Omarion Announces New Single ‘Can You Hear Me?’ / Unleashes Preview

Published: Wednesday 19th Feb 2020 by Sam

Omarion is pairing his headlining ‘Millennium Tour’ gig with brand new music.

 As reported, the singer’s group B2K were ‘Bump, Bump, Bump’ed from the multi-act tour and saw their frontman installed as headliner for the trek’s 2020 shows.

Now, O – who last made noticeable waves with the Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko assisted ‘Post To Be’ – is prepping a fresh effort named ‘Can You Hear Me?’

And it looks like it’ll be arriving much sooner than though.

Details below…

Moments ago, the 35-year-old announced that the T-Pain assisted track will be dropping this Friday (Feb 21st).

He seized the moment to share a teaser. Check it out:

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#CANYOUHEARME ??!! This Friday. 🎶🪐🙌🏾🎶

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It’s no secret that Omari’s post-B2K narrative has been filled with ups and downs, as well as questions about maximising potential.

However, it finally looks like things may be aligning for O the best they have in a long while.

Your thoughts?

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  1. eric February 19, 2020

    Everybody wants to rap.

    • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 19, 2020

      He can freestyle and play with the flute like Lizzo

    • Chileplease February 19, 2020

      Well he ain’t the strongest singer. Monotone.

  2. Only Facts February 19, 2020

    Nobody cares. Omarion is a pompous a*shole. Thinking he’s the Michael Jackson of B2K. Bye girl!!

    • ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine February 19, 2020

      ALERT?: Miserable Mildred is in the building y’all, sprinkling her negativity like Chlamydia flakes in a G***** orgy.

  3. ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 19, 2020

    He’s a s*** guy

    Him and Nick Jonas

  4. Tori February 19, 2020

    I like Omarion and I like the snippet. Though I would prefer a more vocal song, this sounds found and great to tour. However, all the bandwagon riders that were on his side during the tour announcement and drama are about to all magic disappear as usual. Sad!

  5. Clarks0oñ February 19, 2020

    Normani should stop pointing her mic to the crowd to sing along, nobody knows her songs


    • Mark Jones February 19, 2020

      What does that have to do with this post? Why do you feel the need to bring up people in a post that have nothing to do with them? It seems like you are obsessed or jealous that she has a platform and all you do is us you’re twitter fingers to write about them! Are you not happy with you’re life? Are you not happy with yourself? I need answers! Because you are becoming more and more pathetic every time I see your post!

      • Sweetnothings78 February 19, 2020

        @Mark Jones. That’s why it does it to get responses like yours. It’s a troll. Ignore it and it might hold its breath for 20 minutes and not stop.

      • Clarks0oñ February 19, 2020

        Gurl it’s just an observation.

        She really needs to stop pointing her mic to the crowd to sing along, the public doesnt know her or her songs.


      • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 19, 2020

        Then you look like a swine/pig from the hood

    • Oh plz February 19, 2020

      STFU troll. Nobody cares. Stop pushing this ridiculous narrative. Neither Camilla KKK Cabello nor Normani vocally-challenged-but-still-beautiful Kordai will ever be legends. You’re dumb and mentally deranged. Step away from the keyboard and get help.

      • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 19, 2020

        Beauty? Lol

      • Clarks0oñ February 19, 2020

        Normani, beautiful?

        Lol that’s a lie
        You guys say normani is beautiful because she’s dark skin.

        Camila is already a legend
        Havana , first female song to reach 1 billion streams on spotify.

        Legend thingz.

        Normani is still getting read all over Twitter for her atrocious NBA performance.
        We like to see it

        A dancer who ended her own career in front of millions. Lol

      • HavanaONana February 19, 2020

        Beautiful? Lol no

        She look like a basic black girl from the hood

      • Oh plz February 19, 2020

        Ha…the racist scum are out in full force today! Looks like I struck a nerve. Yes, Normani can’t sing worth a dime but she is still a beautiful BLACK QUEEN. Stay pressed, trolls.

      • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 19, 2020

        I totally disagree with you oh plz

        Normani might be beautiful for you but Camila is prettier and natural beauty

        Meanwhile Lizzo ended Normani career since Juice came out..

      • Cûûmila Cebolla February 19, 2020

        Whôremela looks like a goofy horse whose face has been run over by several tanks. Have a seat.

      • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 19, 2020

        @Cûûmila Cebolla you look like a pig/swine from the hood , raggedy and ratchet lol hahahahahahahaha

        Camila ain’t bothered
        She’s winning over you and your flop fave


      • Cûûmila Cebolla February 19, 2020

        I can’t be a pig from the hood. That’s your whöre mother already. Nothing but a disgusting piece of pig shît

      • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 19, 2020

        Cûûmila Cebolla you mean your mom?


        U d Pig from the zoo
        Pig from the lake
        Pig from the hood

      • antidote February 19, 2020

        @clarksobn stop LoL

        U can’t call someone a pig and from da hood at the same time. That’s like double punishment or life sentence or even murder lol

  6. High Price February 19, 2020

    I’m excited and definitely anticipating it! This might be Omari’s “Lemonade”.

  7. Exlurker February 19, 2020

    Is this a Black website? So many ignorant borderline racist comments. Why can’t these people leave us alone. Now I guess I need to find a new blog.

  8. Jj February 19, 2020

    Music needs to return to being regional. Omarion should not be doing Atlanta trap. He should do his Cali sound. Duets are cool, but we must stay true to our roots.

  9. Mr RCW February 20, 2020

    I’m here for it

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