Summer Walker: ‘I’m Never Making Another Song After 2020’ [#ICYMI]

Published: Tuesday 11th Feb 2020 by Rashad

‘Over It’ not only serves as the title of breakout R&B star Summer Walker‘s debut album, but apparently represents the 23-year-old’s outlook on the music industry overall.

A mainstay in the Billboard 200’s top 20 even months after its premiere, the project’s ongoing success has endured despite a wave of negative press afforded Walker as a result of lashing out at fans, canceling shows at the last minute, and multiple revelations of struggling with the pressures of fame due to her social anxiety.

Now, with the remainder of her inaugural headlining tour canceled, the singer-songwriter’s announced her retreat from the stage will soon be accompanied by an absence from airwaves as well.

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While the comment drew mixed reactions, many of her fans expressed compassion and support for the burgeoning diva who has been very vocal about her mental health concerns.

As of time reported, the hoop-la around briefly posted Instagram story (seen in the photo above) has not been addressed by Walker.

Regardless, here’s hoping she doesn’t make any hasty decisions and truly considers the impact of this statement.

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  1. Are You Kidding Me? February 11, 2020

    Nobody cares. As hard as it is for Black women to make it and her being credited with BLACK PEOPLE WINNING in R&B when they said R&B was dead and you had Bruno, Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Shawn Mendes doing “pop” that would’ve been R&B in the 90s for her to take all of that for granted and act like a child, disrespecting audiences as if she’s Lauryn Hill, she needs to go away.,

    I don’t know why hungry, talented people don’t make it. We have so many who take it for granted. For her to even start it off with “lol” shows how disrespectful to music she is. She’d never have made a blip when artists had to grind, do promo and were getting shafted with 360 deals and dead-broke with #1 albums.

    • Drinkmybussyjuice February 12, 2020

      This!!! Nd i really enjoy her music… but instead of complaining… just go

    • Gworl Bye February 12, 2020

      All of this. She needs to take her spoiled ass somewhere and sit down. There’s tons of hungry talented black females out there grinding their asses off to get to where she is, and this birdhead is doing nothing but taking up someone else’s space. Bye girl.

  2. Sheabutterbae February 11, 2020

    I literally just got into her music! The only break she needs is to perfect her live showings… other than that she better stop the shits. Playing games and come thru are entire vibes

  3. Clarks0oñ February 11, 2020

    Watch as normani gonna copy this girl’s sound and artistry.

    • Tori February 12, 2020

      Well the producer who worked on this album also shopped these songs to Normani first in the early stages of her album recordings why would she copy her own leftovers?

      • only facts February 12, 2020

        #dead lol And it was revealed that a few of the songs on Selena’s “Rare” were written and handed to Normani first…glad she didn’t accept. The only good song from Selena’s album is “Vulnerable”

    • Gworl Bye February 12, 2020

      Pay no attention to the troll. Her feature hopping fave camila is DOA on the charts and so are her ticket sales, clarksoon is just lashing out.

    • ??? February 12, 2020

      lmaoooo figures a camiltoe stan would think this chickenhead has “artistry”. screaming lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. Holliewuudd February 11, 2020

    Rolls eyes

  5. Kevon February 12, 2020

    Girl chill …

  6. Taz February 12, 2020

    I don’t care if it’s just me but artists with this energy are honestly annoying asf you. You don’t want to be famous don’t want the light on you, cool. Pull you music off music platforms and leave us alone . It’s not fair to your real fans who support you work for you to constantly remind them you don’t care.

  7. Tori February 12, 2020

    Take your earnings and invest in you cleaning business you had. You had more fun cleaning bathrooms than being on stage anyway. This has been a complete waist!

  8. J February 12, 2020

    She could quit and I really wouldn’t give a f***. I’m tired of these fickle musicians. So many great ones that don’t get half the shine they should because of people like her! S*** or get off the pot!

  9. Gee February 12, 2020

    She better get a tougher skin because every time she faces some criticism she is ready to give up. Life has its challenges but quitting should never be an option unless it is not worth it to her. Hopefully she can get the help she needs to overcome her social awkwardness, and realize that she not take her blessings, and gifts for granted.

  10. Gee February 12, 2020


  11. Only Facts February 12, 2020


  12. Dc February 12, 2020

    Good luck performing at essence festival 80,000 people don’t know why she booked this scary ass scared of crowds lol

  13. Johny5 February 12, 2020

    BlTCH! You’re taking a slot from someone with talent who actually wants to do the job. Bye!

    • only facts February 12, 2020

      I honestly think this is some behind the scenes stuff too. It’s never a good idea to 1) work with just 1 producer and 2) to date the 1 producer you’re working with. He’s probably taking all of her money (a la Pharrell and Kelis)

  14. SMH February 12, 2020

    Lol. I thank God every day that I grew up with Legends (Michael, Janet, Whitney, prince, Madonna, etc.) They gave us memories that last several lifetimes. I feel sorry for this generation, y’all have to settle for clowns like this girl that supposedly “represent” the new R&B, and they don’t even last 12 months.

  15. Paulo February 12, 2020

    She is so talented so this whole situation is very unfortunate

  16. Lol February 12, 2020

    Girl stop whining. Even Britney Spears can handle the spotlight better than her and she doesn’t like fame either. She sounds so ungrateful.

  17. Ghetto Housewife Has Spoken February 12, 2020

    all these b*tches too busy worrying about retiring or announcing how they don’t want to make music ever again. WTF- go away. no one gives a hot rats ass about your lackluster mediocrity & deficiencies in emotional strength.

  18. StarXavi February 12, 2020

    Bye Felicia!

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