Timbaland Argues Chris Brown Would Beat Usher In A #VERZUZ Battle

Published: Wednesday 24th Mar 2021 by Sam

#VERZUZ is celebrating its first birthday and a year’s worth of mega-moments for the culture.

More than looking back, creators Timbaland and Swizz Beatz are looking forward after partnering with Triller for a game-changing ownership deal.

During a visit to The Breakfast Club, the hitmaking pair spoke on the future of the battle platform.

The discussion turned to who folk want to see spar – with one of the most requested showdowns being R&B superstars Usher and Chris Brown.

Weighing in on their respective changes, Timbo revealed that he felt C.Breezy would win.

Check out what he had to say below…

Responding to Charlamagne Tha God‘s claim that Ush would come out on top, Timbaland said:

“Ain’t nobody catalog like Chris Brown’s. Come on now, don’t do that. Chris Brown got too much. He’s got like 50 bags, bro.

Peep the clip:


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Ironically, the debate comes a day after Chris and Usher were spotted in a studio together along with Trey Songz. 

That said, who do you think would win?

Usher’s versatility, multi-year advantage, and overall catalogue have us leaning in that direction.

But what about you…what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH March 24, 2021


  2. Nicky March 24, 2021

    We don’t care. I thought it was a celebration dummy

    • Carl March 24, 2021

      Exactly! Ppl just don’t like competition when they fav involve.

    • YAHUSHA IS COMING March 26, 2021

      You are correct. This doesnt need to be viewed as competition. We need this though. Breezy needs to stop being c0cky and do it. Ursh too. They bother are acting strange when this is brought up.

  3. Clarks0o00ñ March 24, 2021

    Chris brown has the quantity. He has so many songs

    Wall 2 wall
    Kiss kiss
    Run it
    Look me at now
    Gimme dat
    Go crazy
    Yeah 3x
    Dont wake me up
    Fun with pitbull
    Super human with keri hilson
    Look at me now
    Next to you
    Turn up the music.
    International love with pitbull

    • YAHUSHA IS COMING March 26, 2021

      I’ll add a few that are hits to me.

      Indigo(the song)

      Fine China

      Dont think they know

      Sweet love

  4. Susan March 24, 2021

    Chris brown has more albums, but usher has more hits…and usher has CLASSIC hits. Chris doesn’t. Timbaland has been off for a min. Lost respect when he shaded Britney and said she needed him…then she had a comeback and never accepted any of his songs. Tim is trash and still obsessed with trying to find the next Aaliyah. Weirdo.

    • Holliewuudd March 24, 2021

      Yea and they way he sat on Tink is disgraceful

    • E Jai March 24, 2021

      I agree!!?

  5. Shayla Queen 👑 March 24, 2021

    What about Normani though? 🤣

  6. Mateo March 24, 2021

    How I feel is Usher is the OG! Chris Brown went to the university of MJ but, graduated from Usher Grad school. He’s an offspring of both artist. Usher’s songs hits more to me and I just prefer his voice and content better. He’s also highly professional. His career is much bigger and overall a bigger superstar. However, Chris Brown is also a successful songwriter and even wrote hits for the Pussycat dolls. So, if he plays songs he’s written for others, people will gag cuz he’s low key about his songwriting credits. He’s also a business owner and owns a few McDonald’s.

  7. Tori March 24, 2021

    Usher has a diamond album with FIVE HIT SINGLES from that album ALONE. As a matter of fact, he could play just that album and still take Chris. Tim been out of touch for almost 2 decades.

  8. Your Name March 24, 2021

    Stop f****** disrespecting Usher like he doesn’t have CLASSIC HITS!!!! Chris Brown has some cute trendy cuts but he’s not seeing Ushers catalogue ever!!!

  9. ME March 24, 2021

    Lol Usher wins hands down. The man is a living legend & has classic R&B songs. I like Chris’s music but he don’t have any classics. He has hits but classics are a different story.

  10. eric March 24, 2021

    Chris has more songs that were great for a moment, but Usher has more songs that are unforgettable.

  11. Slick March 25, 2021

    Ushers songs are miles better than Chris Browns. Timbalame needs meds. Hate how he has to put his annoying voice in any song he produces.

  12. City Girls 🔥🔥 March 25, 2021

    USHER most definitely 🔥

  13. Raymond Mullings March 25, 2021

    Let’s be clear–Usher is the better artist but if we’re talking features, Breezy has it hands down. Nobody comes through on the bridge or chorus like he does.

  14. Claude Remains March 25, 2021

    The only thing that Chris Brown beats is women!!!

    • Slick March 25, 2021

      Lmmfao my stomach

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