Beyonce’s ‘Spirit’ Shortlisted For Oscar

Published: Monday 16th Dec 2019 by Sam

Beyonce is one step closer to possible Oscar glory.

As anticipation builds for the 92nd ceremony, the Academy have announced the shortlist for a number of key categories – a list which notably includes the Best Original Song.

Not to be confused with the nominations, the 15 tracks selected were picked from 75 possible songs eligible in the category.

With Bey’s ‘Lion King’ anthem ‘Spirit’ present, head below to find out which other compositions are in contention for the big win on February 9th below…


Listed below in alphabetical order by film title and song title:

“Speechless” from “Aladdin”
“Letter To My Godfather” from “The Black Godfather”
“I’m Standing With You” from “Breakthrough”
“Da Bronx” from “The Bronx USA”
“Into The Unknown” from “Frozen II”
“Stand Up” from “Harriet”
“Catchy Song” from “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part”
“Never Too Late” from “The Lion King”
“Spirit” from “The Lion King”
“Daily Battles” from “Motherless Brooklyn”
“A Glass of Soju” from “Parasite”
“(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again” from “Rocketman”
“High Above The Water” from “Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am”
“I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away” from “Toy Story 4”
“Glasgow” from “Wild Rose”


The Oscar nominations will be announced January 13th, with the ceremony itself airing February 9th live from Los Angeles. 

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  1. Just Sayin’ December 16, 2019

    She aint wining s*** watch this Bush get beaten by Frozen 2

  2. Meme December 16, 2019

    It wasn’t shortlisted. It just wasn’t noteworthy. Next

    • Meme December 16, 2019

      Oh my bad. It was shortlisted but it wouldn’t be nominated.

      • Paulo December 16, 2019

        Lol a bitter ass mess of a pressed comment. ?

      • Clarks0oñ December 16, 2019

        Damn I exposed urself as a hater

        Spirit is getting that oscar nomination, but I dont think she will win.

        Cynthia erivo may win it.
        They will compensate cynthia with a best original song oscar cause she’s not winning best actress for harriet.

  3. Nicky December 16, 2019

    Queen Tingz

  4. POPS MOTHER December 16, 2019

    This song had no impact. Nobody remembers this. Now if we’re talking about Lady Gaga & Shallow that was a moment and song that deserved all these awards PERIODT. but these 2 songs cannot be compared Gaga had a bigger impact and sold more records

    • Lanafan1 December 16, 2019

      I hear it played in stores! Sooooo

    • Miss salt gawl December 17, 2019

      I’m sorry but shallow was so white. Of course it’ll have a bigger impact. I’m good you can keep that bland song. .

  5. Kerry Johnson December 16, 2019

    Lol ? just throw the whole era away!!!! She really needs to move on from this project, it ain’t helping her so called legacy what so ever lol. Nobody cares about that project and her acting ability for the movie sucked. All I can say is God is good with this call….. yea I said it

    • Diabetes Unbothered December 16, 2019

      Your just a HATER. bey didn’t use a stunt double playing in this movie like she did in Obsession or how Will Smith did in Gemini, bey did all the fighting scenes in lion King without using any stunt doubles. She’ll win an Oscar for sure. Lion King was 100% LIVE ACTION and it too will win an Oscar for best picture. It’s one of the most successful movies of all time and bey is mostly responsible for all it’s success

      • Gworl Bye December 17, 2019

        Lol who told you that, Santa Claus or the tooth fairy?

  6. Oh plz December 16, 2019

    Fingers crossed Bey?..the song and movie were both hot messes, but I stan you so I’m prayin this loser becomes a winner.

  7. Diabetes Unbothered December 16, 2019

    I think Bey should win not one but 2 OSCARs next year cuz beys performance as Nala was out standing. She even lost 20 pounds just to be able to fit into that specially designed Lion’s Outfit and showed so much conviction as the Queen of Pride Rock. Seems Bey plays a Queen in every movie she’s been in. This nomination will make up for the time she got snubbed for her staring role in obsession, she was the main person carrying the whole movie just like she did in lion King and on the Soundtrack as well where she wrote every song and wrote and composed and engineered and produced the entire album. Bey should perform Spirit at the Oscars to coincide with her first Oscar win. Omg I’m crying right now. Bey finally bought to In that OSCAR! This has been my life long dream for decades. Bey already in the top 5 most successful female entertainers of all time, this Oscar win and B#7 will put her at #1.

    • FMcL December 16, 2019

      You not what, let me just leave…

    • FMcL December 16, 2019

      You know what, let me just leave…

    • Gworl Bye December 17, 2019

      Lmao girl please, what planet do you live on,cuz it damn sure ain’t Earth.

  8. pat December 16, 2019

    rocketman or frozen will take it

  9. Louisiana. K.B December 16, 2019

    I love B, but she will not win….

  10. Kerry Johnson December 16, 2019

    Taylor Swift ended Beyonce !!!!!

    • Diabetes Unbothered December 16, 2019

      Taylor’s sells are declining. Lemonade and reputation sold the same amount and lover FLOPPED. B#7 will end Taylor

      • Gworl Bye December 17, 2019

        If lover flopped, what do you call lion king: the gift? Lol just shut up and stop talking please.???

    • Diabetes Unbothered December 16, 2019

      Taylor Swift is LOCAL, 90% of sales come from US lol

      • HavanaONana December 17, 2019

        Bish in China alone Lover sold 1 million copies

        Wtf are I talking about
        And by the way I love Bey but this is not the Fair comparison For Bey

        Adele and Taylor always outsell her

        Let’s just stick to Rihanna Vs Beyonce Vs Ciara

      • Gworl Bye December 17, 2019

        Beyonce only sold 949 copies of her last album in the UK, so where are her sales coming from?

  11. June Nelson December 16, 2019

    Fozen or Rocket Man as they love that ugly f** EJ

  12. Keith December 16, 2019

    I believe she will be nominated, but not a strong contender. She knows that, just playing the game….

  13. Rashad December 16, 2019

    Love Bey but no. This song did nothing to add to the movie and had zero cultural impact like Shallow, Again, You Must Love Me or My Heart Will Go On. This is all hype bc she’s Beyonce and not about the quality of the song

  14. HavanaONana December 17, 2019

    Bey only sold 13k in a week

    She’s done

    She needs to reinvent herself

    • Normani. December 17, 2019

      clarkcoon shut up

  15. OOPS December 17, 2019

    “Stand Up” from “Harriet” will win both Golden Globe and Oscar. NO DOUBT

  16. melinda December 17, 2019

    i hope not because she aint a thing imho . overrated artist

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