Chart Check [Billboard 200]: Kehlani Hits Career Sales & Placement Peak with New Album’s Debut

Published: Tuesday 19th May 2020 by Rashad

Kehlani fans apparently couldn’t wait to get their hands on her sophomore album, ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t.’

The follow-up to 2017’s ‘SweetSexySavage,’ the May 8 released set – preceded by critically acclaimed singles ‘Everybody Business,’ ‘Toxic,’ and ‘FM&U’ – is a 15-track LP that boasts an impressive list of guest stars including Tory Lanez, Jhené Aiko, James Blake, Lucky Daye, and more.

After zooming to #1 on real-time iTunes sales tallies just hours after its unveiling (as we reported here), industry analysts predicted the project would shift 60,000-65,000 units by the end of its inaugural tracking week.  Now, reports indicate they were under count by a considerable sum.

Look inside to see ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’s final first week figures.

Billboard reports:

“…It Was Good Until It Wasn’t debuts with 83,000 equivalent album units. Of that sum, 56,000 are in SEA units (equating to 74.68 million on-demand streams of the album’s songs), 25,000 are in album sales (aided by more than 20 merchandise/album bundles) and 1,000 in TEA units.”

Opening at #2 on the refreshed Billboard 200, Kehlani’s latest is not only the highest charting album of her career to date, but also her biggest sales week ever.  The numbers best the singer-songwriter’s previous high – 2017’s ‘SweetSexySavage’ (which debuted and peaked at No. 3 with 58,000 units).

Look below to see who joins K in the top 25 of this week’s chart.


Billboard 200 This Week


Click here to stream Kehlani’s new album.

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  1. Only Facts May 19, 2020

    Who TF is “Nav”?? And how did he get a #1 album? Poor Hayley Williams…I love her in paramore, but her solo album sucks

    • Bogus May 19, 2020

      Producer/rapper he usually works with Metro Boomin

    • Bogus May 19, 2020

      She debuted at #1 on billboard RnB chart shouldn’t that matter More ?

    • Spotify Bish May 19, 2020

      @onlyfacts listening to Paramore😱😱😱
      Wow i thought you only listen to ghetoness😂😂😂

    • Doja Cat Say So May 20, 2020

      Is Hayley Williams the same chick in Sixpence None The Richer?

  2. Drinkmybussyjuice May 19, 2020

    This album was really bad. Her last album was a banger, but this… the most uninspired music ever. There was not one song that i NEEDED to go back to. Have not listened to it again since after the first run.

    • Bam May 19, 2020

      That’s cause all these R&b girls seem to be stuck on this slow ass music with little to no real bop. The girls now need to look at the girls from the early 2000s. They had slow slings too but the production was top notch and they had uptempos.

      I am glad her sales/streams are so high though as with not even a portion of the push that some of the pop girls are getting Kehlani sold as much as many of them. Labels need to push for and believe in R&b and R&b artist need to stop shying away from party hits. This has been the worst generation of R&b music for party/club hits.

  3. Neon May 19, 2020

    What are SEA and TEA units? These terms mean nothing unless they’re decipherable, sorry.

    Congrats, Kehlani. I haven’t listened to the album yet as I was left underwhelmed by her debut album after loving her previous two mixtapes. I think sometimes when an artist becomes commercial on a global scale, they change their sound to fit that of what is current, which is fair enough. I’ll give it a spin this weekend.

    • Pu$$yPopstress May 20, 2020

      TEa are track equivalent sales meaning that for every 10 sales of any album song added 1 sale to her overall week sales total

      Sea is steaming equivalent. Every 1500 streams equal 1 sale

      • Neon May 20, 2020

        Thank you.

  4. qʇsǝppɐq May 19, 2020

    I listened while making dinner tonight. It’s a good album, not too much of a different sound from SSS. And when it was she delivers. Lyrically, it’s an 8. Really short though. And where is All Me? 🙄

  5. Fierce May 20, 2020

    I am happy for her but truth be told.I prefer her EP “while we await” to this!🤦🤦🤦🤦

  6. Swirly May 20, 2020

    “SweetSexySavage” was a far better project in my opinion. This album sounds same-y. It might grow on me in the future, but for now it’s way too sleepy for me. Congrats on her success!

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