The Weeknd Announces Album Title

Published: Thursday 13th Feb 2020 by David

The Weeknd has announced the title of his new album. Find out what it is below… The innovative superstar stunned his fans by releasing a dazzling trailer for the album designed to generate hype for the set and reveal its title. Press play here!           ‘After Hours’, and its party of jams, is to rock retailers in the coming weeks.  One of its songs, the dramatic ‘Blinding Lights’, recently topped the Official Singles Chart in the United Kingdom.                       Your thoughts?

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  1. Paulo February 13, 2020

    Cool! Simple but very in-brand for him

    • Fancy BISH February 13, 2020

      Yes! ✅ ???

  2. Ugghh February 13, 2020

    I’m not feelings his look this era. Ready for the music though

  3. only facts February 13, 2020

    I really wish I cared, but I’m not liking either song he released, and I hate the mustache and afro. He can’t pull it off and neither can Bieber…NOBODY can pull off a mustache in 2020.

    • Ugghh February 13, 2020

      I beg to differ… have you ever seen Henry Cavill with a mustache? HE CAN GET IT

      • only facts February 13, 2020

        Ha! Henry Cavill could get it even if he was missing a leg and all of his teeth. That man is THE s3xiest man in the world in my opinion…not sure how John Legend got that title before Henry. But no shade, because John is unproblematic.

  4. Clarks0oñ February 13, 2020

    What is the name of the album?

    After hours and its party of jams?

    TGJ u need to do better reporting.

    • only facts February 13, 2020

      It clearly says the album is titled “After Hours” you f*cking moron! Literally every single day you show how stupid you are more and more.

      • Clarks0oñ February 13, 2020

        U have said several times that u are done with this blog, sowhy are u still here?

        U said u are done replying me, but here u are under my comment writing more essays than a high school senior.

        Answer the question rat

      • Clarks0oñ February 13, 2020

        When last did manly normani appear on the hot 100?

        This is a question, even OJ Simpsons lawyers can not answer


      • only facts February 13, 2020

        I love how nobody mentions Normani, yet that’s the name you love typing the most. I mean, if I was her, I’d be loving the free promo. If you notice, none of us in the comment section type Canola’s actual name 😉 #WhoDat? Please continue showing your inability to comprehend what you’re reading. You’re the biggest joke on this blog, and in your family. Sucks to suck. Tootles, loser.

      • Clarks0oñ February 13, 2020

        Another essay from u, but u still didnt answer the question

        When last did manly normani appear on the hot 100.
        U have 3 life lines

        Do u want to phone a friend
        Or ask the audience
        Or 50/50


      • Me… I Am Shayla ? Y’all Höes Could Neva February 13, 2020

        Why you so obsessed with Clarkson? Seeing as you allegedly dislike him so much, why not just leave him the hell alone? Because you CAN’T! Like a moth to a flame! You want that sweet Clarkson D while that sweet Camila Romance album plays away in a candlelit room. It’s ok to admit it. Sounds like a great night and it is almost Valentines ?

    • Me… I Am Shayla ? Y’all Höes Could Neva February 13, 2020

      Clarkson, I think Only Flops wants the D ??? He obsessed!

  5. I love big black c** February 13, 2020

    He was like Janet Jackson & lil Kim getting a nose job in that pic

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