Surprise! Beyonce To Release ‘Black Is King’ Film On Disney Plus, Reveals Trailer

Published: Sunday 28th Jun 2020 by Sam

Beyonce‘s love letter to Africa is coming to Disney+ as a movie called ‘Black Is King.’

Full story below…

Moments ago, new trailer for the flick was mysteriously unleashed and it features music from critically acclaimed album ‘The Lion King: The Gift.’

Check it out:

The film is scheduled to arrive on Disney+ on July 31st and comes amidst reports that Bey has inked a lucrative new partnership with the media giant.

It also arrives on the heels of Bey’s celebratory track ‘Black Parade.’

UPDATE: A press release has been issued, unpacking more about the hotly anticipated production:

This visual album from Beyoncé reimagines the lessons of “The Lion King” for today’s young kings and queens in search of their own crowns. The film was in production for one year with a cast and crew that represent diversity and connectivity.

As for the narrative of the flick:

The voyages of Black families, throughout time, are honored in a tale about a young king’s transcendent journey through betrayal, love and self-identity. His ancestors help guide him toward his destiny, and with his father’s teachings and guidance from his childhood love, he earns the virtues needed to reclaim his home and throne.

The lush visuals that celebrate Black resilience and culture. The film highlights the beauty of tradition and Black excellence.

Confirmed music videos include ‘My Power,’ ‘Mood 4 Eva,’ and ‘Brown Skin Girl.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. AK June 28, 2020


    • Doja minaje thee stallion June 28, 2020

      Sounds like a new album is coming

      • marilyn monh-O-E June 28, 2020

        The gift 2.0 is coming……. Queen b had been dropping balls lately

  2. Brent Christopher June 28, 2020

    it’s the SAME imagery, same geometrical formations of stand still bodies, same creole choreography & antebellum costuming that she has been presenting now since 2016’s LEMONADE era. I enjoyed the moving art presentation when we first started seeing it in APRIL 2016 on HBO. the repetitive, stoic, side by side staging of her dancers, paired with the motherland models wearing New Orleans throwback glam-garb is tired at this point. she is recycling the same ideas over & over again. the concepts aren’t honestly even hers! these story boards are created by the real artists she hires to bring Solange’s behind-the-real-scene creations to life on video. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Beyoncé continues to use these cultural moments to further benefit her platform & to push this false narrative that she is so WOKE! her music has been tired for the past four years straight. this speak-rap, pretend sing crap Beyoncé continues to deliver has run its course. we have seen & heard it all before sis. CAN WE GET SOME REFRESHED VISUALS??

    • Naïme June 28, 2020

      Preach it.

      This so-called movie will be basically the storytelling of Superman.

      That’s what Beyoncé thinks she is so deep for ? A recycled white story with black characters ? Doesn’t the black community deserve better than that ? Disgusting.

      • H**’s Mad June 28, 2020

        Unless you happened to have been in the editing room when the film was being made, then I’m going to assume we all watched the same one minute C L I P.

        Ya’ll seriously need hobbies at this point. Like I really hope you give your mental health this much energy, because sis. Ya’ll really just be seeing whatever the hell ya’ll want to see.

        Like ya’ll are really ugly from within, and it shows.

      • Rah June 28, 2020

        I totally agree… What has Beyonce done for black communities?? The only thing she has done is to capitalised from every Black and African story.

        People need to wake up to this scam. I am black but I don’t think of anything this woman has done that is obvious to the black communities.

        She keep taking your guys money.

    • H**’s Mad June 28, 2020

      You saw a one minute clip, and came up with this?

    • Re June 28, 2020


      • Nonya June 28, 2020

        Ummmm… did you just put yourself in that category of being one of the “lazy b*tches that should bow down? You seem bothered by her lyrics! If it doesn’t apply to you, then you should be unbothered. However, if the shoe fits….wear it! 🙄

      • H**’s Mad June 28, 2020

        It’s not Beyoncé’s fault that you were triggered sis..

      • glenn June 28, 2020

        Lol female. Call. Each other b****** everyday and think that cute, Get Real

    • Anthony June 28, 2020

      Imagine typing all that from a 1 minute clip and being WRONG AF! Ha. This is an actual film. With actual African actors and an actual storyline that incorporates music. While Lemonade was simply a visual album that told a story. And considering this soundtrack incorporated African sounds and artist; I know you couldn’t expect her to deviate from that culture visually. A soundtrack that was literally called a love letter to Africa! How dumb do you sound?

