Jidenna Weighs-In On Transphobia

Published: Tuesday 7th Jul 2020 by Sam

Beyond unwrapping flavorsome bops, Jidenna is renowned for unwrapping his views on a number of societal topics too.

And the latest surrounds the trans discourse.

Full story below…

Today the ‘Classic Man’ took to Instagram, where he shared a video from The Conscious Lee — who probed the hate towards trans people from cis-gendered men who are ironically trans-attracted.

Captioning the clip “Facts,” it was clear Jidenna gave his ringing endorsement:


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Facts. @theconsciouslee #Repost

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  1. Blaine Kelley July 7, 2020

    Hell yeah,
    It’s awesome to see some intelligent and articulate brothas discussing the downfalls of heteronormativity, the ridiculousness of transphobia, and supporting trans woman!

    Keep it coming!


    • FK those tacky af Yeezy 4 taking my tax $ July 7, 2020

      love it

  2. Clarks0o0ñ July 7, 2020

    If u love trans women , u are GAY.

    I said what I said.

    • XYZ July 7, 2020

      You said what you said. It’s b*******, but you said what you said.

      We love to see you talking some nonsense

    • ME+YOU+US July 7, 2020

      Trans women are not women they are women that are trans..and it’s funny if trans women are women then why do these men look for trans women in particular make it make sense..if a trans women was just a women then look for any woman..naw they specifically want a chick with a d***… #makeitmakesense

  3. A&R July 7, 2020

    Did this guy just equate wearing fake jewelry that has no negative impact on the beholder to a person concealing their birth identity while marketing it to people who aren’t aware? Sir, having the right to know who you’re pursuing or meeting is not denying your attraction.

    This legit happen to my Friday last week. However, the transgender person actually shared they were trans once asked. This is scary man. I’m stop here.

    • Lyric July 7, 2020

      He was not comparing the two. What is actually was saying is that trans women or men shouldn’t have to run around with a sign that says I am trans. If someone is attracted to them it is not the obligation of the trans person to immediately say hey I’m trans. he said nothing about being in a relationship with a trans person he just simply said being attracted to a trans person. If you find a woman attractive and you ask for her number and she gives you the number are you saying she should write under her number I’m trans? A lot of trans people especially trans women are brutally killed for simply being trans so it is understandable convey what to make sure that they are safe and can trust the person who they are revealing are trans experience to.

      • Lyric July 7, 2020

        *understandable they want..

      • Biancacook July 7, 2020

        Yes they should. If I meet a man and he doesn’t disclose that he was born a woman I’d def have a problem. A heterosexual man wants a real biological woman because there is a difference. Just because a trans person doesn’t think there’s a difference doesn’t mean they get to make that choice for someone else. They have every right to live in there truth but they also have to be open n honest. Wanting to date or just be casual with a biological man/woman is not transphobia.

    • ME+YOU+US July 7, 2020

      He just a gay man trying to make his attraction to women with male genitals somehow not gay…to d**** during s** means homosexual..period…be yourself..have fun…bt save the manipulation and lies..

  4. Fancy BISH July 7, 2020

    Trans are not people they are things.

    • Jackx July 7, 2020

      You should be ashamed of yourself to wright that. your trash

  5. Jean July 7, 2020

    All this social justice stuff is for the gay community so they can have a world in which they can do all sorts of crazy s*** with no shame. Transexualism is a disorder , it is a mental abnormality-gender dysphoria- that can be tolerated by the masses but logical thinking people will always find it strange and crazy that a man is pretending to be a woman. You are not a biological woman , you are a man acting feminine, that is it. A woman acting macho is not a man, she is a macho acting woman. This is stupid that this is even a conversation.

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