TGJ Roundtable: Jennifer Lopez & Shakira’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Review

Published: Monday 3rd Feb 2020 by Sam

Welcome to the latest TGJ Roundtable!

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Today’s roundtable topic asks each anchor their thoughts on the…

J.Lo & Shakira’s
Super Bowl Halftime Show


One word: Fire!

Heading into Halftime, my anticipation for the performance far outweighed my expectation.

See, on paper, both ladies boast a catalogue and performance gravitas that demands a certain level of excitement.

Yet, it was hard to attach expectation for a few reasons. First, there’s the unique differences in their performance styles. Would it work? Could it work? Then there’s the reality that, since launching her Vegas residency, J.Lo has pretty much been performing medleys as promo for years. How would this up the ante satisfyingly? I’ve also not been floored by the little I’ve seen from Shakira live in recent times.

Thankfully, any doubt was dispelled with their dynamite diva masterclass.

Shakira’s raw, free-flowing exhibition complimented Lopez’s glossy spectacle and, combined, it served as a buffet table of everything one could want from a Halftime Show.

The song choices were wise, stadium-suited, and universal, while the modern mixes + interpolations (‘Mi Gente’, ‘I Like It’) gave the ladies’ classics life anew.

Choreo was tight, right, and synchronised. Especially with 50-year-old J.Lo; there was an Olympian-like pace to her moves that gave new definition to the term “age ain’t nothing but a number.”

I also lived for how daring aspects of her show were, from the ‘Hustlers’ nod with the pole to the flaunting of her assets. All on a platform that has crucified others for much less. The commitment to delivering “her” undiluted made me smile and hopefully will allow the show to be more embracing of artistic expression (within reason) moving forward.

If there was any snag, it was that I don’t feel guests J Balvin or Bad Bunny added much to the performance. Though brief, the time allotted to them is time I’d have much preferred gifted us more J.Lo and Shaki.

Still, overall a phenomenal Halftime. One that easily obliterates the nonsense of the last two years and one that sets the bar high for such spectacles to come.

Major shout-out to the creatives behind the scenes, whose magic manifested in earnest: JaQuel Knight, Nappy Tabs, Parris Goebel, Kim Burse, and Adam Blackstone.



Belly dancing? Pole Dancing? Political jabs? Big big booties?  The Super Bowl (and America) didn’t know what hit ’em once Shakira kicked off the high octane halftime show.
Rendering what could easily be classified as her most choreography-intensive performance to date, the 43-year-old brought her A-game in measures few probably thought she could.  Not only that, she did so in a way that seemed authentically her.  Instead of attempting to show-up her co-star, she demonstrated the breadth of her performance prowess extended further than what most of us previously assumed.

Next, there’s J.Lo. I don’t think anyone doubted Jen would bring her A-game, but the performance served as a much needed, yet not-so-gentle reminder of why she is EASILY one of the best performers to ever hit a stage.  She made it look easy and that stripper pole moment was so iconic I had to watch it multiple times.
Overall, I took two things away from the showing:  while BOTH artists proved they deserved THEIR OWN headlining slots (1), the divas – both icons in their own regards – still made their unified message believable (2). Their sets were so different it made it pointless to compare them and incite a feud (as people often do among women).  And, though comparison to halftime shows before it is inevitable, the uniqueness of its makeup makes it pretty unfair to do so.  It was amazing, point blank!
P.S. – Never in the history of halftime shows have special guests been MORE pointless! They were distracting AF.



The ladies came for blood last night!

This year’s performance took me way back to what I love about the Halftime Show: excitement, production, glam and hits!

The best thing about the showing is that both performers got their time to shine, never allowing anybody to be “upstaged.” And they somehow managed to bring their catalogues and overall brands together in a very cohesive way.

While Shakira served her classic citizen-of-the-world vibe, Jennifer went for her iconic street-showgirl flavor.

And they did all of it with a pronounced Latin-flair that turned the whole thing into a rather unique affair.

J Balvin and Bad Bunny weren’t the most needed additions as the divas and their dancers filled up that stadium in more ways than one. Still, it was a great way to celebrate Latin pride and showcase just of powerful and beautiful their culture is, as well as how far they have come as a unit on a mainstream tip.

With the girls slaying their respective sets, it’s actually quite surprising – and a shame – they weren’t ever offered to headline the halftime on their own before.


Do you agree with our views? Who was spot on? Let us know your thoughts on the latest TGJ Roundtable and your thoughts on the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Your thoughts?

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  1. taustin13 February 3, 2020

    Shakira Slayyed!!!! Jlo did great!!!

  2. Clarks0oñ February 3, 2020

    Biggest mistake jlo made, allowing shakira to perform first.

    Jlo probably allowed shakira to go out first cause she wanted shakira to be the “opening act” while she will be the main act but it backfired big time

    Shakira stole the show and set the bar so high, jlo couldn’t match it. Dont get me wrong, jlo did good but shakira was mesmerising.

    She played the guitar, she did that tongue thing, she danced with a rope.

    They both did great.
    Dont forget jlo’s daughter, she inherited her dad’s vocals.

