From The Vault: Whitney Houston – ‘I’m Every Woman’

Published: Sunday 8th Mar 2020 by Joe

We’re pretty sure by now you are well acquainted with the fact that it is girls who run the world.

It’s International Women’s Day today, so what better way to honor all the ladies of music with an all-encompassing effort from none other than The Voice herself.

This week, we give you Whitney Houston’s take on ‘I’m Every Woman.’

The second single from 92’s monumental ‘The Bodyguard’ OST, ‘Woman’ was originally recorded in 1979 by funky diva Chaka Khan.

Written by legendary duo Simpson and Ashford, the reworking was produced by Narada Michael Walden and has a slow-paced introduction before bursting into a 90’s House music affair.

While the original version was considered a hit, peaking at #21 on the Billboard Hot 100, Houston’s incarnation bested it on the charts, reaching #4 in the US. Funnily, the project’s previous single ‘I Will Always Love You’ was still number one when the song reached its peak position.

Worldwide, ‘Woman’ strutted to #2 in Canada, #4 in the UK and #11 in both France and Australia. Talk about a global hit.

A very pregnant Nippy can be seen performing the song in an empty theater for the tune’s visual. With an all-female cast – which includes her mother Cissy, then-budding superstars TLC as well as Chaka Khan herself – Ms. Houston showed the world, like numerous women before her, that they can and should do everything they want, whenever they choose to.

As a voice, That Grape Juice has always been about women empowerment, solidarity and gender-equality. Though there is still a lot of work to be made, we’re glad more ladies are given the opportunity to be heard through their art but also beyond it.

To all the women, from those we know to the ones we intensely stan, we thank you for inspiring us over the years, and hope you can continue to fight with resilience, agility and class.

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  1. Kerry Johnson March 8, 2020

    Miss her ? R.I.P. Whitney a legend we will never forgot!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh plz March 8, 2020

    What a rare gem she was…Every time these “singers” of today open their mouths, I miss Ms. Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

  3. Fancy BISH March 8, 2020

    Beautiful songbird…the intro to this song always gets me ?❤️

  4. Rashad March 8, 2020

    Greatest voice of all time . Miss her every day

  5. Just Sayin’ March 8, 2020

    The Voice of a Generation. R.I.P Whitney. These new pop girls could never.

  6. MessyBoots March 8, 2020

    She never looked more gorgeous in this video.

    It’s so comforting re-watching old Whitney videos. I feel nostalgia for a simpler time. ??

      • MessyBoots March 9, 2020

        Hair, Body, Face ✔
        Vocals ✔
        Cinematography ✔

        Whitney’s videography especially from the 90s is low key slept on. My other faves during the 90s are Exhale, I Believe In You and Me, My Love Is Your Love, Its Not Right etc

      • Fancy BISH March 9, 2020

        Yes! ✅ ?

  7. Normani is Racist March 9, 2020

    Normanly could neva sing like Whitney Houston even the hologram. Normani is over.

      • Normani is Racist March 9, 2020

        Bish I don’t Stan for camila. Nice try. I just dislike Normani Stan’s like you dissing Nicki Minaj the Queen.

      • Fancy BISH March 9, 2020

        Oh please, I got your number Clark ?

  8. what would whitney houston say March 9, 2020

    she was so pretty whitney was so pretty. lord they f***** up.. yall f***** up… the police needs to speak to ray j again….why was her lip busted and leg bleeding?

    • what would whitney houston say March 9, 2020

      i know when whitney ” best friend ” and fellow coke and weed buddy mariah carey heard the picked ___whitney in bodyguard she was mad as s***._…they said whitney had got locked up for weed too,

  9. what would whitney houston say March 9, 2020

    pat houston can you please stop showing video of the tour ” whitney hologram ” people should have to pay to see it….i will be in las vegas smooches

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