Taylor Swift Set For Fifth UK #1 Album With ‘Folklore’

Published: Monday 27th Jul 2020 by Ryan

Taylor Swift is set to be the 1 on the UK album chart with her latest release, ‘Folklore.’ 

Full story below:

Arriving 11 months after the release of her seventh studio album, ‘Lover,’ ‘Folklore’ is already outperforming the rest of the top 5 albums on the Official UK Album Chart combined.

The 16-track set would be Swift’s fifth chart-topper in the country, following her albums ‘Red,’ ‘1989,’ ‘Reputation,’ and ‘Lover.’

Additionally, the Pop songstress is on course to score three UK Top 10 hits with ‘Cardigan’ at #4, ‘The 1’ at #5, and ‘Exile’ with Bon Iver at #7. It would bring the music superstar’s Top 10 total to 16.

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  1. Doja Cat Say So July 27, 2020

    👑 Queen 👸 Taylor Swift😍

    • Taylor Swift 1989 July 27, 2020

      She deserved it!

    • Reputation July 28, 2020


    • Sip Lizzo Juice July 28, 2020


  2. Taytayfan July 27, 2020

    Wow I’m proud of my fave Taylor🤳🏼

    • Taylor Swift 1989 July 27, 2020

      Same here😍😝🥰

      • Reputation July 28, 2020


    • Sip Lizzo Juice July 28, 2020

      Wow she proved her haters wrong

  3. Nashville Princess July 27, 2020

    This album is so unique and the fact that it took her only 3 months to write it… its incredible. Taylor rocks!

    • Saigon July 27, 2020

      Taylor’s vocals in this album are the best they’ve ever sounded

      • Taylor Stan July 27, 2020

        Her voice is soothing to my ear. She has a very nice voice.

    • Taylor Stan July 27, 2020

      to me, her best album so far. also aoty winner potential

    • Reputation July 28, 2020

      I love Cardigan, the 1, Betty, this is me trying, exile and hoax

  4. Ziggy July 27, 2020

    This is the masterpiece of Swift‘s career

    • Taylor Stan July 27, 2020

      She went in hard lyrically on this one.I’m a more fan

    • Reputation July 28, 2020

      I’m thinking he same thing💅🤳🏼💃

    • Sip Lizzo Juice July 28, 2020

      Yes it is. Even Kanye has to postponed his release because of her

  5. Stephanie July 27, 2020

    The thing that catches my attention the most is that people say it’s too boring, too sad, too simple. But these simple ballad songs carry messages that make you feel in a special sort of way, and that is something that some other artist with this big production will struggle to make you feel, to put you in that position. And I think that’s why Taylor occupies a place in the industry. It’s story telling. That’s what I love the most ❤️

    • Saigon July 27, 2020

      Cardigan is Betty’s POV
      Betty is James’ POV
      And August is the girl he cheated on Betty with’s POV

    • Taylor Swift 1989 July 27, 2020

      I love it too😘👑

    • Reputation July 28, 2020

      Agreed. She writes song and sing it from her heart. Talented and beautiful ❤️💕❤️😘

    • Sip Lizzo Juice July 28, 2020

      I love the genre-alternative Taylor

  6. Ryley July 27, 2020

    This album isn’t so much for radio or the charts it’s for critical acclaim and so far she’s doing really well!!

    • Shaniqua July 28, 2020

      Yea, I’m surprised. From country to pop, rin and now alternative

    • Sip Lizzo Juice July 28, 2020


  7. Saigon July 27, 2020

    Y.E.S. she is the moment. this is her best work to date. i mainly listen to pop only and wasn’t expecting this from her but damn this feels like meeting the real singer/songwriter Taylor Swift without any of that pop sensation or country princess title. on my 7th listen now 💖💖 fellow Swifties much love from Vietnam i love y’all (it’s midnight here and folklore makes me emotional)

    • Taylor Swift 1989 July 27, 2020


  8. London Boy July 27, 2020

    My indie/alternative soul is dancing on clouds!!!!!!!!!
    I love Exile!!!!! excuse me while I bawl

    • Taylor Swift 1989 July 27, 2020


  9. Taylor Stan July 27, 2020

    The artistry behind this album is IMMACULATE! she is at a point of her career where she can do whatever and only care about her fans and her craft. we stan.

    • Taylor Swift 1989 July 27, 2020

      Immaculate 👍💅

    • Shaniqua July 28, 2020

      She really put an effort and grow as an artist. She has loyal fan base.

  10. Taylor Swift 1989 July 27, 2020

    Congrats Taylor on your fifth number one album in UK

    • Taylor Swift RED July 27, 2020

      Congrats to Taylor Swift and swifties 💕

      • Reputation July 28, 2020


  11. Normani Love Lies July 27, 2020

    Where the collaboration with Camilla Cahillo? Lmfao

    • Normani The Flop Whisperer July 28, 2020

      Where’s Normani in the charts? She’s been M.I.A. In the charts since November 2019🤣😂🤣😂

    • Lizzo Truth Hurts July 28, 2020

      Camila’s “My Oh My” peaked at number one in Pop and Mainstream Radio charts. And Camila is Taylor’s friend so.

      • Reputation July 28, 2020

        Taylor and Camila collab is great idea plus they are great friends

  12. Reputation July 28, 2020

    Congrats Taylor! Well done my idol.

  13. Shaniqua July 28, 2020

    A big congrats to Taylor. She is really winning and a genuine talented artist. Give credit where it’s due.

  14. Sip Lizzo Juice July 28, 2020

    Congrats Taylor!

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