Watch: Justin Bieber Brings ‘Yummy’ & ‘Intentions’ Performances to ‘SNL’

Published: Sunday 9th Feb 2020 by Rashad

With his new album, ‘Changes,’ due February 14, expect to see much of Justin Bieber on the promo trail in support of the LP in the coming days.

In addition to his Youtube docu-series and music videos for its first singles, ‘Yummy’ and the Quavo-assisted ‘Intentions,’ the 25-year-old’s building awareness for the project via the live performance circuit.

Already the first announced performer for the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards (March 29), Bieber took to this weekend’s RuPaul-hosted ‘SNL’ to give his faithful fans – affectionately called #Beliebers – a taste of what they’ll be seeing at the awards ceremony and on his forthcoming ‘Changes’ tour (click here to see dates).

Offering the first televised performance of some of the album’s content, look inside to see how he fared.

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  1. Justme February 9, 2020

    This is not it. It seems lazy.. great example of someone telling you what to make and how to be. Make a vibe justin. Like rnb/pop. Nope. This is just lazy. He seems like he was still in rehearsal. This look,the moves. Does he even want to do it?

    • Missy February 9, 2020

      wonders if you’re an artist or the gp.
      because this was not any of the things you stated. now, the real critique is…
      yummy, although not one of my favorites, is not a bad song. it’s a simple song that deserves a simple performance. that’s exactly what he gave us. the cohesiveness of the color balance in the stage and fashion set up was just the balance the song needed.
      intentions, another song that requires simplicity in a stage performance. the wording on the stage along with the colors were on point. the song is a cute radio jam for spring/summer.
      the only thing not hitting is Justin’s mustache lol but he still gets thumbs up from a real artist.

      • WHUHUTT February 9, 2020

        this is not fashion this idiot is styled like my cultures and how we grew up it is called fvgging culture vulturism ! p r e t e n d i n g to be h o w w e g r e w u p ! i H A T E this guy´s dumb music !

      • Jason February 9, 2020

        Y’all really Stan basics, and it’s honestly sad! I need the era of vocalists to return. This ain’t it!

      • Missy February 9, 2020

        y’all mad lmao

    • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

      You are so wrong and you know it. You felt it when you typed that. Go troll somewhere else. But 90% of grape juice comments fail anyway so don’t be sad.

      • Justme February 9, 2020

        This is not it!! Just like your comment..

      • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

        When every major publication is praising the performance, what you said is for deaf ears. “Make a vibe”. LMAO

  2. I love big black c** February 9, 2020

    I rather watch other crackheads dancing on YouTube and they are even more entertaining….

  3. J February 9, 2020

    This was just trash

  4. Only Facts February 9, 2020

    Eww. He’s so gross

    • truth hurts February 9, 2020

      Your girls wonderland spread looks like she stink.

  5. PinotNoir February 9, 2020

    Ew @ that 70’s pörn stache!

    Quavo could be Nene’s dad.


  6. Dc February 9, 2020

    He looks 45 and like he lives in a trailer park

    • Sweetnothings78 February 9, 2020

      Ha ha. I was searching in my head what he was reminding me of and you’ve nailed TF Out of it

  7. Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

    Dear justin, throw away that yummy song. It’s a stupid song.

    Your new video looks like drake’s god plan.
    U giving black people money on camera seems so disingenuous and fake

    I know you’re trying to rehabilitate your image but this ain’t it.

    Looking at justin, u can tell he is so over the music thing.
    Yummy didnt hit number one and that must have crushed him, cause he went thru extreme lengths to get that song to number one, begging his fans, threatening his fans,etc and yummy still missed the number one spot.

    • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

      Don’t speak on Justin or Drake. You have no authority to talk about real artists with real careers.

      • WHUHUTT February 9, 2020

        they´re both f****** awful and justin pretending to be my culture and how we grew up is C U L T U R E V U L T U R I S M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PinotNoir February 9, 2020

      He threatened his fans? OMG. ? Spill how!