  3. Fancy BISH June 28, 2020

    I was just reading about how severely flawed and watered down versions of American slavery are taught to kids in America and WHY were we taught that BULL in the first place and then BOOM 💥 here is Black Is King! 🤴🏾 Do you feel what I’m saying? KING, not picking some damn cotton lol 💯 Say what you want, but Beyonce could be serving generic tracks like BLACKPINK (👀) and easily be at the top of iTunes but NO she’s busy giving VISUALS of true BLACKNESS (lol) and pride told from our perspective using DISNEY as the platform…kudos Bey 👍🏽🥰🤴🏾🤳🏽

    • Clarks0o0ñ June 28, 2020

      U do realise Africans owned slaves also.
      Many africans got rich by selling slaves to white people
      Capturing people and selling them to the white man was a profession back in the day in African countries.

      Many africans also sold their stubborn kids they couldn’t control into slavery.

      • chilepleaseee June 28, 2020

        Yes we know that! Next!!!! Your parents should’ve sold you.

      • H**’s Mad June 28, 2020

        Was this the discussion at hand? I’m confused as to how this is relevant..

      • Only Farts June 28, 2020

        Hi Fancybish, are u a Beyonce fan?

      • Fancy BISH June 28, 2020

        @Only Farts, Hey! YES, I am a fan of Beyonce ✅ 💯

      • Fancy BISH June 28, 2020

        I love putting on my blond wig and dancing around on the streets.

  4. Clarks0o0ñ June 28, 2020

    We are tired of this voodoo queen shìt she keeps doing
    Its inauthentic and just plain boring

    Wearing silly outfits and looking straight into the camera.
    Gurl you’ve done this before.

    • NextB June 28, 2020

      Damn right, I was a huge fan, now I’m bored.

    • Lol June 28, 2020

      This came out a year ago and no one bought that album. And it’s not a surprise when it was announced a whole month before it drops.

    • H**’s Mad June 28, 2020

      And girl, you’ve left this COMMENT before. We’re all tired of Y O U.

  5. Fanciest BISH June 28, 2020

    Hive, haters and a certain perm TGJ resident are perched honey… waiting for that one Jasmine sulivan stan to make an appearance..

    Anyways #JusticeForTheGift

  6. Tori June 28, 2020

    Definitely waiting to see what this is but honestly, its looks the same as what she’s been doing for the last decade. I hope I’m wrong but seriously this look very pretentious, stagnant and the theme is over done. Come on, Bey. We are tired of this this.

    • Clarks0o0ñ June 28, 2020

      U are tired of what beyonce is doing, Imagine if everyone starts saying

      U ARE WHITE.

      that’s the problem with folks on this blog.

      A musician is black so u must support them whether what they are doing is good or bad.
      Does that make any sense.

      Just because u like an artist that doesnt mean u cant critic them, this is something many on this blog dont understand.

      Yes we are going to watch this when its released but we have seen this style from beyonce.

      African imagery with beyonce talking in the background . Saying poetry and trying hard to sound deep and woke.
      Beyonce holding hands with jayz looking at a painting.

      Beyonce wearing a Couture outfit looking deep into the camera.

      Brace yourself cause critics are gonna give it overwhelming critical acclaim. Lol

      • You’ll Gag June 29, 2020

        Youre triggered! Even this website started sensoring your comments but youre always here what happened to your “blog”

  7. SewWhat June 28, 2020


    • You’ll Gag June 29, 2020

      Dayum yall are dumb this has ti be clarkson….how is a film based on the Afrobeat songs on The Gift filmed with Africans and in africa for some parts Creole Voodoo?? Lmao

  8. tyty June 28, 2020

    Oh bey must done her ancestry dna, she tapping into the that African spirituality deep. I’m here for it. Bey definitely knows how to show out whilst most are still wearing dashikis to show their african side She dove deep into it. I admire that ✊🏾✊🏾

    • tyty June 28, 2020

      And as usual the message goes over the average AA head evidenced by these posts clear lack of understanding. Chile when they say if you don’t connect to your roots you shall remain lost. Beyoncé and Jay consistently try to tell yall 🤦🏽‍♀️

      • Tori June 28, 2020

        As someone who’s paid good money and spent the entirety of 2015 to present day connecting with my ancestry and can trace mine all the way back to 1561, I dont know Beyoncé nor Jay Z to feel an erge to connect to my roots. And seeing as how a white owned company has footed the bill and will be display the film/long form music video on their streaming app, she might as well were a damn dashiki, especially if she’ll continue to look like a European woman with long, bleached blonde hair while her background dancers look authentic. Its not going over anyone’s head, overage or advanced, its simply over done and tired as hell. Even her hardcore stans are not excited. This has been her theme for 4 years, a concept studio album, and conjoined album, a special edition album, a TV documentary, a TV long form video premiere, 2 tours, MOVE ON! And the fact that most of the music is subpar us the icing on the cake! No one is saying go back to white washing her music such as “I Am… Sasha Fierce”, but damn, “4”, “BEYONCÉ” and “LEMONADE” showed better example of how to be deep into your roots while still being current and fun. Now its simply predictable and pretensions and no one actually gives a damn.

