‘New Agenda’: Janet Jackson Anthem Streamed 100 Million Times

Published: Wednesday 8th Jul 2020 by David

The general public is revisiting Janet Jackson‘sNew Agenda’ as the world faces an uncertain future.

Full story below…

If it wasn’t for our mothers there would be no brothers
And if it wasn’t for our sisters there would be no misters
So it ain’t nothing but an us thing
She’s strong and that’s a fact
Not it’s time for us to take up the slack
Step it up, step it up time to go to work

‘New’ appears on Janet’s self-titled album and features Chuck D. On it, the pair celebrate black women’s contributions to the community even in the face of sexism and adversity and condemned the world’s efforts to erase Africa’s history from the minds of her people.

As the world mourns the deaths of several African-American civilians, it appears that ‘Agenda’, along with her mega hit ‘Rhythm Nation (1 billion streams), is pulling many music lovers through what may be one of the darkest moments of their lives.

The sum of the renewed interest in the work? An estimated 100 million streams.

As of this week the single has been streamed 100 million times across all platforms thanks to a wave of streams garnered on Tik Tok, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Google Music, unofficial uploads of the track’s audio file and a wave of user-uploaded videos designed to tribute the icon.

The ‘Janet’ album has sold over 14 million units worldwide.


I’ve heard “no” too many times
But with every “no” i grow in strength
That is why
African-American woman
I stand tall with pride.


As for 1989’s ‘Rhythm Nation‘?

That song’s streaming figures (official and unofficial) stomp to the beat of 1 billion streams.

Powering its shapely figure? 21 million views generated by its official music video on YouTube and astronomical digits which can be found on all major streaming services which house a library of remixes released to extend its original chart run.


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  1. Fancy BISH July 8, 2020

    My JAM ❤️👊🏽🤳🏽 #MUVA

  2. Lmfao_Hoe July 8, 2020

    I’ve been playing this song along with the entire Rhythm Nation Album, What’s Going On album by Marvin Gaye, Prince’s Sign of the Time, and Whitney’s Love Will Save the Day 🙏🏽🖤💯

  3. Keith July 8, 2020

    Well, THIS is certainly pleasant news. I was secretly hoping that her socially conscious music might pick up some new fans during this time. It most certainly deserves to be floated with Marvin, Stevie, and Prince’s socially aware classics. Good work, my people!!!!!


    One of my favorite songs of the JANET. album. Rhythm Nation is my favorite album and everything she spoke about then is still wombat we’re dealing with today.

  5. Sadie July 8, 2020

    As I recall the “Design of A Decade ” I was drawn to the versatility you displayed that united races across all nations. Your voice assembles us to stand during the times attested now Janet. Always my girl!

  6. Box n dva Smith July 8, 2020

    I love janet she’s a black down to earth sister. My look alike Happy Birthday J.J.

  7. 1988 July 8, 2020

    History hidden from me
    To hide my identity
    So I’d never feel
    I am somebody
    You’ve gouged my eyes
    I see more clearly
    You’ve tried to rob
    My humanity
    My spirit you tried to break
    My soul you tried to take
    There’s no need to be afraid
    Cause I won’t do unto you now…..

    Queen Janet 🙂

  8. JoeJoe July 8, 2020

    Actually the “janet.” album has sold over 20 million copies. It’s Madonna fans who go back and edit Janet’s wikipedia page to lower her sales. Some of the people who work for wikipedia are Madonna stans and they’ve always disliked Janet.

    • Fancy BISH July 9, 2020

      Chile, some people are so DELUDED 🤣 They think by changing something around makes it valid 😂 Ain’t nothing they can do about reality lol 🤳🏽

    • KissFanMac July 9, 2020

      Lies! All lies!

      • Kiss Fan Mac July 9, 2020

        Do you have any proof? Plus you don’t have to work for Wikipedia to edit things! You’re reaching!

