goes for people who buy Lauryn Hill tickets. Why are people still buying tickets for these type of people?

        1) she is being paid to ‘perform’. No one cam dictate her performance. Dont buy tickets if u feel u will get a different show than other shows / reviews. U setting yourself up for disappointment. Accept the reality…always late and dont give a F and aint trying to put on a good show (All this is public info).

        2) A fan does not have to buy concert tickets though. Go on a date with your boo somewhere else and have a good time.

        3) Artists like Madonna and Lauryn Hill dont care about their ‘legacies’. These are bitter old women that tour as a means for easy money grabs.

        4) Nobody has to be a fan. It is a choice. If u dont like how these old b1tches roll drop them and be a fan of other artists or better yet be a fan of yourself. When u admire yourself u are the best artist.

      • D November 10, 2019

        Living in the EU, if you buy a plane ticket and the plane is late / delayed by at least 3 hours you’re entitled to money. If it’s more than 5 hours, you’re automatically entitled to €600. Greyhound is trash, but I doubt they’d be 8 hours late. Point is, time is valuable and people are entitled to compensation if the product they paid for (travel arrangements and / or entertainment) does not live up to what they were sold / promised.

      • J Hova November 10, 2019

        That’s the dumbest analogy I’ve ever heard! It actually shows how out of touch you are! Of course if you buy a ticket on Greyhound that’s supposed to depart New York at 3pm and it for no reason doesn’t leave until 11 pm… that is absolutely a time to complain. I guess you’ve never purchased a plane ticket either.??‍♂️

  8. Jaseinmpls November 9, 2019

    Pretty sure Janet Jackson has numbers and reviews that are all positive honey. This is karma and someone who is just done, she is tired and can not keep up anymore. Maybe do smaller venues in her hometown where ever that is now.. because that is so disrespectful and just tired… I am embarrassed for her… night night girl time to go to bed

  9. WRTW? November 9, 2019

    Well I guess the dementia is setting in

  10. Pat November 9, 2019

    Janet was so ahead of her time.. her classics cover current world issues. Madonna is just hopping on the trend so it’s not a natural fit for her show

    • Yolanda November 28, 2019

      Nope, it didn’t feel natural at all. Especially opening the show with a reading/quote from James Baldwin. WTF???

  11. Only facts November 9, 2019

    I’m dead.

  12. olusheyi banjo November 9, 2019

    It’s time for Madonna to retire

  13. Girl bye ? November 9, 2019

    Let’s leave Janet out of this (though I will say she wouldn’t do her fans dirty like this). Madonna isn’t the best dancer or vocalist but she is creative and has put out some nice work during her career. The issue is the disrespectful person she continues to be. She is a legend and Icon (that I don’t like but wont deny her mark on the music world), but please Madonna you’re nothing without your fans and she should offer the refund if she is a decent individual.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 9, 2019

      i agree 80 percent. I disagree with the refund part. She is ALWAYS late. That is a fact and a fact that is public information for decades now. When u buy a concert ticket u have to take responsibility for fact u cannot control the artist or audience member’s actions or time! If u are unable to accept those factors then u can and should enjoy the concert free in the comfort of your home by watching it on youtube. Buying a concert ticket does not give u the right to dictate anything, including start time. U are only entitled to a refund if the artist cancels but Madonna did not cancel here so no refund is due.

      • Sal January 2, 2020

        If she didn’t start until after midnight, we are going into the following day. So yes, the fans are entitled to a refund. Not for her being a few hours late, but technically, a DAY late, which is unacceptable. We are talking about dedicated fans who work hard and paid a lot of money to see her. I agree with you in that one cannot control the artist or the audience member’s action or time. However, Elton John, Billy Joel & Tina Turner to name a few, NEVER go out this late. For lack of a better word, it’s just “WRONG”. And a paying customer/fan has the right to be upset and ask for a refund if the ticket does not state “performance time subject to change”. It doesn’t matter that she’s known for starting late.

