Kanye West Received Over $2 Million From Donald Trump-Approved Loan

Published: Tuesday 7th Jul 2020 by David

Shortly after announcing that he planned to run for President, Kanye West has discovered that the world has learned about a loan which sheds light on his ties to his supposed competitor Donald J. Trump.

Full story below…

The US Treasury released the names of companies which received over $150,000 from a program named PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) which was launched to save jobs following the outbreak of the current global health crisis.

Why? Political insiders suspected that a large number of the companies who received the largest loans had personal relationships with the Trump empire.

West’s clothing company Yeezy received between $2 million and $5 million from the program.

The drama which led to the unveiling of the sizeable loan’s details came after a number of political and business insiders complained that banks were prioritising large companies and/or people and businesses with connections to the Trump administration.

Forbes adds….

Other companies with ties to the Trump Administration got cash this round, including Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s family’s business, Foremost Maritime and Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy in New Jersey, which is named after Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner’s grandfather.

The PPP was created as part of the $2.2 trillion CARES act which was signed into law by Donald at the end of March to protect businesses from the health crisis and the havoc it is wreaking on the economy.

There are now calls for Kanye to respond.


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  1. Justme July 7, 2020

    He hires creatives to move his vision.. his vision.. you can’t brag how your wife is a billionaire, and that yezzys are sold out, and you can’t give 2 to 5 million dollars to your employees so your business won’t go under. That’s why he just like donald in a sense of what you own vs what your worth. Still he and his wife have more than enough money to help the employees. Beyonce and Jay Z would never.

  2. PinotNoir July 7, 2020


    Will do anything for money.

    Offin’ his ma 4 $? Plausible now.

  3. Gworl Bye July 7, 2020

    I’m telling yall, this c00n’s run for president is nothing but a ploy by trump and his cronies to upset the election & split the Biden vote to guarantee his reelection. I just hope and pray that black folks are smart enough to see the bullsh*t. NEVER trust a ni@@a that sells his soul and isn’t ashamed of it.

    • Ugh July 7, 2020

      Amen honey!!

    • Jackx July 7, 2020

      Facts, two 🤡 🤡

    • Fancy BISH July 7, 2020

      @Gworl Boy then you will be on your knees for hours but i’m sure you’re used to it.

  4. Misty Knight July 7, 2020

    Most black men are con artists and pimps. Here’s more proof. It’s why black women must LEAD.

  5. Divab July 7, 2020

    Kanye will not return money because In his mind he’s due this funds for small business. Kanye concerns is only being of billionaire status no matter how he becomes by it. He don’t give back neither does his wife /family unless they be called out. Kanye only focus is money 💰 coming in to help his status of being a billionaire period. Also Kanye running for President in 2020 is really have all his fans vote for him and in return his votes goes to Trump period.

  6. James July 7, 2020

    This is sad. There are many small businesses that are currently suffering due to the c********** pandemic. All that wealth that Kanye has, he couldn’t support his employees. Kanye is very wealthy he could have used it to help his business and employees. There were many business that did not receive PPP money pure selfishness

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