Tina Knowles Blasts Beyonce “Appropriation” Critics: “She Is Not Your Enemy”

Published: Friday 3rd Jul 2020 by Sam

Tina Knowles-Lawson is speaking up and out in support of daughter Beyonce. 

The trailer launch for Queen Bey’s ‘Black Is King’ visual album ignited excitement amongst the majority ahead of its July 31st arrival on Disney Plus.

Yet, a select few took to social media with thesis-like critiques of the project…before it’s even been released.

Indeed, odd claims of “appropriating” African culture were made — despite hundreds of African creatives being employed at every level of the production. From directors, to producers, to stylists, to on-screen talent, Africa is at the front and center what the singer has expressed is a passion project and – more importantly – a celebration of the Motherland.

Now, her own Mom has weighed in and she’s not holding back.

Her words below…

Ms. Tina shared the following on Instagram:


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She paired it with caption:

Thank you I could not have said it better. It’s really sad that the women who shout the loudest the “protect the black woman” that they are the ones that are trying to tear her down. Sisters wake up!!!! Beyonce was taught from a little girl to lift other women up not to tear them down. She minds her own business , does not criticize anyone, Gives of her time and money , and dedicates her art to Boldly show the Royalty and beauty of our heritage and journey ! Her work is to change the narrative! To show that we did not start off as slaves , but that we were kings and queens before we were forced into slavery . Don’t you want to see something that shows that ! Aren’t you sick and tired Of seeing us as slaves !

She employs African and African-American people , fights for many “first” in the fashion and film world . Take an inventory of yourself and your hate . Where is it coming from ? I ask you to examine your heart and really take a look at what your motive is and what it’s fueled by! Then take that energy critiquing, and tearing down and put it to into an action that is fighting against the systemic racism that is going on right now and has been going on forever . The time that you take to tear her down you could be using that time to do that!! Critique and tear down the systems that hurt and suppress us. Use your social media platform to work on getting people out to vote to change the laws critique the frigging laws!!

Stop being a social media terrorist to the wrong people ! Redirect that passion for change in that !!! Use your energy and great intelligence to fight people who choose to be oppressors. Beyonce is not your enemy!! But you would swear that she was! I love what this post said which is the honest to God truth. She sold more records before lemonade. I have one question for you too that I’m confused about “how do you appropriate the black culture when you are black?? “She has a right to her heritage as well as anyone else in the world. Just consider young sisters i love you🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️ and brothers thankyou for your balance and speaking up. 🙏🏾❤️

Knowles-Lawson went on to respond to a fan:

@mica4life Thank you darling I know you mean well but the truth is for everyone to criticize her there are 15 who love her! I know this ! but if Beyonce was anyone else’s daughter I would stand up for them in this situation ! It’s not because she is my my daughter that I talk about it , it’s because it’s the right thing to do! The haters are like little gnats takes a whole bunch of them to add up to a fly! But my post is to educate not to tear down our to fight . I don’t let the haters get to me! So thank you but I’ll keep up the fight❤️🙏🏾


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  1. june July 3, 2020

    well said..They need to stop the BS with Beyonce…she is black too

    • Rhonda With The Good Hair July 3, 2020

      When did she became “black”? the first time she supported BLM was during Super Bowl the show she accepted for the 2nd year in a row despite several artists refuse to be complicit with the NFL.

  2. Clarks0o0ñ July 3, 2020

    “Beyonce was taught from a little girl to lift other women up not to tear them down”

    But she allowed her fans to attack “Becky with the good hair ” on Instagram.

  3. Clarks0o0ñ July 3, 2020

    Gurl, ur daughter did black face in a photo shoot back in 2011. She was not a teenager, she was a 29 year old adult woman.

  4. Only Facts July 3, 2020

    Wait, but let’s not ignore the fact that Tina posted a that lemonade was her lowest selling album. Explain Tina. Is it true that tidal inflated streaming numbers and it truly only sold 15k? Spill the beans.

  5. tyty July 3, 2020

    Chile i have people who actually live in Africa….they ain’t the least bit bothered by this Beyoncé isn’t trying to connect them to Africa she is trying to connect Black Americans to Africa. A load of fake outrage. The fact is all these fake diaspora twitter warriors will be tuning to watch Beyoncé wins either way. If anything Africans want bey to tour the continent ain’t that some irony…….

    • Rebbeca July 3, 2020

      This! Exactly.

    • AWTM July 4, 2020

      All Facts!!

