Nicki Minaj Rocks Spotify Chart With 8.3 Million Streams…In One Day

Published: Monday 6th Jan 2020 by David

If the first week of the New Year is any indication of how Nicki Minaj will fare moving forward she and her fans have very little to worry about.

Hit the link below to find out how the rapper extended her lead as the highest-streamed femcee in Pop history…

On January 3rd, the rapper’s music was streamed 8.3 million times on Spotify alone despite the fact that she hasn’t released a studio album since the August of 2018.

Fuelling her Herculean numbers? The same group of fans who handed her a new British chart record.

For, she is now the eleventh highest-selling female artist in the United Kingdom with 14 million units sold in the market to date.


Minaj’s next album campaign will be launched in collaboration with her new manager Irving Azoff who will invite the world into their’s with keynote conversation at the Pollstar Live Conference on February 4th.

Hit this link to learn more about the event.




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  1. Chalderon_Hott January 6, 2020


    • Emma frost January 6, 2020

      I do and apparently you do also, you clicked on the article then proceed to input your little 2 cents.

      • Loyal49erGirl January 7, 2020

        Facts…..all these people that try and act like they hate Nicki, they the ones on the low low stalking her pages and liking all her pics!!!

  2. Rih4Life January 6, 2020

    Only because of TUSA. Karol Gs impact

    • Javis January 6, 2020

      No dumbass they both did there job

  3. Clarks0oñ January 6, 2020

    I will leave this right here

    Most Listened To Female Artists on Spotify (Monthly)

    #1 – Ariana Grande – 63,003,000
    #2 – Camila Cabello – 59,131,654
    #3 – Billie Eilish – 54,137,380

    They hate to see it

    • ME YOU US January 6, 2020

      Dummy those numbers are monthly this post says one multiply that number times 30 dummy..

  4. Clarks0oñ January 6, 2020

    Top 5 most listened to artists in the world on Spotify:

    #1 – @edsheeran
    #2 – @ArianaGrande
    #3 – @Camila_Cabello
    #4 – @PostMalone
    #5 – @justinbieber

    Thought you guys cancelled Camila? Clowns

    They hate to see it

    • I’m back January 6, 2020

      Girl stfu she is canceled, just like that tour she can’t sell. And you’re the only clown ? on this blog. Get a job already loser!!

  5. Yep January 6, 2020


  6. Clarks0oñ January 6, 2020

    Nobody in America is checking for nicki minaj

    Tusa, spotify updates
    Global- number 4
    America- 78

    Americans hates nicki minaj.
    She is over.

    • Javis January 6, 2020

      Stay pressed while The Queen of Rap continues wearing her ? #QueenMinaj!

    • Emma frost January 6, 2020

      was anybody ever checking for you? that’s the real ki

    • Loyal49erGirl January 7, 2020

      B**** s*** down and shut the F*$% up, and get the F*$% off of any comments about Nicki!

  7. Only facts January 6, 2020


    Okay? Nobody cares about Nicki in 2020

    • Javis January 6, 2020

      Okay then bye h**

  8. Urg January 6, 2020

    No one cares about this has been. This aint 2009!

    • Javis January 6, 2020

      But your Bot ass here hating tho?

    • Emma frost January 6, 2020

      the receipts determined your statement to be fake news, she’s still the queen. still the highest selling female rapper.

  9. Brodie Brim January 6, 2020


  10. kiki January 6, 2020

    this is some dumb news
    niki must have one of your guys on payroll to make these pointless stories!

    • Javis January 6, 2020

      Y’all pressed lmao WE LUV TO SEE THE PAYOLANEERS ?????

  11. Chica January 6, 2020

    Fake news

    • Emma frost January 6, 2020

      how? and where is your proof?

  12. Dc January 6, 2020

    Washed up

  13. POPS MOTHER January 6, 2020

    yes she hasn’t released any new SOLO material from herself but this streaming is due to KAROL G’s collab TUSA not because of anything else in her discography. we legit are not checking for her besides her fans who clearly only support her on twitter and IG where it counts the least.

    • January 6, 2020

      Fool, we already know that y’ll don’t check for her this an’t new, it has always been like this where the only people who cared for Nicki is her fans and yet she accomplished all these great feets, imagine if yall hating @sses cared for her. anyways it’s all good,she and her fans are good here.

  14. Kenny January 6, 2020

    That music ain’t coming out unless I say so

  15. J The Goat ? of The GrapeJuice.Net January 6, 2020

    The Nicki Minaj hate train is still upset , if you don’t like someone stop checking on their POST

  16. Cardin is Queen January 6, 2020

    Thanks to trey songz bottoms up record that song is on everyone New Years play list

    • Jen January 6, 2020

      Then wouldn’t Trey be on the list? ????????

      • January 6, 2020

        Lol, exactly, these hating fools keep shooting there selves in the leg.

  17. Trey January 6, 2020

    Nobody care but non DOUCHING bottoms and fat bald fish and ts Madison musty ass

    • James January 6, 2020

      Ur mama and the world loves some nicki #stillbreakingrecords #diehatinghaha

  18. James January 6, 2020

    Ur mam and the world

  19. Nicholei Sinclair January 6, 2020

    She honestly deserves this! I love nicki

  20. PinotNoir January 7, 2020

    Today, I realized that …

    I like her BALLADS better.

    Come See About Me is ?

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