Stream: Camila Cabello’s Sophomore Album ‘Romance’

Published: Friday 6th Dec 2019 by Rashad

After months of teasing and promotion via the release of a number of its tracks (see:  ‘Shameless,’ ‘Liar,’ ‘Senorita,’ ‘Easy,’ ‘Living Proof,’ and more), Camila Cabello has finally unleashed her long-awaited sophomore LP, ‘Romance.’

Much like its predecessor, her chart-topping self-titled debut album, the project is filled with radio-friendly Pop that is colored with elements of Rock, Latin, and Dance fusions – a kaleidoscope of sounds that easily makes the 22-year-old one of the most sonically versatile in her class of Pop stars.  Despite that critical acclaim, the contents of ‘Romance’ – unlike that of ‘Camila’ (the album) – have not gotten much love on the Billboard Hot 100.

Failing to crack the top 50 with any of its singles (barring the Shawn Mendes-led ‘Senorita’), the lack of buzz for the opus could certainly spell worrying for its first week sales.  Will a listen to the effort in full save Cabello from the dreaded sophomore slump?

Listen inside and tell us:


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  1. Jasmine December 6, 2019


    • Jasmine Monet December 6, 2019

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      • Jasmine December 6, 2019

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      • Jasmine Monet December 6, 2019

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  2. Jasmine Monet December 6, 2019

    Is Camilla trying to tell the world something with this cover? The background image has 2 lesbian couples and 1 straight couple. I wonder if Camilla is lesbian?

    • Jasmine Monet December 6, 2019

      Actually on closer look ALL those people in the background image GAY. I wonder if Camilla is a lesbian.

      • K_man December 6, 2019

        Somewhere in the front of the camera Shawn Mendes is like “Yyyaass Queen… I mean yes mama”

      • Jasmine Monet December 6, 2019


  3. Kim,Keisha&Pam December 6, 2019


  4. WhasMyName December 6, 2019

    Uhhh…this album is actually let decent. Living Proof is a complete vibe.

  5. Barb-wire/ thee Stallion Hottie December 6, 2019

    Why bother? No one listened to Toucan Sam. Flop.

  6. Clarkso00n December 6, 2019

    The owner of this blog is a hater

    U will eat ur words.

    This album is coming for a top 10 debut and may hit number 1.

    U think just because an album doesnt have many hits, the album wont top the charts? It shows u dont know shìt about music

    Lana del Rey’s doesnt have any billboard hits on her albums but she still top the chart with the album. Same with celine, logic, kesha etc.

  7. Clarkso00n December 6, 2019

    The song with da baby is average, I have to admit.

    The entire album is fire.

  8. Abel December 6, 2019

    F****** boring…couldn’t stand the snippets

  9. Only facts December 6, 2019

    LOL ???

  10. Only facts December 6, 2019

    Sophomore slump here we go ???

    • Clarkso00n December 6, 2019

      Remember these

      Only FactsSeptember 11, 2019

      Dear That Grape Juice Staff,

      Please begin monitoring and blocking comments. The hate that is spread in the comment sections on this site is honestly like nothing I’ve seen before and the common denominator is the Clarkson person.

      This site needs to have a moderator who approves comments before they are posted. But to have a poster like this Clarkson individual is not only driving the site’s reputation down, but is also promoting hate.

      One of the respectable commenters

      Ur such a loser
      I always win u in an argument. Lol

      U said her album was getting shelved cause epic didnt have any money.
      But here we are today, romance is number 1 in 40 different countries including us and UK and Canada

      Ur a clown

  11. Clarkso00n December 6, 2019

    Remember these

    Only Facts
    September 17, 2019

    Your fave is about to get dropped. The press conference about Epic disassembling due to financial hardship is set for the end of the month. Your girl is going to get dropped

  12. Clarkso00n December 6, 2019

    Remember these

    Only Facts
    September 17, 2019

    Epic records is about to disassemble due to financial hardship and Camila is about to be dropped. Congrats on failing to save the record label from going broke? 

    Only Facts
    September 17, 2019

    Look at the stats. Nobody on epic records is doing well. They haven’t broken even in 3 years. Hundreds of artists on its current roster? Try about 30. They’re going broke allegedly. Just wait and see. Camila is over.

    Only FactsSeptember 17, 2019

    Epic records is about to disassemble due to financial hardship. They were relying on Camila to make them money but it didn’t work. She’s about to flop. Get ready. This was supposed to be her “teenage dream” with 5 #1 hits right?

    A clown who spreads fake news

  13. Queen Nicki Minaj December 6, 2019

    Queen Camila is slaying!!!!

  14. Danny Bey December 6, 2019

    Clarkson really need a life. He out here Saving and pulling out quotes from users dragging Camel Toe from months ago. You need some d*ck sis. Or a job ???

    • Clarkso00n December 6, 2019

      U hate it cause I’m giving u receipts

  15. only facts December 6, 2019

    Return to sender, por favor.

  16. Camila Cabello December 6, 2019

    Thank you for all your love

  17. High Price December 6, 2019

    Lol this is about to be interesting lol. Can’t wait for the protections ?

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