Exclusive: Tank Dishes on New EP, Pursuing Stand Up Comedy, TGT Reunion, & Eyeing a Brandy Duet

Published: Thursday 14th May 2020 by Rashad

Tank has been a fixture in front of and behind the R&B scenes for over 20 years.

When not flexing his penmanship for some of the genre’s most prized acts including Kelly Rowland, Fantasia, Chris Brown, Keith Sweat, Tyrese, Jennifer Hudson, Keyshia Cole, and many more, he’s penned and performed his own treasure chest of Platinum and Gold-certified gems including ‘When We,’ ‘Please Don’t Go,’ and more across 9 studio albums and other musical projects.

That Grape Juice recently sat down with the GRAMMY nominee to discuss his storied career, latest effort (the ‘While You Wait’ EP), venturing into stand-up comedy, the possibility of reuniting with R&B super group TGT (alongside Tyrese and Ginuwine), and so much more.

Hop inside to read our session:

That Grape Juice: How is quarantining going for you?

Tank: I love being home. I hang out in my house and home studio, take my kids to school and pick them up, and all that. It’s beautiful, brother.

That Grape Juice: Good to hear.  Let’s talk about music.  Just five months after your last album, ‘Elevation,’ you released the ‘While We Wait’ EP. Why so soon?

Tank: Music is consumed so fast these days. Look at the Drake’s, the Chris Brown’s, and the people doing mainstream music. The reason they’re able to garner and maintain attention is because they’re giving their fans so much to consume.

On the Urban A/C side, I’m one of the highest streaming guys on my platform and the reason is because I’m able to push out a lot of content. Plus, I wanted to give something to people that catered to them being close. I think the energy and aesthetic of this EP does that.

That Grape Juice: With over 20 years in the game, would you say your creative process has changed since your first major project?

Tank: The major difference from then to now is I know who I am, what people want to hear from me, and I know that the natural growth in those areas will be accepted and respected.

That Grape Juice: I want to examine the title, ‘While You Wait.’  Are you saying while we wait in quarantine or while we wait for your next album?

Tank: Both.

That Grape Juice: So, are you actively working on the next album?

Tank: Maybe…you never know (laughs). It’s all about the surprise when this quarantine over; whoever is ready is going to be ready. But, I don’t want to say too much and get some of the competitors to wake up.

That Grape Juice: Ok.  Shifting gears a bit, we always like to play a game called “Five From Fans” where we’ve collected five questions from your fans just for you.

Tank:  I’m ready.

  • TGJ #1: When are we getting that Brandy collaboration?

Tank: Hopefully soon, at least by the next project. I need that to happen, too.

  • TGJ #2: Who are a couple of names you think would be worthy of a Tank VERZUZ battle?

Tank: It’s tough because there aren’t a lot of people who do what I do.  I write, sing, produce, and perform.  I would want to battle someone who does all of that because it wouldn’t be fair to battle a person who only sings, only writes, or only produces.

  • TGJ #3: Have you ever wished you kept a song you wrote for another artist for yourself?

Tank: Nope. Every song  I’ve written for others was written with them in mind.  So, it wasn’t a record I felt like was mine to begin with.

  • TGJ #4: Will there ever be a TGT reunion with Ginuwine and Tyrese?

Tank: I doubt it. We all do what we do for different reasons. I think getting us back into a mode where those reasons have to align seems impossible. I just don’t want to compromise my love for performing and creating – especially not with ulterior motives,  bad energy, or anything like that.

  • TGJ #5:  If you could create another super group with yourself and two other singers, male or female, who would they be?

Tank: Myself, Joe, and Brandy.  That would be fresh.

That Grape Juice: Well, let me be the first to put that into the universe!  Until then, what else can we expect from Tank in 2020 after the quarantine ends?

Tank: More comedy, more acting. I’m going to be doing more stand-up stages and auditioning more to get on TV.

From an executive side, I’ll be dropping more music from my artists and building those careers as well. In the future, there might be less “Tank as an artist.”

Tank’s new EP, ‘While You Wait,’ is available on all platforms now!

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  1. Martaevia La’Wayne May 14, 2020

    The group choice would be dope. They’re all great vocalist!

  2. eric May 14, 2020

    Speaking of TGT, Tyrese headlined a concert I went to in February and Ginuwine was one of the opening acts. I wondered how Ginuwine would do since he disappeared after 2011 and was rumored to be on drugs, but he looked and performed like it was 98 again. Tyrese was great too when he was singing and not talking. Tank was not a part of the show and I did not miss him. I don’t take him seriously anymore. He’s way out there.

  3. Only Facts May 14, 2020

    Interviewer: “Tank, when did you last have a 🍆 in your mouth?”

    Tank: “Yes.”


  4. Pat May 14, 2020

    One of the best vocalist w trash music

  5. Maranda May 14, 2020

    I think the only person or thing that held tgt back was TYRESE GREEDY ASS!!! I also would absolutely love to hear Tank and the vocal bible on some music together!!!!!!!!!!! I love Tank his voice and talent is priceless. Keep doing it Tank you are so appreciated❤️

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