Cardi B’s New Album Held Up By Contract Negotiations?

Published: Thursday 14th May 2020 by Sam

Cardi B fans are feverishly anticipating the femcee’s sophomore album and have been for a while.

And it’s easy to digest why.

The rapper blazed a trail with chart-topper ‘Bodak Yellow’ and its multi-Platinum parent album ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ – which was released back in 2018.

She’s also racked up GRAMMYs and a growing list of Billboard hits.

Suffice to say, she’s more than whet appetites for her second studio effort. Which begs the question: where is it?

Well, a new report appears to shine light on the behind the scenes happenings that may explain the elongated wait.

Join us after the jump…

According to Hits Daily Double (citing sources close to the matter), contract renegotiations are at the center of the lengthy gap between ‘Privacy’ and its follow-up – a set Cardi has been teasing in snippet form for several months. The report relayed:

[Cardi has] dropped a number of tracks and features in the last year or so, but it’s been a long while since her 2018 debut album (3.3m+ RTD). Still, she’s a monster brand; insiders say a protracted renegotiation of her record deal has held up the release of her next full-length. What’s taking so long to get that deal done? Is something more than money involved?

Additional particulars were not shared. Although, given the enormity and relative speed of her success, it’s safe to assume there are plenty of t’s to cross and i’s to dot.

In any case, here’s hoping we’re fed with new music soon!

Because, say what one will about Belcalis, there’s no denying that her heat streak helped melt the monotony of the female rap scene and cleared the way for many of the ladies slaying presently. Particularly as relates to their ability to nab wins at the same time as each other. So who better to benefit from that than Cardi?!

We’re buzzed for her return. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Only Facts May 14, 2020

    This is a lie. Nicki still has y’all on payroll I see. Nice try. Cardi is unbothered

    • Bogus May 14, 2020

      Wtf? This article didn’t even bash Cardi l…..why else would her singles be so delayed? She posted on the day savage dropped that she was releasing a song called Respect then deleted it…stop acting like Clarkson the resident SCUM TROLL

      • Only Facts May 14, 2020

        You’re a simpleton. The article was clearly written to make it seem like cardi is losing steam, and now that Doja is here nobody wants cardi, and the label is shelving her album. Not true. She said all along that she released money, please me, and press so she had new content to promote while she was traveling and doing shows. Show me where she said please me and money were for her album…I’ll wait. Artists do one off singles sometimes. Cardi and her 3 #1 singles and her GRAMMY remain unbothered. Good luck to nicki trying to steal a Grammy like she stole a #1

      • FAF May 14, 2020

        Projection. She is. You’ll deal.

      • Bogus May 14, 2020

        Gworl you are just a lunatic like a Clarkson I hate to see someone doing well and like to create competition..why tf are you bringing up Nicki again? Oh because you’re pressed. You’re now SCUM ALONG WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND CLARKSON. I used to
        Like you but nah b**** you’re crazy for this comment. And guess the f*** what Cardi didn’t deserve a Grammy for IOP it was not all that and I like Cardi even on her LHH days You’re pressed about Nicki

    • KingBey May 14, 2020

      Did we read the same post? There was ntn negative about this article thou!

    • ME+YOU+US May 14, 2020

      Your and idiot..why is ok for everything to praise nicki is bad…bt to bash nicki no matter what is to give sway on cardi truthfully is to lie and praise her on nothing is burn in the sun Becky’s and Brad’s are so spoiled you cant even except the truth🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • Meme May 14, 2020

      You know I rock with in most things but I think you interpreted the article wrong. It was more so siding with Cardi. I didn’t get a negative tone from this at all.

  2. Dc May 14, 2020

    Good she knows her worth show these lil h*** who’s the queen Grammy winner 3x platinum 3 number 1 superstar 👏🏾👏🏾

    • Kenny May 14, 2020


      • Dc May 14, 2020

        Why her album still on billboard 200 u actually think they did payola and album still selling hater

  3. Section8DaGreat May 14, 2020

    The girl just released a successful (Grammy winning) debut album a little over 2 years ago with #1 singles to carry her through. Why is everybody rushing her to follow up so fast? The haters are praying for her downfall I see. Cardi release your music and album when you feel in your gut the time right.

