Chloe x Halle Announce Sophomore Album ‘Ungodly Hour’

Published: Thursday 14th May 2020 by Sam

Chloe x Halle sprung a surprise on fans moments ago. For the singing sisters have announced their second studio album ‘Ungodly Hour.’

Full story below…

The rising stars, who are signed to Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment, revealed that the set will be released on June 5th. 

Following 2018’s critically acclaimed debut ‘The Kids Are Alright,’ the project adds to a packed slate of activity from the Bailey siblings – which includes their collective casting on Freeform’s ‘Grown-ish’ and Halle’s enlisting as Ariel in Disney’s live action remake of ‘The Little Mermaid.’

Want a taste of the album? New single ‘Do It’ drops tomorrow!

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  1. Ms.+Fish May 14, 2020

    Excited to hear what they’re bringing with the next album. The album cover, the girls are serving 😍

  2. Kel May 14, 2020

    Who actually listens to them?

    • Dc May 14, 2020

      Exactly Beyonce couldn’t help them they are like Teyona Taylor stay on blogs but can’t sell music to save their lives

      • Bogus May 14, 2020

        They actually do pretty well stream their current single Catch Up

      • Truth May 14, 2020

        They not out here twirking and singing about being h*** which is what the climate is right now…talent does not sell in this age… gimmicks do…example: top story in music is a rainbow haired Mexican that hasn’t put a song out in years…who has never really charted may I add…

  3. Only Facts May 14, 2020

    Hate the cover. Beyoncé isn’t doing right by them – they’re talented as hell. They’ll never get big as long as she’s at the helm of their career

    • G-bby May 14, 2020

      Beyonce’s allowing them to explore their artistry. They have 100% creative control. They write, arrange and vocally produce their own music. Beyonce has put them in rooms with very powerful people. They’ve performed on huge stages, starred in Grown-ish, and Chloe will be playing Ariel in the live adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Their rise is organic, not forced. They definitely have a machine behind them. One thing I will say is that their music isn’t for everyone.

      • Holliewuudd May 14, 2020

        agreed 1000 %. They are doing them and making coins in various industries. Like the title of the first album, the kids are alright!

  4. Ugghh May 14, 2020

    Yasssss come thru! Can’t wait!

  5. Keith May 14, 2020

    Count me in!

  6. Lyka May 14, 2020

    I dont like the titel…

  7. Chileplease May 14, 2020

    Giving incest d*** realness

    • Chileplease May 14, 2020

      D y k e

      • Bogus May 14, 2020


  8. Jackx May 14, 2020

    Don’t care for the title or cover

  9. Bebo+p. May 14, 2020

    Beyonce is doing noting with those talented girls

    • G-bby May 14, 2020

      False. Beyonce has done a lot for them. They wouldn’t have performed on national stages, or be starring in a highly rated sitcom and Disney movie without her co-sign. Also, they write, arrange and co-produce all of their music because Beyonce give’s them 100% creative control. They’re true artists who are allowed to thrive in their creativity. They’ve accomplished a lot to have never had a hit on the Hot 100. And guess what? They’re just getting started.

  10. 32222222222222222222222222222222225 May 14, 2020

    They will be BIG!

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