New Video: Alicia Keys – ‘Time Machine’

Published: Thursday 21st Nov 2019 by Rashad

After warming up the masses with ‘Show Me Love,’ 15-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys continues to move forward with releasing music in support of her yet-titled seventh studio album.

The latest taste comes courtesy of new solo single, ‘Time Machine.’ An experimental fusion of throwback Funk and Soul sounds, the Rob Knox-produced cut comes as a thematic successor of her 2007 hit, ‘Like You’ll Never See Me Again,’ in that it calls for living in the moment.

“No, we can’t rewind / Life ain’t no time machine,” she sings on the retro-inspired tune. “But once you free your mind, there’s beauty in everything.”

Look inside for the Los Angeles-filmed clip (which features a cameo from Tierra Whack).

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  1. Only facts November 21, 2019

    WTF is this?

    For a 15 time grammy winner she does make horrible music.

    Alicia u should be on the same level as pink.

    She fooled us with her piano playing skills that we didnt notice how weak she was as a song writer.

    This is the same thing happening with H.E.R.
    She fooling everybody with her mediocre guitar playing skills that people cant notice how mediocre her songs are.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. November 21, 2019

      @Only.. – I disagree with you about H.E.R., but I do agree about the mediocrity of this song.

    • What would Whitney do November 21, 2019

      B**** keys can write Mariah into a corner crying……rest in peace to Whitney Houston none of y’all bitchezzz. Can f*** with her….shout out to keys though Lauren is whipping her black ass…

  2. Tori November 21, 2019

    I really don’t see this doing anything…at least not as much as “Show Me Love”. That should probably be her main focus.

  3. Tyty November 21, 2019

    I can’t deal with how mediocre she has become arghh

  4. Char Johnson-Blythe November 21, 2019

    Why didn’t she just put Tierra on the song???

  5. Interac November 21, 2019

    The “out of your mind” part reminds me of solange’s song when she sings “away, away, awaaaayy”

  6. Da’Veed November 21, 2019

    You know what, she can do whatever she wants. We have “song in a minor”,(pops diary right now). She okay to me.

    • Da’Veed November 21, 2019

      How come you don’t call me, girlfriend and many more from her previous albums.

  7. biancacook November 21, 2019

    while i agree she has become so mediocre with her music, whats odd to me is how nobody notices this by beyonce because she distracts with visuals and performances that ppl just give the song credit. cuz everything after self titled suxxxx

    • Thanos of Titan November 21, 2019


  8. #TheTruth November 21, 2019

    I understand she’s accomplished a lot and she wants to do her and experiment new sounds.

    However, I feel like she’s 100% disconnected from the general public and the only people left who care are her hardcore fans.

    She hasn’t learned how to balance things out between giving people what they want and why they fell in love with her in the first place… and do her own thing and play around on album tracks or 3rd and 4th singles of an album.

    She sings with zero emotion, the piano is gone… she hasn’t done that since forever. Go back to basics Alicia, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not a step back nor a lack of evolution. Changing just for the sake of changing is lame.

  9. What would Whitney do November 21, 2019

    Alcia keys a cocaine addict..b**** we see, looks like a crack head….all that $$$$$ no makeup or hair that’s called crack…

  10. 3215 November 21, 2019

    lets let that grape juice understand that we hate the video that keeps popping out in every article in the site !!!!! No one cares about your interviews!!!!! Sooooo annoying!!!!!!!
    Any one else with this sh!th???? lets tell them MFs that they cant force us to watch their videos just for them to make money of it!!!!!

  11. eric November 21, 2019

    I actually like it.

    • Like It Really Matters November 21, 2019

      yeah idk what they’re talking about, but this is a whole vibe

  12. Kim,Keisha&Pam November 21, 2019

    I really need Monica to come back!

  13. Ropeburn November 21, 2019

    It’s missing something.

  14. JOHNVIDAL November 22, 2019

    I like it. Obviously not for big commercial purposes anymore, but like the sound and her experimentations. She is such a great artist. Real musician. And she has done more than enough big balanced quaily and commercial releases for years earlier in her career to be just who she wants to be now. She has earned the respect.

  15. Always November 23, 2019


  16. J November 24, 2019

    At this point she needs to just put the album out and move on.

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