    • Only Facts May 14, 2020

      EXACTLY! This was a passive aggressive album! She’s not trying to rush like other artists. In the 90’s and early 00’s a two year break was a minimum for artists between albums…but this generation is used to Ariana and DaBaby who release two albums within 6 months. Sick of the double standards.

      • Only Facts May 14, 2020

        ***passive aggressive article

      • 2bad2bme May 14, 2020

        Thank you! Everybody knows that you’re supposed to follow a successful album at least 2 years after its release date. Like you said, this new era are used to these microwaved album dropping every 5 weeks. We want Quality over Quantity

      • ME+YOU+US May 14, 2020

        Your a burn in the sun huh?

    • Bogus May 14, 2020

      I don’t think it’s praying for her downfall we want to hear new music. I didn’t think IOP was that great so I’m ready for something new as well. With all the attention rap is getting is definitely time for her to drop something new

    • FAF May 14, 2020

      She didn’t just erase s*** that was two years ago. No one releases three singles without an album in sight. She said c***** stopped her plans but yet megan and doja have releaseD and gone multi platinum and top 2…so what’s the next excuse ?

      • Justmeeeee May 14, 2020

        Some folks ate full of EXCUSES

  4. Sam May 14, 2020

    She still eating good off of her first album… wouldn’t be surprise if she doesn’t drop this year.

  5. Erica May 14, 2020

    Sis don’t want to be under that 360 deal & I can’t blame her, she makes bank

  6. HipHop Analyst May 14, 2020

    First off if she is negotiating her contract that is super smart. She has leverage and has proven success from IOP. Therefore she can get a better deal for the second era. This is smart and common practise in the music industry.

    There is no proof to even say she is in negotiations. The article is trying to manipulate the audience to make it seem Cardi is losing steam as they are on Nicki’s payroll. You will see the patterns and the subtlenesse.

    Second off. Cardi has a bunch of songs ready to go like RESPECT which is pure fire. She will be prepared and shoot videos and have an organized roll out after the c***** virus

    She stated this in her iG live multiple times.

    You guys need to do your research before coming out with fabrications to try to manipulate people.

    • Bogus May 14, 2020


      • Jigglypuff May 14, 2020

        Fcuk garbaj and her rhinoAss

  7. Justmeeeee May 14, 2020

    Y’all sound stupid to even suggest that Nicki is paying TGJ…
    Knowing this site routinely hates on Nicki FACTS

    If anything y’all should be thanking TGJ for even mentioning this gutter bum.
    Even when they try to dress her up all you see is a dolled up hoodrat trying yo look fashionableshe will never be Nicki EVEN with her most recent plastic surgery/ chin shaving.
    Its still a NO!

    In case y’all didn’t know here is what is really going on
    She is chasing Offset around
    She is waiting for Nicki to drop her next Album FACTS

    This is the REAL reason why she is stalling.

    • HipHop Analyst May 14, 2020

      Wasn’t Nicki supposed to drop a documentary she promised 2-3 years ago?
      Didn’t she say her 5th album was done over a year ago? Where is it?.. is she waiting for Cardi to drop?

      Nicki has dropped so many flops with horrible rollouts like Megatron,Yikes,and all of her other features bubbling under.

      • Bogus May 14, 2020

        Yikes debuted at number 11 then her address was released to public behind her husbands criminal record so no promo etc. Try agin hater. She lives in your mind damn I’m glad I like Nicki, Doja, Meg, Kash Doll, Trina b****** are dumb

    • Jigglypuff May 14, 2020

      Fcuk garbaj and her rhinoAss

  8. Xtina4ever May 14, 2020

    Cardi on a song that was just released.

  9. Justmeeeee May 14, 2020


    I see the Truth of my comment was a bit much for you….
    No worries .
    I’ll Help you analyze the situation ok

    Nicki’s money is Long
    All of her albums are PLATINUM
    Her most recent feature is #1 Now!
    Her PRIOR feature with a latin artist was #1 on the Latin charts
    Her feature with Meg caused a Hot Girl Summer that helped Meg chart at #11 helped put her in the top 20 as a New Artist
    Her last buzz single Yikes sold very well and was very popular WITHOUT a video…

    ALL of the above are FACTS
    Feel free to research…

    BTW Nicki did actually ANNOUNCE that she was taking time off

    She can afford to do so as she is still VERY relevant and clearly sought after.
    Not to mention she writes her raps
    No need for a Pardison…LoL

    WHO is tripping off of a feature with Dirty B ?