  8. Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020


    Camila Cabello & young thug’s “Havana” has now sold over 10.5 million units in the US. It is currently eligible for Diamond (10,000,000) in the US.

    Here comes the tears….
    All she does is win win win

    Pls if ur faves doesnt have a diamond certified single pls dont speak to me. Not everyone has that to their credit

    • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

      who is she?

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        Monthly listeners Feb 8

        #1 Ed Sheeran 62M
        #2 @justinbieber 61.8M
        #3 Camila Cabello 56.9M
        #4 J Balvin 56.6M
        #5 @billieeilish 56.3M
        #6 Post Malone 55.3M
        #7 Khalid 54.6M
        #8 @Drake 52.8M
        #9 Maroon 5 49.9M
        #10 @NICKIMINAJ 49.1M

        Now I understand why yall are mad at Camila,
        Camila got her foot on your faves throats

        Bìtches be mad when they see Camila step on the spot.

      • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

        You just tried Justin and then posted facts that make you look retarded. But she is way under Justin everywhere else in life. Including pocket change.

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        U dumb f**** , justin has been in the business longer than Camila

        Justin’s solo career is 11 years while Camila’s solo career is 3 years.

        Where is manly normani? Question of the decade

      • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

        Justin is only 3 years older than her so good luck with her ever catching up (as if it was even possible mind you). Not his fault she is so behind him. She can kiss his feet though.

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020


        Justin started his career in 2008, that’s 12 years in the game u dumb f****

        Camila started her solo career in 2016, that 4 years in the game and look at what she’s already achieved

        10 years from now she will surpass ur rat faves.
        Wanna bet.
        Cry cry cry, cry about it

      • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

        you are trying to add as many years as you can to help her chances! haha What has she already achieved? Spotify listeners? Humor me please. That bet is like Michael Jordan (JB) verse Kevin Hart (CC) 1 on 1. That’s not bet, that’s robbery. You want to be a poor man?

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        Gurl ur still here,

        Justin didnt score a number 1 on his first or second or third album.

        Camila scored a number 1 on her first and second albums.
        Be quiet


      • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

        Justin sold more albums that your little Senorita can only dream of, hope for, get on her knees to get someone to buy. You better hope Shakira will play nice. “I Am Sasha-Kira” will exit her out the game haha. Meanwhile your “queen” will continue to be reductive:

        Havanas Revenge: Senorita Reloaded
        The Leopard Print: Roc-La-Senorita
        Queen Senorita

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        Blah blah blah.

        It wasnt until justin’s 4th album that he scored a number 1 song.

        Camila did it on her first album and second album.
        Cry about it.

      • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

        I’m laughing at you and her. Let’s see how long it will take her to get some more number one songs!!!

        Her first album: 162,000 pure sales
        second album: debut at No. 3

        Justin Bieber sells 162,000 the first hour his album releases let alone the first week, month, year, entire run . Lick his curled toes and shut up. La senorita es reductora!!!!

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        It took justin 8 years before he scored a number one song

    • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

      Still no number 1 on his first 3 albums.

      It took justin bieber 4 whole albums to get a number 1 song
      How embarrassing
      After the whole bieber mania that was sweeping the nation back in 2010 this bìtch couldn’t score a number one hit, it took his 4 whole albums to score a number one song.
      The struggle

      Camila’s debut album had a number 1 song on it
      Her second album had a number 1 song on it

      Dustbin bieber can never.
      Cry about it

      His music video baby is the most disliked music video on YouTube . 11 million dislikes

      • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

        Do you know how embarrassing it is to perform in a place where 50% of the seats are empty? You might know yet, but ya gurl is about to see exactly what it feels like. 🙂 But I can see why those two no. 1’s she has are not worth the $28. And after Shakira and Jennifer Lopez just lit up Miami, why would they want to see the broke down reductive version?