      • Bojan July 9, 2020

        You don’t have to work for Wikipedia, but Wikipedia editors won’t allow you to make any changes on Janet’s pages, even if it’s well documented. Try it by yourself. They correct it fast to a smaller number, and then block you from editing – forever.

      • Bojan July 9, 2020

        The source for those 20 million copies sold is Richard Branson. It’s on his website, in his own words, in a post about Janet. Scroll at the bottom: https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/signing-janet-jackson Wikipedia would approve this as a reliable source for anyone, but not for Janet.

    • Bojan July 9, 2020

      I’m a huge Janet fan, but, with all honesty, “janet.” didn’t sell 20 million albums. It sold around 25 million records (14 million albums, according to official press releases and her website, and over 10 million singles and videos). Janet’s sales were, and still are, huge, so there’s no need for exaggeration. However, her numbers are lowered on Wikipedia, especially sales for the “All for You” album and overall records sales, while album sales by other artists are exaggerated. They use the smallest possible number for Janet they can find on the Internet, and the largest possible they can find for anybody else. That’s how they try to make Janet’s sales lower, but, unfortunately for them, even those sales are amazing, so I don’t see the point.

      • BeanCounter July 9, 2020

        This is bang on, and applies to many artists not just janet. Record execs and promoters talk about selling ‘10, 20, 30’ etc Million records’ but that number includes singles. Janet always sold well in both the singles and the albums categories so the combined total is simply stellar. The Janet era altogether did sell 20-25M records but half of that was singles. Six singles were released domestically and seven internationally. All were Top 10 hits in USA and Top 20 in most major global markets.

        Where Janet’s sales record does suffer is from underrepresented RIAA certified Platinum albums. She has several of the best ever selling albums via the late 80’s – early 00’s magazine music clubs such as BMG. In these clubs you got 5-10 albums for the price of 1 on sign up but then had to buy 1-2 per month at full price before qualifying for more discounts later. The RIAA doesn’t recognize those sales at all, which cuts 1-2 M each off the sales of Control, RN1814, Janet., DOAD, TVR and All For You albums. This is unfair as they later did count the sales of people like Lady Gaga who sold their albums for $0.99 – $3 in the first week.

  9. Boytoy1814 July 9, 2020

    “New Agenda” is str8 fiyaah w/a message for women worldwide!!!

    “Rhythm Nation” has 1 BILLION streams! 😲😲😲 #Faints

  10. Katrina Childrey July 9, 2020

    Janet Jackson forever

  11. sherl July 9, 2020

    You give us positive hope we need this on the airways when we here great music from great the best in the world Micheal would be proud of you you have the same positive spirit as he did carry on the legacy you go gir

  12. Krystal A. July 9, 2020

    Janet’s New Agenda and KOP’s They don’t care about us are songs that speak volumes right now!

  13. niki July 9, 2020

    Janet is much more important than a lot of people think.Back in 1989 she make music and speak about drugs about violence and injustice at the age of 23.
    While she put this music to clubs and to young peoples houses.
    I know she changed a lot of peoples lives because i m one of them too.
    I start listen to her Rhythm Nation album when i was 10 years old.From that day my whole life changed forever because of her ,because of her music.
    Janet learn to me how to care about the world we live on.
    New Agenda is really important song too.Very powerful lyrics.If you haven’t heard the song ,do it now..Specially if you are young ,if you are black ,female or male .
    I m so proud janet fan !

  14. Fancy BISH July 9, 2020

    She looks like a clown.

    • Fancy BISH July 9, 2020

      @Clarkson, your inbred mama looks like a clown 🤣 Janet has flavor

  15. James Gee July 9, 2020

    Also, please listen to her hidden track on the Velvet Rope CD – We Can’t be Stopped.

    • James Gee July 10, 2020

      We were born of kings and queens. We can’t be stopped.

  16. AMD July 10, 2020

    I’m so glad that Janet’s classic gems are being appreciated in these times!

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