    • C******* UNBOTHERED May 14, 2020

      Cardi B has far more creditability as a Female Rapper than Nikki. Nikki is in no way shape or form responsible for Cardis Success (nikki was already WASHED up for years before Cardi was even heard of) Invasion of Privacy however has reignited public interest in female rappers BIG TIME. Cardi has a REAL #1 and Grammy and a Critically acclaimed Album Nikki is all pure QUANITITY with ZERO hits to speak of.

      The comparison here isn’t similar to a Beyonce(Nikki) vs Rihanna(Cardi) comparison it’s actually more like Facebook/Google(cardi B) vs MySpace/Aol(Nikki) Debate lol

      • Justmeeeee May 14, 2020

        @ Fat & Funky /
        Diabetes Unbothered /
        C- 19 Unbothered

        You constantly change your name with the same pic tho….

        In response to your comment
        Blah- blah- blah

        BUT you didn’t answer my question !

        The hottest new artist out right now ALL wanted to collab with Nicki
        Meg the Stallion
        Doja Cat

        Even colorful snitch- nine made sure he had her on FeFe

        So AGAIN, I am asking the question,

        WHO is tripping off of a feature with Dirty B ?

      • Janky Frank September 15, 2020

        Cardi doant have that much credibility Nicki in hip hop Please stop smoking d***. She been out for 3 years and still haven’t dropped a damn freestyle 😂 this is rap. Nobody gives a damn about a number 1 dong it a Grammy. We care about BARS. so in other words Cardi has more credibility than Nas, snoop dog and the wu tang clan, their all legends without number 1s and Grammys…..and they’re still solidified. Cardi career was just dead right before WAP. You can’t call yourself the best if your career died in less than three years of rapping 🤣🤣🤣

    • Yep May 14, 2020

      A paragraph for what, GROWN MAN?

      • Justmeeeee May 14, 2020

        Awwweee 🙂
        Just for your response sweetie!
        You are Pressed & Done
        Like your fave….

        But you can always try again, LoL

  10. PB May 14, 2020

    She’s done.

    • Freaky mina j May 14, 2020

      yourAss is done f.aggotie

  11. Justmeeeee May 14, 2020

    Some folks ate full of EXCUSES

  12. A&R May 14, 2020

    Love this woman and her music. That album was amazing and deserved that Grammy. I don’t normally listen to female rap albums but Cardi’s sounds crosses over enough that I could actually ride to her album. She makes good music, yo🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. Justme May 14, 2020

    She is losing steam. She was on a couple tracks these past two years and none of them hit like her album except taki taki.. yall say wait two years. She doesn’t have the staying power. What she did was considered “new”. But now I don’t see her standing out from the crowd. I see the other girls out doing her. She has a personality but so does 69(shade)

    • Yep May 14, 2020

      None of what you say will ever take away that -72 from your fave. Losing steam is that -72 drop from Megatron. Sit, ADULT MAN.

    • HipHop Analyst May 14, 2020

      Losing steam?
      She drops pure 🔥

      Your just mad because she surpassed your fav in one era

    • Dc May 14, 2020

      Yet her album still on billboard 200 after 2 years ok 👌🏽 😂😂😂

  14. K May 14, 2020


  15. Beam+Me+Up+Scotty May 14, 2020

    NICKIMINAJ has now surpassed Camila Cabello is now the 3rd female artist with the most monthly listeners on Spotify — 45,290,626.

  16. Beam+Me+Up+Scotty May 14, 2020

    Who? Only female rappers I know are Megan, Doja, and Nicki Minaj.

    • The Gag iz… May 23, 2020

      B**** you know Cardi! The way she put her bloody shoes on that wanna be street fighter bish neck for the last 2years!!…I get it, you mad sis! But it will be ok. Cuz your fave is still being eclipsed by her!!!

  17. ibrahim July 22, 2020

    nice deal onpoint.

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