‘Miss Americana’: ALL of Taylor Swift’s Albums Have Re-Entered iTunes 200 Thanks to Netflix Special

Published: Monday 3rd Feb 2020 by Rashad

Fans of Taylor Swift, affectionately called #Swifties, are opening their wallets after the Pop diva opened her heart on the recently released ‘Miss Americana’ Netflix event – a visual experience branded a ‘raw and emotionally revealing look’ at the singer ‘during a transformational period in her life.’

Addressing thoughts of motherhood to that 2009 Kanye West incident, her alliance with the LGBTQ+ community, and so much more, the special unveiled a candid look at the Grammy winner who – as of late – has been more vocal than ever about her life as it relates to her artistry (see:  battle with Scooter Braun).

The reward for her candor?  Further chart domination for titles that already did their fair share of damage respectively on the Billboard 200 over the last decade.

More inside:


As of time reported, all 7 of Swift’s albums have re-entered the iTunes album sales chart thanks to exposure content from the respective sets received on the ‘Miss Americana’ documentary (2 in the top 20).

While her most recent project – 2019’s ‘Lover’ – is being held at bay from the top spot by Lil Wayne‘s latest effort, ‘Funeral,’ ‘Americana’ still managed to birth an iTunes sales chart #1 courtesy of the new song, ‘Only the Young’ (click here to listen).


We expect to see the impact of these sales boosts on next week’s Billboard 200.

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  1. only facts February 3, 2020

    She cam off as likable in the documentary. It was nice to see her cuss and try not to be this “perfect good girl”. She’s too old for that sh*t.

  2. Shayla Queen February 3, 2020

    They hate to see it ?

  3. Clarks0oñ February 3, 2020

    Wait, so yall are falling for this act?

    U guys dont know Taylor swift at all
    She’s calculated.
    Every move she makes is planned and well thought out thoroughly before execution

    This documentary was a calculated move to rehabilitate her image.

    Blaming her dad for not speaking up about politics. Lol bìtch pls
    U refused to speak up about politics and BLM cause u were scared of upsetting ur white Christian fan base and trump supporters

    Unlike Camila cabello who yall call a racist, Camila supported black lives matter openly, several times, on twitter and at her show, while Taylor and Selena Gomez refused to say anything about it in 2016.

    • Shayla Queen February 3, 2020


      I was going to touch on some of this but you know how they are on this site… In one ear and out the other. They just hate to see her selling so I touched on that instead.

      • only facts February 3, 2020

        Making accounts to reply to yourself? I didn’t think you could become more pathetic. “We call Camila a racist”??? Uh, she revealed herself to BE a racist. There’s a difference between labeling someone as something and them proving to the world that they are. #idiot

    • Clarks0oñ February 3, 2020

      U RAT
      If u have something to say, u better say it my face,

      If it’s about me, @ me so I can see.

      Or are u scared?

      Camila was a 15 year old teenager post derogatory memes.
      She has grown , she’s an adult.
      She has made amends by supporting BLM during a time when Taylor swift and Selena Gomez refused to support .
      It’s only recently when the coast was clear Taylor started getting political. How convenient is that.

      Lastly cancelling Camila is not doing any damage to her career.
      Those viral hate tweets about Camila are actually making her more popular and controversial.
      This is the music business, controversy sells music.

      Monthly Listeners

      #1 Ed Sheeran 63.5M
      #2 Justin Bieber 60.3M
      #3 Camila Cabello 58.7M
      #4 J Balvin 57.6M
      #5 Post Malone 57.3M
      #6 Billie Eilish 55.2M
      #7 Khalid 54.6M
      #8 Maroon 5 51.5M
      #9 Drake 50.3M
      #10[+1] Nicki Minaj 47.4M
      Cancelling Camila is not gonna stop normani from flopping its inevitable. Normani gonna flop,

      • Shayla Queen February 3, 2020

        only facts Is a desperate cüm rag.

    • Paulo February 3, 2020

      If anything I’m glad you brought Selessor’s anti-poc behavior. It’s astounding that her team managed to bury that deep

      • Shayla Queen ? February 3, 2020

        Sit it down.

      • Paulo February 3, 2020

        That’s all you got? Yawn. I’d say the same but you can’t teach a flea ridden stinky ass b**** any new tricks.

  4. CardiIsQueen February 3, 2020

    Whew!! More white mediocrity steaming from her playing the sympathy role

  5. Jason February 3, 2020

    I found this documentary informative, but only in a way that would make folks continue to feel sorry for her. It just always feels like she’s the first to victimize herself, and that’s why folks think she’s annoying. I wish her well, though!

  6. Fierce February 3, 2020

    The hate y’all have for this girl makes her more popular

  7. Gurlbye February 3, 2020

    Queen of Slayage… Taylor is slaying as always!!!

  8. Johny5 February 3, 2020

    This isn’t good news… She hasn’t re-recorded her songs yet so this means she is enriching her nemesis Scooter Braun who owns these masters…

  9. Pat February 3, 2020

    Impact impact

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