Chart Check [Hot 100]: Doja Cat Climbs To First Top 40 Hit With ‘Say So’

Published: Tuesday 3rd Mar 2020 by Rashad

‘Say So’ seems to be just what the doctor ordered for rapstress Doja Cat.

Lifted from her sophomore album, ‘Hot Pink’ (2019), the funky tune – which sees the 24-year-old also flex her vocal chops – was already winning on streaming and digital outlets ahead of the arrival of its summery video last week.

Paired with rising popularity due to a flood of fan mashups alongside a few high profile promotional appearances (including a rocking performance on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ on February 26), the combination is proving potent for Cat as the cut’s climb up the Billboard Hot 100 has been the most impressive of her career to date.

Look inside to find out where she landed among the top 40 competition on this week’s ‘TGJ Chart Check: Hot 100.’

Reaching #33 on this week’s edition of the tally, ‘Say So’s sales and streaming surpass her previous personal best – the #41 peak of ‘Juicy’ (featuring Tyga).

Early chart reads suggest the Dr. Luke-penned song will rise on next week’s Hot 100, potentially giving Doja the first top 20 of her career.

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  1. Just Sayin’ March 3, 2020

    Congrats to Doja while y’all shady queens here at TGJ why don’t y’all talk about how Yikes fell out of the hot 100 after only 2 weeks. My how Nicki has fallen.

    • Alfalfa March 3, 2020

      It was a promo single

    • E. March 3, 2020

      I knew somebody was gone mention Nicki. #THEOBSESSION

    • POPS Muva March 3, 2020

      they got dragged once for posting it lmao her fans came on here saying why was it necessary. but yes she fell off in only 2 weeks. and her fans will come with any excuse

      • E. March 3, 2020

        It’s more like y’all come up with any excuse to mention Nicki. I’ve seen Nicki’s name mentioned in plenty of articles that wasn’t even about her. Pretty much like this one. I’m sure there’s other artist that fell off the countdown but y’all focus is Nicki.

  2. Clarks0o0ñ March 3, 2020

    Camila 2 songs in the top 40

    My oh my- 22
    Seniorita- 35

    Where is that rat called normani?
    It’s been 3 whole months since normani saw inside the billboard hot 100.

    Remember when you guys said she was gonna end Camila in 2020?


    • Oh plz March 3, 2020

      Since you’re referencing charts yet again, don’t forget to mention It’s-a-Nomance falling 5 spots to #33 on the BB 200.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 3, 2020

        Dont forget to include that romance is certified gold with 800k sold and 2 billion streams so far

        Atleast my faves has an album on the billboard 200,
        where is normani on the:

        iTunes 100 charts
        Billboard hot 100
        Spotify 100
        Billboard 200
        iTunes 100

        Where is normani on these charts?
        I thought u guys said 2020 was gonna be her year, we are already in march and the bìtch has appeared on the charts since November last.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 3, 2020

        @oh plz

        Gurl u thought u did something did u?
        Why are u quiet?

        Waiting for ur comeback

        Come for queen cabello, its gonna cost u.

    • Doja PussyCat March 3, 2020

      Doja Cat is going to snatch Normani wig by surpassing #33 of Motivation ???
      We love to seeee itttt

  3. Only Facts March 3, 2020


    • Doja PussyCat March 3, 2020

      Normani is a FLOP, don’t Stan for her! stream doja cat! She’s good!

    • Cüümila Cebolla March 4, 2020


  4. Only Facts March 3, 2020


    • Doja PussyCat March 3, 2020

      Normani is a FLOP and a drama queen don’t support here. Doja Cat is the new thing! She’s pretty , plz support doja cat.

  5. Doja PussyCat March 3, 2020

    There some shady a** bushes here, all talk and no action. Their fave I can’t hear them from the bottom of billboard hot 100, I have to dig deeper to bubbling hot 100 still nowhere to be found
    Noname is a flop.

  6. Bogus March 3, 2020

    Juicy and Rules are much better songs…I guess the TikTok audience fiefhtvreakjy know what she’s even talking about in this song just that it sounds fun and friendly

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 3, 2020

      Rules is so good

      “Play with my pùssy, dont play with my emotions” is an iconic line.

      If her team plays their cards right this particular line can be iconic as lizzo’s ” I just took a DNA test..”
      And it can catapult the song up the charts.

  7. High Price March 3, 2020

    This joint is LIT and she is gorgeous! I’m here for it!

  8. CardiIsQueen March 3, 2020

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that she’s f***** Dr.Luke! The r*****.. all he did was change his name to produce music.. lol cause he def produced this along with 3/4 other songs! TYSON TRAX IS DR.LUKE!! Wake tf up

    • Beam Me Up Scotty March 3, 2020

      If I could f u c k someone and make millions, I would do it, too

    • Cüümila Cebolla March 4, 2020

      Aren’t you a Cardi fan?
      I don’t wanna know how many times this girl was fücking for a come up ?‍♂️

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