Katy Perry: “I’ve Had The Numbers & Set The Records, Talk When You’ve Done That”

Published: Monday 17th Aug 2020 by Sam

Katy Perry is strutting on to the release of new album ‘Smile’ and this time around she isn’t letting the naysayers steal her happy.

It’s no secret that the Pop star’s last effort, 2017’s ‘Witness,’ underperformed. And it’s been a rocky road back to chart redemption ever since.

While pounding the promotional pavement for her latest LP (due August 28), the pregnant star has made it clear that her priorities have shifted away from the hamster wheel of staying commercially “hot.”

In a new interview with the LA Times, she not only expands on this, she doubles down on it in the most direct way yet.

See what we mean below…

Setting the foundation of her stance, Perry explained:

“There’s 30,000 songs that come out a day, pre-pandemic, on Spotify.”

She continued:

“I’m thankful that I’m out of the loop of how intense it is to be red hot for 10 years. Because I’ve had all the numbers, honey. Still set those records, honey. Talk to me when you’ve done that. Do I need to keep ringing that bell, or can I start ringing others?” [Source]


It’s a very easy drag and her words comes at a very convenient time (see: chart performance), but she does make a point.

We’re inclined to believe that being on the brink of motherhood and having all this time to digest her impact and present predicament has Ms. Perry at a genuine place of zen.

She’s actually been very upfront about the pressures of the rat race (which most artists never would) and it seems like it’s freeing for her.

Reports suggest she may Vegas bound too, so she seems to be welcoming catalogue phase of her career. One which’ll see her primarily rest on her classics, while feeding the fans that still are hungry for fresh material.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #WAP August 17, 2020

    She continues to try to convince us that she’s content with flopping 🤣 Sure, Jan. You made fun of Britney’s breakdown and you and your manager told Britney’s fans to request slumber party at radio because it flopped. Funny how karma comes back. You’re struggling to even crack the hot 100 you clown b_tch. We don’t like you. Move to Idaho 🤡

    • Carlitos August 17, 2020

      Why don’t you get out of here with your drya$$pu$$y and stop acting like you actually know what you’re talking about! Fkng pathetic!

    • Jammy August 18, 2020

      The biggest mistake she made was structuring her fanbase around gays and teenagers. If that demography makes up most of ur fanbase, u are treading on deep trouble in the years to come. They drop u like flies once they are bored.

  2. #WAP August 17, 2020

    Orlando is never going to marry you. He left you once and now you tried to trap him by getting pregnant. The baby will be adorable but will not keep him with you 🤡. He don’t want YOU and neither do we Katy

    • Carlitos August 17, 2020

      Yet she is still more accomplished than you ever will be and has way more money than you ever will have in your next 10 lifetimes. I pity a fool.

  3. August 17, 2020


  4. Holliewuudd August 17, 2020

    She told no lies tho

    • High Price August 17, 2020

      None at all! The majority probably never will and they’re on their 2nd, 3rd or 4th era. …

  5. Carlitos August 17, 2020

    Let’s all remember that she has 9 #1 hits on the billboard 100 (while also tying MICHAEL JACKSON and the ONLY FEMALE ARTIST for having 5 #1 hits from ONE album), and she managed to do that in just 6 years! Not to mention that she sold the majority of her records in that timeframe as well, more than 150 million. She’s also the most followed female artist on social media (between all platforms), and the ONLY FEMALE ARTIST to have 3 diamond certified selling singles. Among many, many other records broken and accomplishments. Like she said, she’s been there, done that. She doesn’t and shouldn’t have to live her life chasing after numbers that she’s already accomplished.

    • #WAP August 17, 2020

      She’s honestly the equivalent of Paula Abdul. Remember Paula had a ton of #1’s from one album, then became a flop. LOL.

      • Carlitos August 17, 2020

        Except Paula has 4 and Katy has 5, so no, your point is irrelevant. And Katy has MORE #1s and records sold than Paula. Wtf are you on? That’s like comparing the queen to a peasant. You’ve failed, yet again, to comprehend the amount of success and the little time it took Katy to get there. Oh, and Katy’s halftime show for the Super Bowl is STILL the most watched in its history. I don’t need to explain, the numbers are there and won’t go away. Keep hating away, it just makes you look bothered and bitter. So damn sad. Haha.

    • #TheTruth August 17, 2020

      She’s been at the top of the game and has accomplished a lot. There’s not a lot of singers out there who made it big over multiple decades.

