Cardi B Praises Lil Kim

Published: Thursday 13th Aug 2020 by Sam

Paying homage has long been a point of contention in female Hip-Hop. But for Rap royal Cardi B, it’s never been an issue. Especially as relates to Queen Bee Lil Kim.

Full story below…

Over the course of her increasingly impressive career, Cardi has praised Kim for serving as the pink-print for all female rappers that came after her.

From her flow, to her raunch, to her style, Kim undeniably blazed a trail that indeed made the careers of so many that followed possible.

And for Cardi, the honoring is on-going.

Taking to Twitter, amidst debate about the raciness of smash hit ‘WAP (ft. Megan Thee Stallion),’ she quoted Kim’s ‘Big Momma Thang’ lyrics – adding that “a wise woman once said…”


We love to see the love!

As ‘WAP’ is showing the modern audience, there’s ample power in celebrating and creating with one another. There’s space for multiple Queens.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme August 13, 2020

    Something about Cardi support for vets and newcomers comes off as her trying hard to do what Nicki has been criticized for not doing. Which isn’t a bad thing. But it doesn’t seem genuine. More like a plot.

    • Pat August 13, 2020

      Not really. Both of their actions seem more in line with their personalities to me

    • Karma August 13, 2020

      Meme, girl stfu! Even during Cardi mixtape days, she would give props to female rappers before her. Not everything is a plot against Nicholas. He did it to himself for not trying to get other women on when she was the only mainstream rap female at the time.

      • I hate whyy n blacck August 13, 2020

        stfu,,,,cardi fake ass was thee same b**** after queen nicki blessed her with motorsport …was laughing about working with her..her ugly ass sister was hatin on nixxx too b****…that was dis-respectful to Queen Nicki…i see why offset cheats she a hatin ass un-grateful b****… comin after nicki about her verse ….she a fake actin b****

      • A&R August 13, 2020

        My guy, that Nicholas just blew out my back tire😂😂😂😂

        Y’all cut up too bad… on these blogs😂😂😂 Why?!

    • Dc August 13, 2020

      She did this from the beginning next subject

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭 August 13, 2020

      Meme are u trying to start some drama??????? Cardi b was just being nice. U got problem with that?????
      Your idol Rita Ora clone was doing the same damn thing. She was trying to be friend with Beyoncé, ciara, Amerie, tearria mari, Keri Hilson…. after she got all major commercial success then she talking sh#t about them, look down on them. What a fake a:s:s bish.

    • Carla Jervis August 13, 2020

      As it wont. Because your mind is filled with negavity. Do you know her personally to judge her intentions. DID YOU HEARD HER SAY NICKI IS GOOD OR NOT? Just pray that they jail Breonna Taylor killers. Do something positive with the guft God give you LIFE.

    • #WAP August 13, 2020

      Damn everything isn’t about nickis old fat ass. We do not criticize Rihanna for doing everything Beyonce would never do (ie the trashy videos and being an obnoxious t_wat but labeling it as being a “bad gal” 🙄🙄)

    • kiki August 13, 2020

      its that cold part of your heart that see the neg in positivity, go talk to some one about that it aint cute boo

    • PinotNoir August 13, 2020

      Cardi is Libra-Cancer

      Kim is Cancer-Libra

      The love IS real.

    • The Money Bag wit W.A.P. 💦 💰 August 13, 2020

      @Meme: Girl Sit yo wish washy a** down! One minute you are praising Cardi and living for how she makes Nicki look like the 🤡 that she is…then the next minute you are trying to come for her as if you question if she is being authentic about her praise for another artist?! ( The original Pink Print mind you!)…Cardi, unlike “Chopsticks “, comes off as humble and a down to earth sweet girl. Nicki on the other hand with her mean girl a** antics is just obnoxious and arrogant with her stank a** attitude!!!…Cardi has always shown genuine love! She even quoted “Chopsticks” one time and of course the ego maniac shouted her out for quoting her. I guess she was doing that for attention to help her song that had already gone number one, huh?! NOT!!!!…If she is trying to make Nicki look bad, trust me when I tell you It isn’t that hard to do so!…FOH with all of that!!! Cardi ain’t stuntin’ that bish! She cannot see her on Billboard no way!!…
      #WAP! 💦

  2. Abel August 13, 2020

    This Cardi B is annoying as f

    • Karma August 13, 2020

      Hi hater. Well she’s going to keep annoying your lame a$$, because she ain’t going nowhere

      • I hate blkkk n whyytt August 13, 2020

        Put MEgan thee stallion up without a negative headline.

        cardi fell off for over 8 months thanks to MEGAN the Stallion she has a new hit
        Thanks to LOVE n HIP HOP and nicki minaj being in her video she has a career she will fall off again

      • Abel August 13, 2020

        @Karma nobody asked your opinion dumb ass so stfu

      • Swirly August 13, 2020

        If that’s the case, why isn’t Megan’s solo single taking off? The anticipation for Cardi’s new music reached a feverish pitch. Why you mad?

  3. Karma August 13, 2020

    #WAP  is now predicted to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with the biggest sales week of 2020 & one of the biggest this century (est. 630-700 points).

    This would be Cardi’s 4th #1 hit AND would make Cardi the ONLY female rapper to reach #1 in two different decades.

    • Abel August 13, 2020

      And with all that you’re still starving to death dumb ass

      • Karma August 13, 2020

        @UnAbel, I gave you my opinion you dumb h0£! This is a blog to comment on dumb comments from clowns like you you dumb bii tch! Now clap back!!!

