Justin Bieber Unveils ‘Changes’ Album Tracklist (ft. Travis Scott, Post Malone, Kehlani, Summer Walker, & More)

Published: Wednesday 5th Feb 2020 by Sam

Justin Bieber has called in the cavalry for new album ‘Changes.’

Due in stores and on streaming platforms Feb 14th, the set is preceded by single ‘Yummy’ – which hit #2 on the Hot 100 and recently spawned a remix featuring Summer Walker. 

And there are more collaborations on the way.

JB just unzipped the tracklist for the LP – which is comprised of 17 songs – and it features appearances from Travis Scott, Post Malone, Quavo, and tour mate Kehlani,

Check it out below…

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My new album #Changes out Feb 14. #9days. Here’s the tracklisting. @spotify

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1. All Around Me
2. Habitual
3. Come Around Me
4. Intentions (ft. Quavo)
5. Yummy
6. Available
7. Forever (ft. Post Malone & Clever)
8. Running Over (ft. Lil Dicky)
9. Take It Out On Me
10. Second Emotion (ft. Travis Scott)
11. Get Me (ft. Kehlani)
12. ETA
13. Changes
14. Confirmation
15. That’s What Love Is
16. At Least For Now
17. Yummy Remix (ft. Summer Walker)

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0oñ February 5, 2020

    Do people still care?
    That lead single ruined the anticipation for the album
    Yummy is so childish and silly.
    That his song with kelhani is doing badly also.

    He would do numbers first week, but they will be dissappionting for an artist like justin bieber calibre.

    • ??? February 5, 2020

      lmaoo you would know, since your fave camiltoe flopped right off the planet in her second week even with ticket bundles, youre an expert on flops now lmfaooooooooooo

      • Clarks0oñ February 5, 2020

        I’m tired of repeating my self

        Certified gold. 600k sold so far
        1.8 billion streams so far.

      • only facts February 5, 2020

        @ ??? ignore that inbred troll. It repeats itself trying to convince itself that Canola Oil is something special when she’s not. Take away “Senorita” and how many streams and certifications are left? LOL. Let that idiot talk to itself. Canola will ruin herself in due course. You never win when you play dirty 😉

      • Clarks0oñ February 5, 2020

        Take away seniorita and the album will have 750 million streams

        Take away love lies and dancing with a stranger from normani’s discography and her most streamed song will be motivation 150 million streams.

        Stupid rat.
        U will cry when my oh my hit the top 10

        Let me start guessing all the trash u will say

        Its da baby impact
        Fake streams
        Can she get a solo top 10
        She sucked da baby’s dìck to get a hit

        What a pathetic worthless loser.

      • only facts February 5, 2020

        @ ??? this is why I don’t engage with this loser. If Canola oil had star power, why did none of her solo singles from this album hit the top 40? If she has start power, why is it that she only charts when she has a male feature? LOL. Even “Never Be The Same” didn’t hit the top 10 until she did a remix with Kane Brown. And the nerve of her to think she can pull off s*xy? Like another commenter said on here, she looks like Chuckie Cheese himself. Bless her lonesome heart, and the heart of her one rabid fan.

      • Clarks0oñ February 5, 2020

        Here we go again.
        The same argument u had in 2019 ,ur still having it in 2020 .

        U are delusional as hell.

        Motivation had a remix with 21 savage and is still didnt go anywhere.

        Never be the same outpeaked normani’s entire discography .

        After all the hype and free promo motivation got is still couldn’t hit the top 20.
        Imagine if no celebrity posted about motivation, that song wouldn’t have charted.

        If motivation didnt have any industry support it wouldn’t have charted just like waves.

        After all the support motivation still has 150 million streams, while liar, a flop has 217 million streams

        My oh my has 140 million streams and will soon overtake motivation, this is a song with no music video, no hype, no promo, only 1 live performance.

        dont worry keep clinging on to a song that peaked at number 33. ?????

