Hot 100: Taylor Swift Takes Nicki Minaj’s Record For Most Hot 100 Hits Among Women As ‘Willow’ Debuts at #1

Published: Monday 21st Dec 2020 by Rashad

The chart tug-of-war between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj continues – even down to the last full week of the year.

Minaj – the first woman in music history to amass at 100 appearances on the tally – held the title for ‘most Hot 100 hits among women’ for two years before it was broken by the entries of tunes found aboard Swift’s surprise 2020 set, ‘Folklore’ (click here to read more).

While Nicki eventually snatched the honor back in November when her hit, ‘What that Speed About?,’ zoomed into the top 40 (click here to read more), her renewed ownership of the record only lasted a month before Taylor took it again.

Details inside:

Produced by Aaron Dessner, the ‘Evermore’ song has been a mainstay atop real-time sales tallies (i.e. Amazon, iTunes) since it was unveiled December 11.

Performance on that format, coupled with strong response at radio and on digital download outlets, proved just the right combo to plant ‘Willow’ atop the refreshed Hot 100 (just a day after it was reported its parent album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200).

Here are the official numbers first week numbers for ‘Willow’:

  • Streaming: 30 million U.S. streams
  • Digital Downloads: 59,000 downloads
  • Radio Airplay:  12.3 million

Nabbing Swift her seventh reign atop the tally, ‘Willow’ – her third #1 debut – comes as the first time she saw her name printed in the rung since ‘Cardigan’ covered the spot in summer 2020.

What’s more, all 15 songs from ‘Evermore’ premiered on this week’s Hot 100 – meaning her overall career appearance total is now 128 while Minaj is at 114.


Check back tomorrow (December 22) to see who joins Taylor on That Grape Juice‘s weekly chart recap, ‘Chart Check.’

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ December 21, 2020

    Was the nicki minaj slander necessary?

    This was Taylor’s moment
    Mentioning nicki minaj was not necessary

    • king z December 21, 2020

      there was no slander.

      comparing two people doesn’t always mean putting one down. just a month ago you didn’t say this when it was nicki who had the title

  2. PinotNoir December 21, 2020

    She’s a dead ringer of my cousin minus the Bugz Bunny teeth. I feel she releases polific singles to spit Minaj.

  3. NICKINATION December 21, 2020


    • Karen Maren December 21, 2020

      Nicki is done. Over. Finished. Cooked. HANG IT UP

      • Payola and Sympathyy December 21, 2020

        But yet your here on another Nicki Minaj post

  4. Meme December 21, 2020

    This article is confusing. So did Willow debuting at #1 took her pass Nicki record it was it the fact that all of the songs from this debuted in hot 100?

    • MessyBoots December 21, 2020

      All of the songs from Evermore debuted including Willow.

      Evermore has like 16 or 17 tracks total.

  5. Karen Maren December 21, 2020

    Nicki’s “achievements” and “records” are getting snatched away left and right LOL. #WeLoveToSeeIt

    • Gag Order December 21, 2020

      Only someone with a pathetic life would be happy about dumb s*** like this ….at least she’s broken records while you what? Comment on a gossip blog ? Lmao

      • Karen Maren December 21, 2020

        Didn’t Nicki spend the first 2 years clowning Lil Kim’s decline of success? Yeah, gag on that Bxtvh

      • Gag Order December 21, 2020

        Lmao it’s about to be 2021 get a f****** life Kim don’t care about you and you don’t care about her. her record sales lately are evident of you Gag and continue to be pressed over Nicki Minaj who raps circles around all these girls

  6. Taz December 21, 2020

    Her and Taylor are going to be going back and fourth on this title until one of them retires It seems lol

    • Karen Maren December 21, 2020

      Chiiile bye. Nicki will stop appearing on the billboard hot 100 within the next 18months. She’s in Lil Kim territory

    • Pat December 21, 2020

      Nikki will need 14 features to catch up

      • Taz December 21, 2020

        Nicki has an album coming out next year and I’m sure more features. She’ll catch up. And no she’s really not in Lil Kim territory because Lil Kim isn’t the same Lil Kim she use to be. Love her or hate her, Nicki will continue to appear on the charts because her fanbase isn’t going anywhere.

  7. MessyBoots December 21, 2020

    Congrats Taylor!

    TS catalog will be remembered for generations to come. From Love Story, YBWM to Blank Space to her latest indie pop reinvention. 👸🏼🎶

  8. Theman December 21, 2020

    Congratulations to Taylor. She’s a legit chart titan. But she did the most to get this song to number one. She discounted it about 3 or 4x. Then she released about 4 different remixes. It’s not an organic hit. Two, with popular artists it’s easy for them to have a lot of entries with their new albums because they get a lot of streams because of their popularity.

    • Klutch December 21, 2020

      She pulled a BTS 😂

  9. Abel December 21, 2020

    Let’s celebrate singer’s achievements, whoever she/he is. Let’s stop spreading hate. Let’s reflect our best efforts to become a better person.
    Congratulations Taylor Swift and her fans.
    Congratulations Nicki Minaj and her fans.

    Let’s love!

    • December 21, 2020


  10. Andrew December 22, 2020

    “ comes as the first time she saw her name printed in the rung since ‘Cardigan’ covered the spot in summer 2020”
    Lol are u serious? You talking like it’s been 60 yrs! Learn how to write people! You could’ve said: “short after “cardigan”, Swift sees her name printed for the second time in six months on top …” or whatever, but you have to improve because this isn’t doing it

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