  4. WRTW? August 13, 2020

    Just like Remi was “friends” with Kimmy cat when it was convenient, Cardi only mentions or talks about her when there’s a project out. Fake love to make it seem like look I support females unlike the Queen of rap Nicki Minaj

    • Skii August 13, 2020

      That a lie Cardi always showing Kim love. Even back in her in her mixtape days.

    • Karma August 13, 2020

      Y’all clowns are heated! We love to see it! 😘

      • Abel August 13, 2020

        The only clown here is you advocating for Cardi for free c***

  5. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭 August 13, 2020

    I agree! Real gurls swallow the whole 🍆. All the way down and lick those balls.

    • PinotNoir August 13, 2020

      Real men get it up after one look. Bubblegum lasagna flaccido’s need all the stimulation they can get.

  6. Gerald Sealy August 13, 2020

    Cardi has always given her just due to female rappers whether they are veterans, or new comers. Honestly the Nicki vs Cardi is old news now there’s room for the both of them to still be successful. Both of them have done great for themselves, and that should be applauded, and not frowned upon in order to praise one over the other.

  7. Dc August 13, 2020

    Funnny how people say meg helped cardi when cardi has songs on Spotify with 1 billion listens cardi was worldwide before meg also this video wap has 80 million views after 5 days meg hot girl summer 72 million after 11 months now who’s helping who ??????

    • Karma August 13, 2020

      This right here! I guess a new comer like Doja Cat helped Nicki finally get a number one. The song was going number 1with or without Nicholas.

      • Gag August 13, 2020

        Why do you think calling Nicki a “male” name is an insult? Aren’t you kart of the lgbt community imbecile?

      • Abel August 13, 2020

        @gag actually he’s s an insane gay starving to death

  8. #WAP August 13, 2020

    This is why cardi will be around for a long time. She’s not afraid to give praise to those before her and her current peers. This is the difference between Nicki and Cardi. Nicki wanted to be the only female rapper and tried to prevent other females from getting shine and that is why karma came for Nicki as hard as it did. Meanwhile cardi is giving a platform to those who wouldn’t have a platform otherwise (especially Suki and Mulatto)

    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 13, 2020

      According to people like you, Nicki Minaj didn’t show support to older female rappers, but SHE HAS BEEN AROUND FOR A LONG TIME. Therefore, your point is moot, just like all the other nonsense you spew all over this blog.

  9. Beam Me Up Scotty August 13, 2020

    I’m not even surprised and none of you should be either. She has always supported people Nicki has beefed with in the past and as a result she gets the fans who hate Nicki Minaj. This is all a ploy to make herself look better than Nicki. But like Remy Ma recently discovered, Cardi B only does this to lift herself up. It’s no coincidence she’s doing this after the release of her new single.

    • tyty August 13, 2020

      Lol, cardi doesn’t have to do much to make Nicki look bad. Hooking up with pedos, murders etc…. Is more than enough without any body’s help? Nicki started looking bad when shether came out. Her nasty personality was always going to come into question? Why was she beefing with or paying dust to the majority of female rappers up until cardi blew up and started collaborating with other females rappers? Nicki had a good 10-year run and was happy when it was her and her alone. The woman is a ”legend” and has groomed not one prodigy but she loves calling everyone her sons? Lil Kim birthed a plethora of females rappers. Cardi b becomes the Queen of rap and suddenly we seeing so many females coming up. Your fav should take a page from Cardis book.

  10. Fancy BISH August 13, 2020

    I posted Big Momma Thang in that Diane/Cardi article the other day saying that nothing shocks me after hearing that song back in the day….days later, my girl Cardi comments on the classic track…I STAY on point chile, if ya’ll don’t know by now! 😂 🤳🏽 💯

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭 August 13, 2020

      Nobody gives a 💩bout what u said, how u feel in here, so STFU trashy bish, so get yo lazy troll a:s:s outta this site. Go create yo own that grape kool a*** site. 😂🤣😂🤣 🍇 🧃 🥤

      • Fancy BISH August 13, 2020

        Oh baby, but you DO tho 😂 You really do care about what I say! Look how quickly you popped up 🤣 I got your ass deleted the other day, and you’re the one who threatened to leave and start your own blog….damn Clarkson, you’re that mentally illl?
        BOOM, you stank ugly bish! 😂 I clock you with FACTS! 🤳🏽Go cry in a corner! 💋

      • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭 August 13, 2020

        Sorry Trashy bish U got the wrong one. What makes u think that I’m clarkson. Why are u so obsessed with him? Hunny it’s time for u take yo med 💊 💊 U probably don’t realize how many haters that u have in here. Stay mad, stay jealous stay b:i:t:c:h:y if u want. 😈u just a 🤡🤡🤡

      • Fancy BISH August 13, 2020

        Oh please, I’m embarrassed FOR you, cringe 🤣 I knew you were Clarkson when you mentioned starting a blog 😂 All you have to do is SHUT UP and leave me alone, or I will KEEP clocking you and calling you OUT 🤣

  11. The Money Bag wit W.A.P. 💦 💰 August 13, 2020

    A Real Queen pays Homage ( and Doesn’t go diss the person in a bar right afterward!) to the girl that paved the way for her and others that came after said girl.(the Original Black Barbie Dressed in Bvulgari!)

  12. paw August 13, 2020

    2 clowns They both had ghost writers sad

    • Tamin August 13, 2020

      No . There is 1 Clown . Its name is water ox garbaj

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