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        Why are u a dumb àss normani stan

        The romance tour is 85 percent sold out.
        The tour starts in 5 months time.
        8 of her overseas dates are sold out

        Her America and Canada dates are almost sold out

        DATE 22 – Madison Square Garden, New York, NY (18th Sep)

        Available tickets: 1.254
        Total capacity: 20.789

        Percentage sold: 93,9%

        DATE 13 – AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX (21st Aug)

        Available tickets: 1.835
        Total capacity: 18.581

        Percentage sold: 90,1%

        DATE 3 – Moda Center. Portland, OR (1st Aug)

        Available tickets: 1.629
        Total capacity: 19.980

        Percentage sold: 91,8%

        I can post more for u to see.
        Camila career is 3 years old and shes already selling out arena.

        None of justin bieber tour dates for his recent tour is sold out. Go to Ticketmaster u rat.
        As big as justin is, he is finding it difficult to move tickets.
        12 years in the game cant sell out like his fellow counterparts.

        The struggle is real.
        Took him 4 whole albums to get a number one song. ?????
        Struggle bieber

      • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

        We’ll get the truth soon enough. What about Miami? LOL Don’t even worry your confused head about Justin anything! lol He’s winning.

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        He begged his fans to stream and buy yummy but the song still missed the number one spot.

        Who begs people to buy their trash song.

    • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

      Lick his curled toes. Her songs suck. Even his Spanish song is better. Despacito was No. 1 for 16 weeks tying him with Mariah Carey’s One Sweet Day. This little senorita will neva dahling! But anyway, try to explain what the Miami Herald is saying about the little senorita, eh? See it seems the little senorita is finding it quite hard to sell tickets even to her hometown and cousins. Her tickets are only $28 so for two large pizzas “dos pizzas grandes” as she would say… can watch the little thriller sing her two iconic hits…..that was sarcasm if you don’t catch it….DEAD ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING. Justin stays sold out in his LAMBO about to get some more Yummy. Sold out and toes curled.

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        Gurl, ur still here? ??

        No number one on his first 3 albums, how embarrassing is that

        Camila can never relate. 2 of her albums have number 1 songs on them
        Camila came out the gate swinging

        After how many years in the business

      • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

        Maybe Justin & Hailey will give her a crisp $100 bill out their LAMBO when they see her walking the strip after she fades away. They are really nice with awesome Intentions. 🙂

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        Justin is going to OD in the next 3 year by then his stupid wife would have divorced him and taken all his money


      • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

        Shawn Mendes is going to eventually come out as Shawwna and lick, lick, lick dudes from their heads to their toes. Poor Camy…lol

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        Justin bieber isn’t gonna be alive in the next 5 years.
        Now that’s the tea

        He’s gonna over dose .
        Sorry to that man

      • don’t make me cringe February 9, 2020

        I will remind you all year where Justin is on the charts and where she is on the charts. I will keep you well posted on sales worldwide and her lack of. I mean since you are so obsessed. You have one week to get your little thoughts together because it’s going to take a LOT of spin to make it even to May let alone December. Who do you think she is, Billie Eilish? Now that girl is slaying and her album is still Top 6 on the Billboard 200. Poor Camy. 🙁

      • WHUHUTT February 9, 2020

        justin is styled like my culture and how we grew up i loathe his music he is literally pretending to be cultures that have nothing to do with him

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        Still no number one on his first 3 albums.
        U cant change that

      • Only Facts February 9, 2020

        I am dying! ???

    • No Glory February 9, 2020

      One of my favorite rappers, NELLY, has a diamond album.

    • Fancy BISH February 9, 2020

      This is for strictly Clarksdaughter who hates on every artist that isn’t named rat face, bad built asss Camila ? Camila’s old homely, goofy looking asss ? The bish flopped 5th NoHarmony three albums in a row but she thinks she’s the Beyonce of the group ? 5th PlaceHarmony had ONE Top 10 on the Hot ? and that song was FAR from a classic! Clarksdaughter tries to act like 5th NoHarmony ever existed ? She better go open for SHAWN and stop playing! Bish couldn’t sell tour tickets buck asss nekkid at Riker’s Island with baby oil all over her body ? Shawn doesn’t want her nor do we!

