Preview: Jennifer Lopez Sizzles in Black Eyed Peas’ ‘RITMO’ Remix Music Video [Watch]

Published: Friday 7th Feb 2020 by Rashad

Just hours after first teasing new music was on the way (as we reported here), Jennifer Lopez has already unveiled your first taste!

Teaming with Black Eyed Peas and J. Balvin for the remix of their ‘Bad Boys for Life‘ soundtrack single, ‘RITMO,’ the song – which has peaked at #53 on the charts as of time reported – will undoubtedly be boosted to higher Hot 100 heights once viewers catch a glimpse of J.Lo strutting her stuff in its official music video (due later today).

Look inside to see the ever-youthful star prove that she’s STILL got it:


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We’re taking RITMO to the next level. @bep x #jlo x @jbalvin. New #RITMORemix music video drops tonight ?

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  1. Bluebird February 7, 2020

    are those PIMPLES near her goodies area?

    • Ugghh February 7, 2020

      Those are veins sweetie. Stop trying to find someone to relate to your itchy situation

      • Jeans February 7, 2020

        ???????? y’all a mess

    • Bluebird February 7, 2020

      Her song with FLOP like all her other singles. HOWEVER, she always has a career on the POLE. So she has something in common with your Mother.

      • Ugghh February 7, 2020

        Unlike yours who makes a living on her back

      • pcd = waypipo fried chicken February 7, 2020

        i always laugh at you h0es that swear JLo’s audience is limited to the American Hip Hop & Pop audiences. like- yall are some dumb ingnorant fcks if you dont yet realize that the Latino music industry dwarfs American Hip Hop & Pop markets. dumb af for real- just google a little to understand the complexities and differences in SCALE… a lil research will take yall a long way. ustedes deben tratar dejar de comer tanta mierda

  2. Jungkook February 7, 2020

    Yaaaaaaaaaas !! Can’t wait !

  3. Clarks0oñ February 7, 2020

    This is fire.
    I like this
    I have never heard this song before.

    Black eyed peas will always need a female vocalist to make their songs pop. swallow ur pride and apologize to fergie and beg her to come back.
    U guys are useless without fergie.

    • King Usher ? February 7, 2020

      I agree ?

    • ??? February 7, 2020

      lmaooooo girl shut up, you the same person that said camiltoe & DaBaby would have a hit, so sit down & stop acting like you know what youre talking about lmfaooooo

      • Clarks0oñ February 7, 2020

        U sound like an idiot.

        My oh my is number 34 and is rising every week without a music video or promo
        Predicated to hit the top 30 next week.

        U just want me to notice u,
        Okay ,there, I have noticed u, are u happy now


    • PinotNoir February 7, 2020

      He fell out with Fergie Ferg?

    • melinda February 8, 2020

      cant agree more . this was planned to be released yesterday but nothing yet

  4. Keith February 7, 2020

    No coin left unturned! Get it, Ms. Lopez…somebody will like this.

  5. Jasmine The Goat ? of The GrapeJuice.Net February 7, 2020

    Where’s Fergie when you need her Justice For Fergie

  6. only facts February 7, 2020

    Song will go absolutely nowhere, but she looks PHENOMENAL! Like, DAMN GIRL! She has a better body than most twenty-something’s. WOW!

  7. stan February 7, 2020

    the original is pretty dope to begin with. j-lo is going to make it even better.

  8. ??? February 7, 2020

    lmaoo it will flop, and yall damn well know that it will, so just stop it lmaooooooo

  9. Beam Me Up Scotty February 7, 2020

    another flop

  10. Oh plz February 7, 2020

    Must everything from the 90s musical renaissance be sampled, recycled and watered down?? Corona’s “Rhythm of the Night” is a dance classic and should remain untouched…especially by vocally-challenged, Jennifer Lopez. She looks good though…I’ll give her that.

  11. Re February 7, 2020

    I like that

  12. CDW February 7, 2020

    Hmmmm… I didn’t really like the song, so here’s hoping J Lo will make it ????

    I love her but I kinda was disappointed to hear she’s doing this remix. Rather a brand new song… but whatever, I’m still gonna check for it lolol

  13. PinotNoir February 7, 2020

    Remaking Corona’s Rhythm Of The Night? Blasphemy. During a Coronavirus outbreak? :/ That’s how she shoulda shown up to the Super Bowl vs. those Vegas showgirl fabrics.

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