  14. Keep Out! November 9, 2019

    I did not enjoy this concert at all. Madonna started at 10:45 pm and we were IN THE CAR driving away at 11:40 p.m. Stated too late, too much talking, and not enough classic songs.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 9, 2019

      I could not pay me to see her in concert. Why would u want to see that? U would have has a better time taking your significant other out for drinks, dinner, and a Vegas show or treating yourself to a spa day at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas. If I were in Vegas I would choose going to the Wynn Seafood Buffet getting my eat on and then kicking it with my man in a nightclub like Tao after the food settles in.

  15. Charli Cheer Up November 10, 2019

    Gotta admire her guts at 61 to put a major midnight concert. But its gotta suck for those people who’s schedules are tight to be waiting that long.

  16. Sally November 10, 2019

    Same thing happened to me a few years ago when she came to Scotland. Waited years for her to come here, delighted when she did, I bought tickets for me and three friends (just over £1000). It was a warm summer night so we arrived at Murrayfield stadium an hour early. She kept us waiting just over 2 hours, her first words on stage were ‘Hello Mother F*ckers’. It was too late, we were all tired and exhausted and she just called us motherf*ckers. This isn’t America. Needless to say I never bought or entertained Madonna again after that. Complete disrespect for us, and it cost me a whopping grand. Never again.

    • Only facts November 10, 2019

      Wow. That’s completely unacceptable.

  17. Gworl Bye November 10, 2019

    No sympathy for them. It’s what they deserve for spending thousands of dollars on this talentless disrespectful h** just to feel important and brag to their friends that they have “tickets to see Madonna”. And she knows how stupid her fans are which is why she keeps doing it.

  18. Raymond Cuadrado November 10, 2019

    I was at Brooklyn and she was a shame. Is she purposely making her audience mad. Grow up Madge. Your audience deserves better. Remember who made you along with you. You can’t turn your back on your audience.
    I used to go to your playground. No all I have is Rain.

  19. Lourdes November 12, 2019

    I was at the Madame X sow in Chicago. Loved it .
    I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t soooooo tired. My partner fell a slot sitting up. I wish Madonna listens to her fans . The show was Great ! I got the message but it’s better delivered when someone is awoke and listening. Just saying. I still love her ?

  20. Lourdes November 12, 2019

    I was at the Madame X show in Chicago. Loved it .
    I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t soooooo tired. My partner fell a slot sitting up. I wish Madonna listens to her fans . The show was Great ! I got the message but it’s better delivered when someone is awoke and listening. Just saying. I still love her ?

  21. Russell Gamel November 18, 2019

    This was a terrible experience!! Madonna disrespects her loyal fans with her actions and lack of performance. For those of you who do not have time to read my entire review, I will only tell you not to waste your time or money on Madonna’s tour. Save your money for an actual show. This was ridiculous.

