Usher Adds New Dates To Las Vegas Residency

Published: Friday 23rd Apr 2021 by Sam

Usher looks set to have even more people screaming ‘OMG’ when he brings his brand of stage blazing to Sin City this summer.

Because the superstar has just announced extra dates to his forthcoming Las Vegas residency.

Full story below…

As reported, Ush will be scorching The Colosseum at Caesars Palace from July 16. 

With demand at fever-pitch, he today confirmed that he’ll be playing an additional six shows. They are:

August 2021: 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14
They join the 12 previously announced performances:
July 2021: 16, 17, 21, 23, 24, 28, 30, 31
December 2021: 28, 29, 31
January 2022: 1

The high-octane show promises to be packed to the brim with cutting-edge performances of the performer’s classic jams, as well as new numbers from his forthcoming album too.
Tickets for the new dates go on sale April 29 at 10am via Limited tickets are available for the previously announced dates now from the same location.

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  1. Iwhyyyte n bllacc bitchezz April 23, 2021

    Well see him in Vegas

  2. Miss Thang (Shayla Queen 👑) April 23, 2021

    How many girls he gonna invite backstage and spread them h***** to after each show?

  3. Clarks0o0ñ April 23, 2021

    I cant hate on him
    There is demand.
    Get ur coins usher.

  4. 🐝 April 23, 2021

    Wow…who would of thought Usher would get to a point in his career where he is looking washed up before his time. He is literally the male Beyoncé and opened doors for so many acts after him…I haven’t heard people raving about an usher album since confessions. Where did it go wrong? 😣 I say it was the marriage first, then the ditching of his mother for his manager to collaborating with artist that are beneath him, bad business deals and not a tight enough circle that understands his brand. Or maybe he doesn’t understand his brand? Hmm…idk, I’m rambling now. What y’all think though? Y’all still here for Usher?

  5. Tino April 23, 2021

    SMDH some people are so uninformed. Usher has been out for 28 years and is currently in his 4th decade in the industry. 99% of most artist success is in their prime first 15 years. From 1997 to 2012 Usher was the biggest and most successful male R&B artist in the world. 2008 Here I Stand album sold 5 million worldwide and had a Hot 100 #1 with Love in this club. 2010 Raymond V Raymond album sold 2 million, had a Hot 100 #1 with OMG and won 2 Grammys. 2012 Looking 4 Myself album hit #1, had a Hot 100 top 10 hit with Scream and won another Grammy for Climax.

    Michael Jackson most successful years was 1979 to 1995, his last 2001 album was nowhere near as successful his peek prime years were. Prince most successful years was 1982 to 1993, every album and song after that was mediocre until his 2004 album which still was nowhere near as successful his peek prime years were.

    After being out for over 20 years and 3 decades no artist is as successful as they were in their prime first 10 to 15 years. But people swear Usher is the only artist to experience a decline after 20 years. Name me a early 90’s artist who’s still putting out #1 albums and songs like Usher supposedly should still be doing?? SMH

  6. 🐝 April 24, 2021

    @Tino clearly you’re talking about me without talking to me in your little “essay”. Now it’s my turn….As I said and will continue to say, Usher has reached washed up status at this point in his career. You name dropped charts and sales which matter but don’t matter because you still miss the fact that after confessions, his career took a slight decline. Usher said himself that he hated his Here I Stand album due to it not living up to Confessions well enough. I loved it personally but I can see what he means. He was able to regain momentum back however in early 2010 with RvR due to the association with Justin Bieber on his side which made the appeal for his music greater than it truly was but right after that, popularity continued to decline even more greatly and almost to the point where no one really cared or paid attention to what he was doing by 2012. Climax was a bop I will say, but he didn’t even capitalize on that moment in the way he should of and everything after that has been DOA. Usher is clearly a legend in this game and has opened so many doors for the younger generation of male entertainers after him but to this day, it still feels like he is looking for himself and trying to find a brand/lane that works for him. Funny thing is, didn’t he even name one of his albums, looking 4 myself? 🤔 if that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does…and with such a deep album title like such, you would have thought the content on the album would have been more broad and elaborated but he failed there too. You state to name artist that have longevity after such time that Usher has had in the industry, so I’ll name a few of his peers doing well with their longevity and brands…Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Pink, Tyrese, Ludacris, Beyonce, JayZ, hell even Chris Brown has created a lane and market for himself that some how works and keeps these silly children interested in his over the top albums. You might just very well be Usher himself commenting back to me, and if you are then please know that we/I am rooting for you! We want you to win. Ditch the playboy tricks that have now expired along with your career sadly and churn up something new. Your mother even said recently that you needed her back to revive your career as she feels that she is the only reason why your career was so polished and successful in the first place. And she might be right about that 😕

    • qwerty April 24, 2021

      Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Chris Brown have not been around for almost 30 years and still selling out nfl size stadiums worldwide like Usher is. Neither do any of them have the amount of impact or influence on the industry like Usher. You’re clearly just a hater.