      Lol, the Queen always has away of keeping their nerves on struck 😂. Bey will always Thrive, no matter what, doing what she does best.

  6. Gurlbye July 3, 2020

    “I’m not your enemy” is just what defensive white people say when you try to have a civil conversation about race.
    I’ve seen valid critiques about the way many African Americans romanticize and create a mythical Africa that has little to do with the reality of Africa or Africans living in it.
    We were not ALL Kings and Queens. That’s just not factual but it helps us feel better about our oppression in a country that tells us we aren’t s***, at every turn.

  7. Bravo!! July 3, 2020

    The formation came out years expressing how she felt about the culture. basically the love for herself and black people. We don’t know an artist’s every thought and who they’re as a person. When the ”Beyonce” album drop everyone felt a type of way about her expressing her womanhood. Mary j blige my life 2 album and the song love a woman featuring Beyoncé Mary said the first demo that was sent to her had some crazy verses on it. Mary had to have Beyoncé Re-record her verse. Then later on Beyoncé drops the Beyoncé album. We never know the art she going to release. She was already on the fight with the song formation.

  8. #TheTruth July 3, 2020

    I think Tina expressed her point pretty clearly and is making sense.

    I don’t want to make this about money or notoriety, but obviously it’s much easier being in their shoes saying such things when they don’t have to struggle like the « average black person » not getting privileges that come with their status.

    But she’s doing what she can to help on her level while many celebrities out there aren’t doing sh!t, so kudos to her.

    • Tiana July 7, 2020


  9. Bettie Clayton July 3, 2020


  10. Okay? July 3, 2020

    MOTHER’S will PROTECT their children! This makes me miss my mom!😥 RIP MOM🙏🏾

  11. Yandah Red July 3, 2020

    All the way from South Africa in so proud of what beyonce is doing she inspires me I’ve never felt so proud of being black thank you beyoncé

  12. MessyBoots July 3, 2020

    Bam! Mic drop on em Miss Knowles! 🎤

    She get that ish from Tina! #savage 👸🏾

  13. Siphithi Sibeko July 4, 2020

    I write from the motherland and am awfully proud of what our African Queen is doing by hoisting us On our petals up there where we belong. She knows that we contributed to world civilization. We are proud of Our Egyptian invention, proud of the the Great Wall of the Benin, which is 15 times bigger than the Great Wall of China, our obesilik of Ethiopia, of our stone city in Zimbabwe and of the ruins of Carthage, of the Great Mansa of Mali the first man to trade in gold, of the greatest centre of excellence of Timbuktu. She knows of the origin of the Cradle of mankind in Sterkfontein caves in South Africans. Because she knows this and proud of her ancestry & heritage, she has every right to put into service her talent, that we were, and will always be Kings & Queen. Thank you Queen for prosecuting our struggle to not only be seen as black people but to be heard, celebrated and recognized as humans. We need to one else to tell our beautiful story than you & thank you for taking it upon yourself to do that, our African ancestors are laughing & cheering you on, forget the losers, they who triumph on our loses, miseries & defeats, strangely they’re also black.

  14. BLM July 4, 2020

    Well that grapejuice needs to take note to this about preach. Your apart of it too. I’ve seen you ridicule your black counterparts on this site. Say things in order to pit fan bases apart for comments. Make change and write good things and promote us at least.

    • Gurlbye July 4, 2020

      Here here. This site lacks integrity and will post problematic stories just for clicks regardless of the awful stereotypes it promotes. As a gay, African owned site, they should do better.

  15. It’s Me July 4, 2020

    There’s plenty of people who don’t like me
    But since there are more who love me and I love myself- Happy Face by Destiny’s Child

    I call them brainwashed nigglets! Let the system which holds them hostage and enemies of there own people! How dare you accuse someone of not being Black enough. Just because they aren’t in poverty doesnt mean that they dont have to deal with systemic racism. Until we wake up Black people we will forever be left behind. THERE IS A BIGGER ENEMY blog gangsters!

  16. kenisha July 5, 2020

    Being socially conscious in the new trend for the Black Entertainer class.
    Everyone wants to contribute in someway or another and its trend when the latin explosion was out she was doing that 2 and moving away from blackness image wise. She puts out very interesting art depending on what’s popular at the time. She can afford to have great visuals.
    The music Industry made sure no more Lauryn Hills and the conscious music artist they completely wiped out. So now you have Beyonce as a Revolutionary…

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