    Bad bunny and j balvin should have stayed home. They brought nothing to the show.
    Bad bunny nearly ruined shakira’s set with his bad singing

    Pitbull should have done a song with shakira
    Then come out again and do another song with jlo
    Alejandro sanz would have also been a better choice than bad bunny. La tortura is a fire song.

    • Gworl Bye February 3, 2020

      Never thought i’d see the day when I would agree with you lol. Shakira won the SB last night. JLo became a backup dancer again lol.

    • PinotNoir February 3, 2020

      Agree A to Z. LOL’d at Emma’s vocal inheritance. That rope dance, tho. ?

  3. Kevon February 3, 2020

    Jlo was and is the bosss …jlo all the way

  4. Shayla Queen ? February 3, 2020

    only facts better finish guzzling on that cüm and swallow it before IT speaks my name again!

    • only facts February 3, 2020

      You’re disgusting. Obsessed with Normani and clearly now obsessed with me.

      • Shayla Queen ? February 3, 2020

        Chile I don’t speak on no Normani! Guzzle that hot load bïiiiiitch before yo a$$ steps to me!

      • only facts February 3, 2020

        If I didn’t have a life, I’d pull receipts like you always so CLARKSON. Running multiple profiles like a loser. Meanwhile, I’m running to the bank multiple times.

      • Shayla Queen ? February 3, 2020

        Oh so you a PAID cüm guzzler! Now we now why you have so much time on yo nasty a$$ hands! Back it up!

  5. Kevon February 3, 2020

    Jlo did her thing and shakira fans are mad case she made shakira looked like a back up dancer

    • Clarks0oñ February 3, 2020

      But shakira is number 1 right now on itunes with her song whenever wherever

    • Gworl Bye February 3, 2020

      Not from what I saw. Shakira was on fire last night, JLo was her backup dancer/hype man for the night.

    • POPS Muva February 3, 2020

      Shakira was THE SHOW. don’t try it. she’s been the talk.

      • Moti25 February 4, 2020

        Both of them have been the talk. Why are we as people like this ugh

    • PinotNoir February 3, 2020

      Since when backup dancers OPEN a show?

  6. Gworl Bye February 3, 2020

    Sorry but Shakira won the Superbowl show. i don’t even remember JLo’s set.

    • PinotNoir February 3, 2020

      Your comment made me realize JLo only has If You Had My Love and Get Right as passable hits. Her set betrayed her lack of hits last night. Me thinks SHE needed Shakira more than Shakira needed her.

  7. only facts February 3, 2020

    Shakira won. End of story.

  8. POPS Muva February 3, 2020

    I somehow agree that supporting acts were not needed and were distracting but I love Bad Bunny. Nevertheless SHAKIRA killed it she brought so many elements and showed he is so talented. Jlo did good but my only issue is i feel like she has done this at every award show….. it didn’t feel fresh except the pole and the kids in the cage scene.

  9. ApeShit February 3, 2020

    That s*** was horrible

  10. Happy n Rich February 3, 2020

    I didn’t like J-Lo’s set. I kept waiting for her biggest hits, but that wasn’t the main focus of her set.

  11. B February 3, 2020

    It’s VERY possible to like both women’s performances WITHOUT making a comparison. Jennifer Lopez shut it downnnnn and attacked her choreography liked the seasoned, trained, ENTERTAINER that she is. Shakira is a SUPERSTAR who rose to the occasion and chile her hips still don’t lie.

    THEY KILLED!!!!!

    • Bardi #1 February 3, 2020

      My thoughts exactly. The entire performance was a victory. No need for the comparisons. Pretty much agree with all of the TgJ writers.

    • Lanafan1 February 4, 2020

      Exactly and they had people of all colors behind them. Phenomenal!

  12. stan February 3, 2020

    they BOTH did amazing. stop saying shakira won or j-lo won. the halftime performance wasn’t a competition.

    • Shayla Queen ? February 3, 2020

      Shakira won.

      • Moti25 February 4, 2020

        Jlo won b****

  13. Jungkook February 3, 2020

    Shakira is a has been resucitaded by JAY-Z she is an roc Nation artist, thats the reason she was there even opening the Superbowl. Jennifer is an icon vanguard awarded, in 2019 Jennifer was person of the year by time and people. #Facts

    • PinotNoir February 3, 2020

      But JLo’s set proved she has no classics. And the only songs considered classics by her fans are simple, sing-along-y elevator music. I had never realized that until last night.

      • Moti25 February 4, 2020

        You’re a lunatic if you think Jlo has no classics. Yal just hate jlo, because I doubt any of you know who a shakira is until the other night. I’m over yal

    • Paulo February 3, 2020

      THE REACH! Shut your troll ass up Uncookt. Regardless of JLo Shakira is winning right now.

    • melinda February 4, 2020


  14. melinda February 4, 2020

    im so sprry i had to skip shakira s set . she was great but not at jlo s level for sure . some ppl are delusional here . jlo at 50 doin a pole dance wth that was the highlight of the SB . PERIOD

  15. Moti25 February 4, 2020

    They ate period! Jlo omg!! ???

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