    • Tino April 25, 2021

      Since you want a debate sooooo bad I’ll go ahead and make you look dumb. Like i said Usher debut was 1993. From 1997 to 2012 he went on a streak of having 4 straight albums sell over 5 million and have at least one Hot 100 #1 song. For 15 straight years Usher was the most popular and successful male R&B artist period. He was out selling white rock artist and female pop stars with pure R&B.

      2008 Here I Stand album was classic great R&B but a lot didn’t buy it cause they were mad Usher got married but with that and music sales declining the album still sold over 5 million worldwide. 2010 album Raymond V Raymond was creative with nothing but bangers but a lot didn’t buy it cause they were mad Usher didn’t do classic R&B. With that and music sales really declining the album still sold over 2 million, the song There goes my baby went #1 on multiple R&B charts and won a Grammy for best R&B vocal performance. The album won a Grammy for best R&B contemporary album, Usher won 2 AMA awards, in Europe he won best male international artist and OMG was voted best song of the year by multiple outlets. 2012 Looking 4 Myself went #1, had multiple top 5 and #1 R&B hits.Usher won 2 more AMA awards and another Grammy. Also Climax was voted best song of the year by multiple outlets, after almost 20 years Usher was still the most popular and successful male R&B artist.


    • True Tea April 25, 2021

      Girl/Boy bye. Usher may have peaked on the Billboard charts but he is far from washed up.especially if up & coming artists is imitating & borrowing his art. Most of these NEWER artists are nothing but imitators anyway, with no ORIGINAL ideas.

      I have yet too see any real innovation in Mainstream Pop music in decades. It is the same ol’ dance pop formula since the 70’s Disco era. We’re at the point now where the new artists are simply trying to break Billboard records.

    • Tino April 25, 2021

      LMAO did you actually compare Brittney Spears, Chris Brown, Ludacris and Tyrese careers and longevity to Usher’s?? SMDH

      Tyrese debut was 1998, his early years he had moderate success on the R&B charts but no number one albums or songs, especially no mainstream success. To this day his most successful song was 2002’s How You gonna act like that which went top 7 on the Hot 100. After that Tyrese went 13 years without any music success until 2015’s Black Rose album that didn’t even outsell Usher’s Looking 4 myself album. Tyrese is currently a contestant on the masked singer and Usher is getting ready to start his Vegas Residency. But you say Usher is looking washed up and Tyrese longevity and brand is better?? LMAO the delusion

      Ludacris debut was 2000, his last major successful album was 2006’s Release Therapy. His last hit song was 2010’s How low which went top 6 on the Hot 100. Since then Ludacris hasn’t had any music success at all. He had a good 7 year run of prime major success.But you say Usher is looking washed up and Ludacris longevity and brand is better?? The delusion

      Chris Brown debut was 2005, from 2007 to 2020 Chris Brown went 13 prime years without having a Hot 100 #1 song or even a top 5 until the Drake feature revived his career. Chris have to have 50 songs on his albums just to get his streaming numbers over 1 million. Chris first 15 years are nowhere near as successful as Usher’s prime years. Confessions has sold more in pure album sales than Chris Brown entire 9 album catalogue.

      Brittney Spears debut was 1998, her first two albums both went diamond but after that her sales and success started declining by 2003. Her 2004 hit Toxic was her first hot 100 top 10 in 4 years. From her Blackout album in 2007 to every album afterwards all have declined and none has been successful as her first two albums. Brittney has really been irrelevant since her mental breakdown and her success and longevity is nowhere near Usher’s either. Her debut was 1998 and she barely had 10 years of peak success.

      Rihanna debut was 2005 and her career has actually been more successful than Beyonce, although her last 2 albums started declining which is why she probably took this music hiatus. After 16 years whenever Rihanna release her new album it won’t be as successful as her prime years.

      Justin Timberlake went solo in 2002, in case you didn’t know his last album was nowhere near as successful as his earlier material and was a major disappointment. His last successful era was 2014 when he was still in the prime first 10 to 15 years of his career.

      Beyonce went solo in 2003, her last major successful era with pure sales and number one hits was 2009 album I Am Sasha Fierce.Since then Beyonce have to surprise drop albums to get the attention and sales but still none of her surprise albums are selling 5 million like Adele and Taylor Swift. She hasn’t put out huge classic number one hits. Every one of her recent successful songs has been features, her last #1 song was in 2009 and her last top 5 hit was 2013’s Drunk in love. Her albums sales and chart performance has drastically declined since 2009.