      At least she’s accomplished a lot. While many singers are way past their peak and have accomplished not even half of what she has.

      Now, let’s be real, when you’re signed to a label, there’s always the pressure of being commercially relevant, regardless of what you’ve done in the past.

      • MessyBoots August 17, 2020

        Katy Perry is definitely Paula Abdul’s predecessor. After 3 hit albums and scores of No.1s Paula fell off.

        Katy had three hit albums and scored of No.1s and ZERO Grammy Awards.

        Just like Paula.

      • Carlitos August 17, 2020


  6. K’’man August 17, 2020

    It a crazy to see artist start to decline but now faster in the the digital era we are. Usually you would see an artist be at the top for a lease 20 years (look at mariah & janet)

    • #WAP August 17, 2020

      And Britney – who was still getting #1’s in the third decade of her career. Meanwhile, Katy barely lasted 1 decade.

      • Carlitos August 17, 2020

        Lmfao… Britney STILL doesn’t have as many #1s as Katy. If you’re going to bring up #1s, at least know who still has the most. And btw, Britney started at the very end of the 90s decade so that doesn’t count. Nice try, though. The desperation. 😂

      • Holliewuudd August 17, 2020

        Starting at the end of a decade DOES count. So ate you saying that Cardi Bs doesn’t count since she is in the same boat?

  7. Nicky August 17, 2020

    So glad that Rihanna dropped this chick as a friend. Her true colors are showing

    We don’t care what you did yesterday. Like Janet said. What have you done for me lately?

    Janet is 5 decades in her career getting accolades, selling tours and albums.

    Camicky is already on Katy’s flop path 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Only 3 years in. 7 flops in one year has to be a record.

    • Carlitos August 17, 2020

      Hahahaha you’re bringing up Janet when the last hit that chick had was 20 years ago!!!!!!! OH, THE IRONY!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t with you b******! Always trying to undermine those who have accomplished way more than you! Trust me, it makes you look way worse than you already look! Sucks to suck!

      • Jay August 17, 2020

        Ah no.. Janet last “Hit”was actually in 2008 with Feedback

  8. IKNOWTHETRUTH August 17, 2020



    • Gag August 17, 2020

      Y’all are pressed! You’re gagging because she spoke FACTS! How do you try to drag a successful person for not being more successful you look really dumb. She’s done more than you have in your life including success fame and money. So what is it that your bothered about? You mad because you want her to make millions of dollars more ? Lmao true clowns live in this comment section

  9. tyty August 17, 2020

    That’s not a good look for someone who is only in her 30s and at one point was the biggest pop girl. To fall so hard after a short space of time Issa a mess. I think if Katy actually genuinely accepted how hurt upset she is over her career she would be more endearing.

    • Gag August 17, 2020

      Didnt she have a breakdown?? What more do you want?? She’s still a millionaire still a big celeb..there’s not that many artist who came out when Katy did that are still in pop culture the way she is….y’all dragging somebody for not continuing to be super successful is weird. Also she practices Buddhism now so I’m pretty sure she thinks differently on chasing fame and numbers the way y’all do.

  10. Music Is Life August 17, 2020

    Katy is an Elite member of the Platinum club… Not too many of your faves are in that club.

    Honey we’ve sold that already.


  11. lee August 17, 2020

    Maybe for a throwback lol

  12. Jayvee August 18, 2020

    LOL! Katy, do you honestly think we believe you when you say you’re no longer chasing hits when you’re still doing all these childish gimmicks and silly costumes? And it’s so funny that Katy stans are bragging about her number ones that she achieved in such a short time when that’s exactly why she’s not relevant. It’s not just about the number 1’s but also the artists overall impact in the industry as well as the amount of time they spent at the top. How you gonna have impact when you’re already flopping hard after 6 years? The only ones who have the right to brag about their acheivements are those who made a lasting impact in the industry that will be remembered forever and managed to still be relevant after their first 10 years like Michael, Prince, Janet, Madonna, Whitney, Mariah, etc. I could barely remember Katy’s “hits” and she hasn’t been around that long. I think the only ones who have achieved that in recent times are Taylor and Rihanna.

  13. Misty Knight August 21, 2020

    Katy: I’ve had the numbers.

    Yeah, NUMBER TWO.

    Still, nine #1 hits nothing to laugh at. She’ll always have a career touring in 2 to 3,000 seat theaters.

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