        Normani will never have 1 last top 10 hit if she’s lucky and that will be the end of her.

      • Bogus February 6, 2020

        And Clarksoooon which show of Camilas did you buy a ticket too? Cause it’s not doing well

    • Fancy BISH February 5, 2020

      Girl, SHUT UP! Camila’s wack asss ERA lol…damn, go save for a cheap ticket, stream, merch it out, and do everything for your fave! But, I know you’re already over it…clearly, she is too ? ? JB’s eras match, and you know it…damn, Camila was just in high school outfits performing My Oh My, now she’s mobbin lol…before, she looked like a fragrance commercial…don’t get me started on that Liar video…all in one era…no confidence, no focus, no clear direction, throwing everything at THAT wall, mismatched as hell ? When someone says Madame X, you KNOW you see a clear direction in your head, regardless…Jonas Brothers era…The Weeknd’s new era…JB’s new era…Selena…Taylor….cause it matches, bish! ? There’s a way to do it…you tried to come for Billie lol…she MATCHING, HOEE! ?

      • only facts February 5, 2020

        “Camila was just in high school outfits performing My Oh My, now she’s mobbing” LOL! This took me ALLLL the way OUT! HA!

      • Clarks0oñ February 5, 2020

        Liar- 217 million streams
        Motivation- 150 million streams
        After all the hype and free promo from everybody in the industry
        Let’s not forget motivation had a remix with 21 savage but still the song flopped

        If motivation didnt get any industry support it eont have charted just like waves, diamonds and bad to u and checklist, and slow down.

        How many flops has miss normani released

        Camila released flop (omg, crying in the club both charted and have hundreds of millions of streams today) at the beginning of her career but she eventually scored havana and never be the same.
        No hype, no industry support.
        Havana debuted at number 99.

        When will normani score a solo top 10 hit
        When will normani score a number one

        How many flops does it take. We are tired

  2. only facts February 5, 2020

    Nobody cares. And why do ALL of Justin Bieber’s album covers SUCK? Literally ALL of them suck. This one might just be the worst of them all though.

    • LOL February 5, 2020

      You worry about No-money’s ghetto single covers. She looks like a poor mans Beyonce but Blue Ivy and the twins still won’t buy/stream her….lol

  3. Jason February 5, 2020

    He LOVES clinging to black artists to make him look better! ?

  4. Def Jam February 5, 2020

    Justin Bieber is heading for his SEVENTH #1 Billboard 200 album at the age of only 25 years old with the highly anticipated Changes. The follow up to the 8 million selling Purpose (and still selling) which produced THREE HOT 100 #1 songs. Def Jam has also received word from Forbes Magazine that the Prince of Pop has shattered Youtube records with his hit doc-series: Seasons:

    “The first episode of the rather anticipated YouTube docu-series Justin Bieber: Seasons premiered on January 27 and, with 32.65 million views across 97 countries, it quickly became the most-viewed original premiere in its first week on the platform.”

    You read it right. “Changes” will come to all respective popular charts starting Valentine’s Day 2020. On the hot ticket sales chart last week, only the Super Bowl itself was able to beat Justin Bieber’s Changes Tour ticket sales. The shows are selling out in many dates already. His Purpose Tour grossed $250 million. Thank you.

    -Def Jam

  5. Ya broke N Ya mad ? February 5, 2020

    Lmfao I love how this heaux loves to bring up Normani – she’s obsessed. How bout f*ck Normani too lmfao. Nobody cares, but you insist on being her up whenever you’re long back a$$ is against the wall. All we know that is Camel Toe is trash, been trash. Romance is trash, she’s a racist p****, her career is failing, streaming numbers mean absolutely NOTHING. And you’re a loser. Hahaha ? Hate to see it ??‍♂️

  6. Yeah I said it February 6, 2020

    I think Justin is in love with Post Malone that’s his truth

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