    We attended the show in Las Vegas on Nov 7 at Caesars. I wish I had read the reviews before we wasted our money.She disrespected fans in other cities prior to going to Las Vegas.
    The original show time was scheduled for 8:30pm. At some point along the way, Madonna changed the time to 10:30pm. I called the Caesar’s box office to confirm a start time. They said the doors will open at 8pm. When Madonna feels like coming out to start the show, it will begin. There was no way of knowing what the exact start time would be. They recommended showing up between 8pm – 8:30pm so we would not miss the start.
    We arrived shortly before 8:30pm as suggested. There were hundreds of people outside the doors and no sign of any progress. We waited in line. What was the delay? Madonna chose an option to ensure that no fans would have their phones available to them during the show. Every fan had to lock their phone inside a pouch so it could not be accessed until the show was over. I have never seen anything like this before.
    We entered the venue and found our seats. At about 9:30pm, quartet appeared on stage to play some musical renditions of her songs. We assumed this was to prep the crowd for her performance. Fans gave them the courtesy of some cheers and claps. They finished playing, which meant it won’t be long for Madonna to come out. We were getting excited. This was our first time to see a Madonna concert.
    The place was full of anxious fans expecting to see Madonna perform her popular music. Some of the fans traveled a long way just for this show. We came from Brazil. Others traveled from other parts of the world and obviously from other states.
    At 10:30pm, we were expecting Madonna to come out soon. The lights went off a few times and then they were turned on again. It was like a tease. We sat there for hours waiting for her to appear. People started chanting for a refund. There was booing. The time moved on to 11pm, 11:30pm, and still no Madonna. There was another couple next to us from Brazil that left before the show started. The couple to our left also decided to leave. Arguments commenced in the crowd between angry fans and loyal Madonna groupies. Lots of others left early as the time neared midnight. Finally, shortly after midnight, Madonna decided to come out on the stage. Her first music was something we never heard before. It was nothing popular or recognizable. This was the start of things to come.
    Her so-called concert became a political talk show. Madonna talked for half of the time she was on the stage. When she decided to play some music, it was nothing anyone recognized. She sang in other languages, and at one point, she had another woman singing in her place. During one of her rants, she noticed that the fans were getting anxious. People were shouting at her to shut up and play her music. Her response was to say that she is performing her midnight show just for us. We should relax, because a queen is never late. She took a Polaroid selfie on stage and reminded us that we could not not take photos or videos since our phones were being held hostage. She actually stood on the stage and auctioned off the selfie to the fans in the front section. She took $3K from a fan for her Polaroid selfie. It was not for a charity. It was for her own pocket.
    We thought about leaving when we realized she was not there to play any music.
    About 90 minutes into the show, she played a snippet of Papa Don’t Preach. We thought this would be the start of something, but it wasn’t. Then she sat down talking about about her v***** and having s**. It was incredible. She told us the shut up and open our eyes….. we do not have our phones so that she can look us in the eyes and we can be present for this fiasco.
    Madonna extended her freak show and conversation for almost 3 hours. At the end of the night, she finally played one of her hits. When the song was over, the curtain came down, and she disappeared. There was no encore. There was no mention of a thank you to the fans or a goodnight comment. She just left the stage, the curtain fell, and the Coliseum lights came on.
    I am possibly leaving out some details, but I think you can get the point of this review.

    • Yolanda November 28, 2019

      I agree with every word. You are correct. You gave a thorough and very honest review. We purchased Madonna’s tickets about 3 months in advance because we thought it would sell out quickly. First, we were told to pick up Will Call two weeks before the show. When we arrived to pick up our tickets, we were told we had to pick them up on the day of the show to avoid people selling the tickets. We were not told about the late hours, putting up our phones, having a small purse until the day before the show. I could go on…but I encourage anyone who has tickets to sell them…yes…even her diehard fans. Trust me, no one was enjoying the show.

  22. Yolanda November 28, 2019

    Her Madame X show was terrible. It was the worst show I have ever seen. All the comments are correct: too much talking, cussing, political BS, and the stage set was not great. I understand she wants to sing the songs off her Madame X album, but she also avoided her hits. When you’re a legend, you must sing your hits. Imagine Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen not singing their hits. She could’ve at least put her hits in a medley. Look at her setlist to see that I am telling the truth. She also put Vogue too early in the show. TBH, Vogue should’ve been her encore. We left after less than an hour. I see why she wanted to confiscate people’s phones, so no one could witness the horrible, horrible, show.

  23. Yolanda November 28, 2019

    Oh yeah, not only did they want to confiscate my phone but they also told me that my purse was too big and they needed to keep it until I left. Noooooooo way! We went back and put phones, bags, etc. in the car. I mean Madame X was not even a best-selling album. Her stage set had these stairs that she kept going up, down, and under. The routine made the show look messy and confusing. I wanted to yell, stand still! But, I don’t know what happened after 40 minutes because we were out of there. We chalked the lost money up to experience. Never again pay to see a legend until you see their setlist.

  24. Olrac December 1, 2019

    Madonna is a bloated, pillow-faced has-been. She’s the senior citizen version of Greta Thunberg. Being late is a distinct sign of disrespect. Her last three albums flopped spectacularly here and they couldn’t give away copies of Mdna. The brought in 1000 copies of Madame X into the country, there are 705 copies still on shelves. You do the math.

  25. Calator December 11, 2019

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