      • tyty June 28, 2020

        How are you going to claim no one cares whilst writing a very passionate paragraph over a 1 minute clip and my own opinion? The response of not caring is apathy and if this is showing you “don’t care” then I don’t know what to tell you….you and everyone else will be tuning in when it premieres so let’s not kid ourselves here. See you on the next post concerning bey 😉

      • Tori June 28, 2020

        People are turning in because its new, not that its any good, which has been the case for the last couple of projects she has released and thats the problem. They all do good for the first couple of day and then nothing. The fact that this one minute clip could easily be from any project shes released in the last 4-6 years is the main problem and this is why no one gives a damn. Your opinion was to shame people for wanting Beyoncé to her musical and visual artistry because shes doing the same thing with the same blank star on ever single video coupled with looking white while trying to pay homage to her African roots. ITS OVER DONE, WE CARED NOW WE DONT, MOVE THE F*** ON! As a fan, I can write a passionate paragraph if I chose to because I’m disappointed. Unlike you, I’m not going to praise her for doing absolutely nothing new!

      • You’ll Gag June 29, 2020

        Tori gworl bye

    • Nope////////////// June 28, 2020

      It’s on Disney so it’s going to be pg rated
      That’s more concerning than the copy past imagery from the last albums.

    • Robin June 28, 2020

      Beyonce will not even identify as African. Why steal things from Africa you have no idea about.

      The fall of Beyonce will come one day like every other celebrities who have done wrong to others.

      Fraudyonce your time is coming you have ran out of idea and even ran out of stealing ideas

      • You’ll Gag June 29, 2020

        They said she was done in 2005….its 2020 now and she’s premiering a film called BLACK is King on Disney …lemme know when shes “done”

  9. Drinkmybussyjuice June 28, 2020

    Please please please do not be an album. Her music feels like it has become too pretentious. Everything after ‘self titled’ feels so try hard. That’s saying alot for me seeing as shes my absolute fave. Beyonce please stop this and give us a BDay pt 2.

    • H**’s Mad June 28, 2020

      Girl if you want B’Day, listen to B’Day.

      I really hope ya’ll don’t stagnate yourselves in real life with the way ya’ll will wish it on other people.

      Like girl, B’Day came out FOURTEEN years ago. Let it go, and let sis grow..

      • Tori June 28, 2020

        Yes you all, let’s like stagnate her to simply “B’Day” when she is obviously still milking the hell out of “LEMONADE” 4 years later. And to be quite honest, no one really appreciated “B’Day” upon its release which is why she tried so hard to cater to radio and pop on her third album.

  10. Unnatural June 28, 2020

    Fakeness. But you all enjoy.

    • You’ll Gag June 29, 2020

      We will and youll be tuned in too 😌

  11. Stella June 28, 2020

    I’m not interested at all

  12. Kevon June 28, 2020

    yes wanna B queen , use the wanna b BLM to get a number one …. oh wanna b i love u

  13. Sis June 28, 2020

    Yikes! More yodeling, rachet remixes and soundtracks. Im good.

  14. Pat June 28, 2020

    Her pseudo deep ness is becoming cringeworthy. Looks like another flop honestly

    • MessyBoots June 28, 2020

      Folks are on here writing dissertations on the Queen’s legacy and impact.

      As the children today say, ‘I love yo see it’.

      I recently saw this clip of Naomi Campbell’s No Filter series on You Tube where she is discussing how conflicted she felt about constantly using her platform to discuss race and inequality in fashion. She felt like she was repeating herself over and over like a broken record. She then realized it is her RIGHT to speak on the subject however much she wants.

      I feel like this conversation over Beyonce’s continued use of social justice issues goes far beyond the quality and criticism of her artistic output. It is now being politicized and used against her by folks who never like or in the first place. #Schadenfreude 🤔

      • H**’s Mad June 28, 2020

        Speak the truth sis!

  15. Gworl Bye June 28, 2020

    HARD PASS. It’s become painfully obvious that this woman believes her own hype and has bought into her own pretentious bullsh*t just like her fan base. But hey, trump survives on the stupidity of his fanbase too lol.

