Allison Janney: “Beyonce & Jay-Z Are Like America’s Royal Family”

Published: Saturday 18th Jan 2020 by Sam

Allison Janney is a proud member of The BeyHive!

That Grape Juice caught up with the Oscar winner to talk about new movie ‘Troop Zero’ – which she stars in alongside Viola Davis.

Chopping it up with TGJ’s Patrick Buchanan, the comic shares that she feels Queen Bey and Jay-Z are “like the Royal Family in the States.” She also opened up about the Amazon Studios movie that’s receiving rave reviews.

Check out the interview above and let us know if you agree below..

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  1. Cûûmila Cebolla January 18, 2020

    Please don’t ever compare these two to actual royal families. They are anything but.

    • Are You Kidding Me? January 18, 2020

      You mean the White people who engaged in incest to “keep the bloodline pure”?
      You mean the White people whose castles were built by slaves? (We built the pyramids too, not aliens, but that was in Kemetic times)
      You mean the White people who are like Killary Clinton and all their enemies end up dead or missing?
      You mean the White people who are involved with human trafficking and creepy rituals?

      Say what you want but Beyonce does work hard and is talented and her vocals improved through the years (her music is not for everyone), Jay Z…even his body is lazy and sloppy.

      I’d rather it were Black people than the mediocres you uplift who are begging for streams. #STREAMTHEBOXRODDYRICH

      • Cûûmila Cebolla January 18, 2020

        What does any of this have to do with white vs black?! You do understand there have been black kingdoms in Africa as well? Dear god please read a book

      • Stop January 19, 2020

        You are delusional AF….

  2. Xtina4life January 18, 2020

    What is she smoking and why she kissing their a***. Really America’s Royal Family says who? God people really put them 2 up their don’t they.

  3. Are You Kidding Me? January 18, 2020

    Clearly Cûûmila Cebolla is one of those fake woke people. I literally mentioned “Kemetic times” which if you ACTUALLY had read a book, you’d know was the time of the Egyptians. They didn’t call themselves Egyptians, so I gave them respect and called them by their OWN given names. Just like how Native Americans don’t call themselves that. They’re whatever Indigenous tribe they’re from.
    Unlike people who get their info from Instagram, I know about the Kushite and Negus Kingdoms, so do not ever try to come for me when it comes to Black History before slavery.

    Beyonce’s famous because she worked hard. Kelly originally was the best vocalist and today Kelly could NOT pull off Listen or Love on Top. Michelle might be able to with difficulty. Her vocals have steadily improved while Kelly’s performances leave much to be desired. Michelle is more conservative. Beyonce doesn’t get on stage and lazily walk around. Even if you don’t like the song, you can be entertained. She works very hard to perfect her craft and it shows. Royals are born into it. So yes, working hard cannot be downgraded to being born into being incestuous and snobby. Nobody can help what family they’re born into, it’s the life you make for yourself that matters.

    • Cûûmila Cebolla January 19, 2020

      All that essay for a dumb whöre called Beyoncé lmaooooo

      She and Jay will NEVER be royalty. Get over it, shîthive 😂😂😂

    • 4U2SEE January 19, 2020

      Little brain head, think please and research before you go an spew nonsense. Anyone, I mean anyone would work like you say “as hard as Beyonce” If their father like (mathew) knowles knew the resources to get a PR team. Get their daughter optimized into the world wide web downs peoples throat from marketing (mathew’s career) Create a class and mass for it, then why should she not work ” hard” after no worries of continuous offers. Also, you didn’t research from VLAD mathew admit that he could be gangsta into getting done…….their way. Why NOT….take the easy route like Beyonce. GO into your hive and stop smelling yourself.

      • Cûûmila Cebolla January 19, 2020

        Beyoncé is a fat and very ugly flop who will never be considered royalty 😘

      • Are You Kidding Me? January 20, 2020

        Way to make multiple accounts to insult me. Notice how you overlooked your ignorance because you were called out. You’re here to make trouble and not worth replying to.

  4. Are You Kidding Me? January 18, 2020

    People let Trump represent them, but Beyonce being part “America’s Royal Family” is so bothersome. I haven’t listened to any of Beyonce’s recent albums, but her own fans call her Queen, so it’s not too far off. She’s a fan. Let her be afan.

    • Cûûmila Cebolla January 19, 2020

      Only dumb americans who live on food stamps and EBT cards would call Beyoncé their queen lmaooo

      • Uni29 January 19, 2020

        Did you even bother to watch the video? A very rich white American women who happens to be a Oscar winner and phenomenal actress just called Beyonce royalty. 🤔 At some point the hate has to be tiresome. 🤦🏼‍♂️

      • Cûûmila Cebolla January 19, 2020

        And she’s one of them. Your point?

  5. Keisha January 18, 2020

    She’s a Delusional idiot

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. January 18, 2020

      @Keisha – I agree.

  6. biancacook January 18, 2020

    im really starting to think beyonce really is casting spells in her productions. she’s a great performer and talented singer but thats it. i just don’t get the obsession.

  7. Dc January 18, 2020

    They think they are

  8. Gworl Bye January 18, 2020

    Lmao. Literally nobody thinks those two clowns are America’s Royal family.

  9. PinotNoir January 18, 2020

    White guilt trying to be hip.

  10. Rashad January 19, 2020

    Yeah no. I love Bey but true is too much hype. I don’t even think of her as big of a star as peak Whitney/Mariah/Madonna/Janet. Bey and Gaga are talented for sure but not the trailblazers the 90s divas were

  11. Stop January 19, 2020

    Beyone and Jay-z are garbage.

  12. Nakiyah Laney January 19, 2020

    Royal family my black ass

  13. Nimi January 20, 2020

    All the hatefull comments here is why we go hard for Beyonce’ and Jay Z. The Carters do the good work without expecting anything in return, they don’t even see the you haters. Yes they are American Royals, not by birth but by hardwork. Haters can eat dust if they are pained.

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