Kanye West Says He “Feels Bad” Listening to His Own Discography

Published: Tuesday 27th Oct 2020 by Ryan

Kanye West is getting candid.

The superstar rapper sat down with Joe Rogan on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ where he talked about a range of topics, including the reason he “feels bad” listening to his own discography.

His words below:

“There’s only a billion people on the internet. You never think about that. There’s 7 to 8 billion people on earth, but then there’s only a billion people that are influenced and on the internet. It feels like the internet is everything. It’s only like 15, 16, 18 percent of human beings.”

” But … for us to survive, we have to make more human beings. We have family, we have to have food, we have to have shelter. We don’t have to have the internet. We don’t have to have music. That’s a conversation. I mean, it enhances the quality of life — it’s better. But look at the music. Look at the information we’re putting [in] it. I feel bad when I hear rap songs. I feel bad, even the stuff that I just recently put out.”

The ‘Gold Digger’ hitmaker is usually not one to criticize his own work, so this is certainly a change of pace for him. Hopefully some of that self-awareness will translate over to his new music and beyond.

Watch West’s full interview below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ October 27, 2020

    most artists hate their old songs

    Miley has said several times she hates her old songs.

    Selena Gomez has also said it also. She hates her old songs

    I can bet even Beyonce hates her old songs like check on it that’s why she never performs it.

    • Gag Order October 27, 2020

      She has performed it…

  2. SNF October 27, 2020

    So what…. ugh

  3. PinotNoir October 27, 2020

    Makes 2 of us. ✌

  4. Gee October 27, 2020

    He only feels bad now because of the situation with the ownership of his masters.

  5. Only Facts October 27, 2020

    I’m sure Nicki feels the same way with her trash discography

  6. Ropeburn October 27, 2020

    That’s that classic Christian guilt trip and a dash if his own insanity coming through. As soon as these celebrity preachers get a hold of your faves they start renouncing everything they ever did. Even though those same coins are keeping the offering plate overflowing. 💅🏼

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