    • You’ll Gag June 29, 2020

      You are gagginggg! You hate anything Beyoncé does so no surprise that you hate that she is magnifying Black beauty black experience

  16. Fancy BISH June 28, 2020

    She needs a hobby or something, you can tell she’s a bored housewife.

    • Fancy BISH June 29, 2020

      TGJ, it’s time to BAN whoever this is (I know exactly who) 😂 ⏰

  17. Anne June 28, 2020

    Wow, breathtaking; looks very interesting…looking forward to seeing it.

  18. Kyle June 28, 2020

    I love it! This is what an artist that’s been out as long as beyonce should be doing! Making important moments in culture & evolving. I understand constructive criticism, But some of you are just contradicting. It’s like you want her to be typical old beyonce singing about s*x & superficial things. But if she was, You’d be complaining she’s not taking a stand for her people & evolving smh. That’s what she’s doing ow & you guys still hate! Can’t pleases everyone, DO YOU BEYONCE!

    • Isaidit June 28, 2020

      STFU .. You sound silly. And trashy

      • MessyBoots June 28, 2020

        Actually they sound nuanced and fair unlike you.

        YOU sound trashy and silly.

  19. Anthony June 28, 2020

    Imagine typing all that from a 1 minute clip and being WRONG AF! Ha. This is an actual film. With actual African actors and an actual storyline that incorporates music. While Lemonade was simply a visual album that told a story. And considering this soundtrack incorporated African sounds and artist; I know you couldn’t expect her to deviate from that culture visually. A soundtrack that was literally called a love letter to Africa! How dumb do you sound?

    • Clarks0o0ñ June 28, 2020

      “This is an actual film”

      Even worse
      Beyonce cant act for shìt. Lol

      We have seen this from beyonce before.
      We love beyonce but that doesnt mean we cant criticize her

      This is probably an album cause its being released on a friday, the beginning of tracking week.

      • Naïme June 28, 2020

        Beyoncé is capable of the best and worst.

        Cadillac Records showed she could act.

      • Clarks0o0ñ June 28, 2020

        Gurl, firstly beyonce doesn’t look like etta James.
        She had no business playing etta James.

        Cadillac records bombed and u should know why. 🤣

        Beyonce always plays herself in all her movies.

    • ByeChild June 28, 2020

      Boy you drink a LOT this ladies Kool-aid. You sound brainwashed, quite honestly.

  20. Sisu June 28, 2020

    Bye Beyonce

  21. Brandon32 June 28, 2020

    The same h*** who talking about the queen is the same ones who WISH they had first row seats at her concert Bye haters #LetsGetInFormation

  22. Tired of B******* June 28, 2020

    I am here for all of it. Looks incredible. What have your favorites done for the culture? I’ll wait. Beyonce is your favorite artist favorite artist. At this point who’s chasing sales except these newbies and Nicki?

    • ??? June 28, 2020

      Lmao that’s a lie, none of my faves like that h0, and they all outsell her too lmaoooo 😂😂😂

      • You’ll Gag June 29, 2020

        Fav is a white woman then lol

  23. ??? June 28, 2020

    Lmaooo yall know this shyt is gonna FLOP harder than the gift so whats all the fussin about lmaooo, did black parade hit the hot 100 yet? Lmfaoooooooo 😂😂😂😂

    • You’ll Gag June 29, 2020

      Dayum b**** you have alerts on for Beyoncé posts!!! Lmao you been hating on ber for yeeeeaaaarrrsssss now. LMAO!!!!!! Its 2020 and youre still saying the same s*** about her..didnt you say she was dome for years ago?? Her mansion in Beverly hills says differently..her number 1 recently with Meg says differently her multi million dollar deal with Disney says differently, and you constantly commenting on anything concerning her says differently.. youll be tuned in for this “flop” premiere LMAO
      BLACK IS KING remember that

      • NextB June 29, 2020

        Take a pillor gag on another one, you’re mad “you’ll gag” find a doctor

      • You’ll Gag June 29, 2020

        Next B, youre gagggggggiiinng

  24. Jaquan June 28, 2020

    I want to vomit. This looks so dumb. Horrible. Beyoncé exploiting black culture for her benefit. This is exactly what happened when 4 flopped she decided to ditch her pop sound and went full urban. Hate it

  25. You’ll Gag June 29, 2020

    Any Beyoncé post is always filled with negative trolls who just have to let everyone know how much they “Hate” her. Yall cant believe she has the audacity to be a main stay since 1998 and its 2020..she’s redefining what it means to be a pop will all be tuned into Black Is King With everyone else. This is bigger than Your jealousy and fake hate for this woman

  26. bernell trammel July 31, 2020

    Fake history. Nothing good can come from falsehoods. Black Lies Matter

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