Beyoncé is Now a 24-Time Grammy Winner / Edges Closer to Tying All-Time Record Among Women

Published: Sunday 26th Jan 2020 by Rashad

Alison Krauss may reign as the Queen of the Grammys with a whopping 27 wins over her 30-year career (the most of any female act), but – thanks to 4 nominations at the 62nd annual Grammys Awards (January 26) – another music Queen entered the night as a threat to that throne:  Beyoncé .

Grabbing nods in BEST POP SOLO PERFORMANCE (“Spirit”), BEST POP VOCAL ALBUM (“The Lion King: The Gift”), BEST SONG WRITTEN FOR VISUAL MEDIA (“Spirit”), and BEST MUSIC FILM (“Homecoming”) categories, the 38-year-old – already the event’s most nominated female performer ever – stood to tie Krauss’ winning record if she took home each of the trophies she was up for at the 2020 ceremony.

However, much to the dismay of her faithful fan base (the #Beyhive), Bey fell short on the challenge as her last category has been called.  All’s not lost, though.

Find out which award the ‘Formation’ singer’s adding to her mantle:

Although in Los Angeles Grammy weekend, the diva was not on hand to accept the BEST MUSIC FILM (“Homecoming”) award when it was presented during the ceremony’s pre-show telecast.

Marking the 24th Golden gramophone win of her career, the victory extends her lead among Pop and R&B female singers but still leaves her 3 shy of tying the all-time record among women.

However, as mentioned above, she still remains the event’s most nominated female act (with a whopping 70 career nods to her name as of time reported).

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  1. Just Sayin’ January 26, 2020

    Y’all mad as hell the y’all Queen Bey was beaten out by that beached whale Lizzo for best pop solo.

  2. Shayla Queen January 26, 2020

    Beyoncé will never win another Grammy.

    She will also never have another #1 album.

    No shade, it’s just over for her. This time comes for every artist at some point in their careers.

    • Music lover January 26, 2020

      U mean like one she won tonight?

    • K_man January 27, 2020

      Beyonce still have a chance. But That’s how I feel about Madonna, it’s over for her!

      • XYZ January 27, 2020

        Madonna is definitely over. Even her Hardcore fans are not celebrating her like they used to.

        As for Beyonce, she’ll do fine. But in my honest opinion, she needs to step her game up for the next records, cause her last songs were supbar at best and I doubt she will surviving the next two or three records based on her legacy only.

  3. Jasmine The Goat 🐐 of The GrapeJuice.Net January 26, 2020

    No one cares about Grammy Awards it’s 2020 not the 90s, I guarantee 20 years from now No one will even attend the Award Show. TV 📺 and Technology has changed, and people have realized you don’t need awards to have a Successful Music Career

    • You Tried January 27, 2020

      But y’all always bring up Nicki not having one from this biased awards committee

  4. Jay January 26, 2020

    So tf what. The Underdogs shined tonight!

  5. Clarks0oñ January 26, 2020

    Most of those Grammys she didnt deserve.

    • Shayla Queen January 26, 2020

      Normani thinks she’s about to take her spot 🤣

    • what would whitney do January 27, 2020

      she cant sing like Whitney houston…those grammy are not deserved…..if yall muther fuckers wasnt f****** with whitney when she had a simple sore throat…cissy would have slapped the s*** out of whitney and there would be no beyonce..

      rest in peace….Whitney cause that b**** still not you.. hunny….

  6. CDW January 26, 2020

    She will pass the record. It’s already happening..

    Next album will have her tie the record…

    A collab or something she does for another film will push her over the record.

    It’s bound to happen. Who ever doesn’t like to, might as well come to terms w it now…

  7. Queen Nicki Minaj January 26, 2020


    Congrats Lizzo the Queen of tonight’s Grammy

    Lizzo beats Beyonce tonight

    • I’m back January 26, 2020

      Actually Billie is the Queen tonight H0£!

  8. Paulo January 26, 2020

    What matters is La Rosalia ended Crowmila tonight at the Grammys

  9. King Khia January 26, 2020

    Rest In Power, Kobe!!!

  10. Cûûmila Cebolla January 27, 2020

    Well I hope sacrificing Kobe and his child was worth the Grammy…

    • You Tried January 27, 2020

      You’re a sick vile evil person. You are doomed. How dare you spit that disgusting bile from your demented brain you imbecile! Karma will surely take care of you. You’re probably already dealing with debt among other things.

  11. BloatedBeyhocne January 27, 2020

    Sick of Beyonce being nominated and she still won one, clearly she pays for them. Money talks. Spirit was one of the worst albums of the year, yet nominated and an epic body of work Caution by Mariah is snubbed, I think the Grammys have become hype either you buy them or they award the most popular and young artists. Ariana deserved at least two.

    • You Tried January 27, 2020

      She paid for this but not to have album of the year. Try to make sense, ok?

    • King January 29, 2020

      You know Spirit wasn’t an album though right lol?

  12. Alex January 27, 2020

    Y’all hate to see it huh?? Lmao! Guess what? Bey STILL WON and will continue to do so. Who gone stop her?? What y’all gone do when she breaks the record? Like i thought! Lmao!

    • Cûûmila Cebolla January 27, 2020

      But will she EVER win one of the categories that actually matter? 😢 #FLOP #WashedUp

      • Alex January 27, 2020

        How many Grammys does your fave have?? Don’t answer that, since she has more than YOUR FAVE. ALL Grammys matter. Many people don’t have any and WILL NEVER have any. Just remain salty cuz she’s NOT taking her foot off your talentless faves NECK!! Lmao!!

      • Anne January 27, 2020

        “Single Ladies” won Song of the Year, which is something that I a lot of huge artists have never won and is certainly a category that matters. That along with the huge total of 24 puts her ahead of her peers, only a matter of time before she breaks the record.

  13. Kevon January 27, 2020

    Paid for in advance

  14. Anne January 27, 2020

    24 Grammys…wow, so happy for her…well deserved!

  15. what would whitney do January 27, 2020

    if Whitney Houston was still alive there would be no beyonce …in 2020…

    • what would whitney do January 27, 2020

      and really/

      Whitney was killed…lord knows who drowned her to death.

      she was drowned in the tub.. like her lil girl. you keep glossing over her murder just to award beyonce who never had the tears and passion like whitney the voice but she is a biig winner and cant sing like whitney ..that was such an insult to whitney houston…

      • You Tried January 27, 2020

        You are mentally unstable and clearly English isn’t your first language

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