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        DATE 14 – Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Canada (4th Sep)

        Available tickets: 2.409
        Total capacity: 19.800

        Percentage sold: 87,8%


        DATE 19 – Place Bell, Laval, Canada (12nd Sep)

        Available tickets: 1.370
        Total capacity: 10.000

        Percentage sold: 86,3%



        Available tickets: 46.721
        Total tickets: 371.480

        Percentage sold: 87,42%


        Overseas tour dates starts in 5 months.
        America and canada dates start in September

        Camila did that with a “flop album” that has 1.9 billion streams.

        Cry about it.

        Normani’s team have started using payola for waves video on YouTube
        1 million views in 1 days.

        Now I understand why that bìtch dont wanna release a new song. They are pushing waves, a flop song.

      • Fancy BISH February 9, 2020

        Lies, they must’ve blocked off whole areas of the venues ? I’ll believe it when I see it! Cheap asss, broke bish ticket prices too! You going? ?

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        Cry about it hoè
        We like to see ur tears

        A stupid ugly rat.
        Continue believing those hateful Twitter comments from manly normani stans , dumb f**** .
        Camila’s us tour dates will be sold out before September.
        My oh my predicted to hit the top 30 tomorrow
        South of the boarder rising also.


        Normani’s team are doing payola for waves on YouTube. Lol
        1 million views in a day for an old video , really?
        They are not fooling anybody
        That rat called normani will be exposed.

        Now I understand why she has refused to release a new song. They are trying to push waves again. She will flop. ??

      • Fancy BISH February 9, 2020

        You and Camila are two homely looking asss heauxs that nobody is checking for! ? You call people rats cause you know people think Camila looks like a rat! You call people ugly cause you know Camila gets called ugly! You are insecure and brittle, I can break you in two hoee ?

      • Clarks0oñ February 9, 2020

        U said her tour is not selling, I gave u receipts, now u acting a fool cause u dont have a come back.
        Typical clown behaviour

        Where is normani on the charts? Dont deflect u m*****.
        When was the last time normani charted a song on the chart

        U want the last word, take the last word.
        A whole clown and then some.

        Normani looks like a man.
        An ugly gorilla

      • Only Facts February 9, 2020

        @fancy lol, I keep telling y’all, ignore that inbred gorilla. The more we ignore him, the more he’ll self destruct and talk to himself with multiple accounts. He’s writing essays to convince himself (not us) that canola is a star. He’s as insecure as she is. Ignore him and ignore her.

      • Fancy BISH February 10, 2020

        @Only facts ? I mostly just ignore Clarksdaughter but that “thing” or “it” has been getting on my nerves, especially when “it” talks about Canola’s Groupon tour ? I can’t deal with the delusion sometimes, but I will ignore “it’s” raggedy asss from now on! ?

  9. XYZ February 9, 2020


  10. Jay February 9, 2020

    Do people still check for quavo?

  11. WHUHUTT February 9, 2020

    why is this idiot styled like my generation, demography, culture and how we grew up ? i H A T E his music and this guy is PRETENDING TO BE HOW WE GREW UP ? WHAT IS THIS GUY´S BLOODY OBSESSION WITH RAIDING ALL OUR CULTURES FOR Y E E E A A A A R R R R S S S S ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • 1988 February 9, 2020

      Why do you keep saying this? Anyone can dress how they damn well please. In fact, those are his clothes he is wearing: Drew House. In the words of Left Eye, “that’s the style that he likes.” You most definitely don’t have to like his music but you can’t tell him what clothes to wear. I honestly can’t believe you take this so seriously. Where did you grow up that you didn’t see people of all races wearing baggy clothes in the 90’s?

  12. Jason February 9, 2020

    He really thinks he’s gifted enough to just throw out anything. Why’d he look like he just rolled off a cot at a shelter?! ? I can’t!!

    • WHUHUTT February 9, 2020

      he looks like my culture and how we grew up he is an autotune singer pretending to be cultures that wouldn´t listen to his cr@p music if one paid us

      • XYZ February 9, 2020

        You’re a hillbilly?

  13. 1988 February 9, 2020

    Bow down all ya’ll ugly haters. 🙂

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