New Song: Dua Lipa – ‘Physical’

Published: Thursday 30th Jan 2020 by Sam

Dua Lipa is strutting on full steam to the April 3rd release of sophomore album ‘Future Nostalgia.’

To turbo-charge its chances of success, the two-time GRAMMY winner has unleashed its latest single ‘Physical.’

A high-octane synth-Pop bop, the track ups the ante set by lead ‘Don’t Start Now’ and makes Lipa’s sonic agenda with the project potently clear: she’s reaching into the past and fusing the funk of the 70s and 80s with contemporary sounds.

Listen after the jump…

Dua is two for two! ‘Physical’ is dynamite!

With its heavy 80s influence, it’s unapologetic, gutsy, and bold in an era that’s very much defined by introspective sounds and lyrics.

A move we love, but one that is risqué. Because, it could – on one hand – set her apart from the pack and revitalise the scene at large in a super interesting way. Or it could ostracise her, which may prove problematic at this all-important sophomore stage.

Here’s hoping the outcome is favorable, because the song itself is deserving.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson January 30, 2020

    I dont know
    I didnt like dont start now when it was released but now I love it.

    I’m not sure about this one.
    May be it’s a grower.

    Everybody is praising her right now as if she invented pop music.

    This sounds very retro like the weeknd blinding lights.
    Retro beats may be the sound of 2020.

    • Only Facts January 30, 2020

      STFU. Nobody cares what the hell you have to say.

      • Missy January 30, 2020

        but you replied to the comment so clearly you care to

      • Clarkson January 30, 2020

        Gurl u said u are done with this blog, u said u were gonna stop visiting this log, so why are u still here? A stupid rat clown


        I said what I said. it ain’t changing over here. Go play in traffic

      • Only Facts January 30, 2020

        Once again, spreading lies. You never told me when I asked if it hurt when you fell from your moms ? and into the toilet you piece of s***

      • Clarkson January 30, 2020

        Gurl u have said it several time, u are done with this blog.
        U even encouraged people on this blog to stop visiting this blog and to start visiting r.a.p dot com
        Dont even deny it. Rat
        U should drink acid so the world can have one less rat in the world.

  2. Only Facts January 30, 2020

    A bop!!!!!!! Save pop music dua!!!!

    • Clarkson January 30, 2020

      The question u rat should be asking is how will flopmani survive?

      Look at all the girls releasing music, videos, albums while normani is hiding cause she scared, she knows she’s gonna flop hard. Lol. All that hype and still motivation video is stuck at 82 million views on YouTube.
      Diamonds didnt chart but according to predictions megan thee stallion new song bìtch is gonna chart next week. A clear sign that people are checking for megan and not normani.
      January has ended and ur faves hasn’t appeared on the chart since November 2019.

      • Doll Domination January 30, 2020

        If u can survive still (why god???)
        Then everyone else can survive!!!

  3. Paulo January 30, 2020

    I dunno if I’m into the lyrics but on first listen I like the song! Come on Dua! ?

  4. AJ January 30, 2020

    This ain’t it Duala Peep

    • Only Facts January 30, 2020


  5. Erica January 30, 2020

    She’s going to be the the rearrange the pop sound & start a new wave!! All her music been different from others but also it’s really good!

  6. Clarkson January 30, 2020

    A person commented that this song sound likes pattie labelle song new attitude and now Im hearing it . Very similar

    The white girls have started stealing from black women again in 2020.

  7. Fancy BISH January 31, 2020

    A BOP ? Dua ain’t playing games! ??

  8. Rashad January 31, 2020

    Bop. Very Kylie Minogue but a bop
    None the less. I’m tired of the minimal production ish that Selena, Bieber and others have been giving us. I’m all about the Madonna confessions/Gaga Fame/Kylie Fever/Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad dance pop sound for pop music in general

  9. Jennifer January 31, 2020

    I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. I use to go to the clubs and dance the night away. I also used to he a mobile DJ. I love….no, LOVE Dua and her music. Obviously she’s found her niche with dance music. She is perfect for the next Queen of Dance music!!!
    Oh I hope Dua keeps Dua’ing what she’s been Doing!!
    Baby Keep on dancing like you don’t have a choice…..!!!

  10. POPS MUVA January 31, 2020

    I have to give her a lot of credit and respect for what she’s doing. Don’t Start Now grew on me and now I love it. Her song Future Nostalgia is nice too and the sound of this one is very different and deserves a lot of credit. On a commercial note I do not know.. idk the lyrics aren’t making me get into it. I will give it a few spins but Dua has been releasing great POP music which is nothing like the radio.

  11. PinotNoir January 31, 2020

    Now I know what the issue is! Not her music (it’s actually good). Blonde just doesn’t suit her. #LookAtKaty

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