      • 🐝 April 25, 2021

        Lol at u making a million posters and replying to yourself. Like I said, no one cares anymore besides you little Tino with the tiny d***. Have several with your 1 million online personalities. You made yourself look dumb over some lane spreading h***** and printing fake money to then act like it was promotion later on. Ha! The comedy! I’m sure once this residency fails/ends he will be headed to onlyfans like the rest of washed up favorites 😉

      • 🐝 April 25, 2021

        And furthermore you made yourself look dumb. Yourself, just like every other idiotic millennial use your arguments by naming sales and charts but that does not equate to longevity or relevancy. Usher is not a brand…PERIOD. All the artist I’ve name have all had numerous deals and ventures under their belt that makes Usher, and yourself, look like a rookie! Artist that have came years after him are now eclipsing him. If you want to name drop charts and sales then let’s start name dropping Jlo baby because not only did she break records with her first and second album but she also is the most or one of the most successful Latina artist of the last 20 years! AND she has had many accolades and deals attached to her name that has cemented her legacy even further. That was the God damn point I was trying to make you dry ass bag off nuts! And you and your million accounts can retire now because you weren’t and aren’t built for this. Next case! 💼

      • 🐝 April 25, 2021

        …And lastly, you say Justin Timberlakes last successful album was in 2014 and that his recent album didn’t do well but yet he was nominated for an Oscar during that time also. Hmm…yeah, let me tell you…sounds like an irrelevant artist to me. Ha! Not! Random regardless if Beyoncé is using surprises to sale albums or not, she still is selling! And can tour without having to do a Vegas residency for revival! Deals on top of deals under her name. She is a brand, a BUSINESS! Usher is more like a chicken shack in the middle of the hood…gun shots and all. Oopity Oop!

      • Tino April 26, 2021

        Lol Jlo? The no vocal ability having w**** slept her way to the top and stole hits from R&B female artist?? Jlo last successful album was 2006 and her last hit was 20012, since she’s released nothing but flop singles after flop singles.. Only reason Jlo is relevant is cause of her looks and booty, same as Beyonce. Jlo is just another artist who’ve mentioned who’ve gone without musical success longer than Usher.

    • Tino April 26, 2021

      Lol damn your Usher hate is deep and real huh? Did he give you h***** or something?? Stop babbling off your personal feelings all i did was state facts and numbers. It doesn’t matter how much hate you put in the comments at the end of the day Usher is literally the best selling male R&B artist since Michael Jackson with over 160 million combined album and single sales (without streaming numbers) he has more number one hits than any male artist of his generation. He doesn’t have to prove anything else dummy he’s already headed to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame one day. His name is already in the record books with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

      • 🐝 April 27, 2021

        …And I’m cracking up at the fact that you said he is the best selling R&B act after MJ. I’m dead…clearly you are a child who doesn’t know music nor how the industry works. Not even going to waste one of my gorgeous lengthy replies on you. 😌 You can go back to sucking whatever d*ck your knees are bleeding from…oh that’s right…it’s Ushers h***** infested d*ck. The that has only sold 75 million records worldwide against artist like Bruno Mars Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake who have already amassed 120mil. But yet Usher is so prominent and revered ha! Too cute!

    • Tino April 26, 2021

      Its just ridiculous to me how ignorant fools like you come on these sites and call all these artist who’ve already had hugely successful careers washed up and all kind of other ignorant bs like they’re on the curb with feed me signs. Do you realize how many inspiring artist would give anything to have the career that Usher has had?? The man is still worth over 180 million and part owner of an NBA team, damn i know plenty of people who’d love to be that washed up. Meanwhile what have you done so great and successful in your life?? I’m done with you but have fun taking precious time out of your broke asss day to write long paragraphs about rich millionaires who will never even see your ignorant comments lol SMDH

      • 🐝 April 27, 2021

        Oh usher hang it up like a flat screen already! Your arguments lack research or any depth. The only thing you can respond with are numbers and charts (things that we now know can be bought or bribed) and not with what others are currently saying. You dumb gullible f***…go read a book and brush up on actual art and talented artist that have cemented their brands, businesses, and names for themselves outside of the general scope of just being a “s*** pop star”. Yes, he isnt on the street holding up signs for a meal but he damn sure is tap dancing for one aka Las Vegas. And no one said I hated you Usher…I’m just stating facts baby 😌 your the one that got it bad 😉

  7. True Tea April 26, 2021

    Usher has actual talent at the end of the day sweetie. He has never thrown another artist under the bus in order to elevate himself, he isn’t accused of ripping off other artists vocals or music, He doesn’t need to give Satan lap dances because his music ain’t sh*t.

    You named dropped artists who are thriving solely off their looks & s** appeal because they have nothing else to offer, If a/s/s & tits is considered being relevant, you shouldn’t even be here debating music.

    • 🐝 April 27, 2021

      You sound dumb as f*ck and contradicted the f*ck out of yourself just now. So no, YOU CAN sit the f*ck and go learn the actual definition between music and entertainment. Usher was the one of the main artist standing amongst women that stripped his clothes off and used s** appeal to propel him. How sexist of you. It’s ok for a man to do such acts but yet the female is condemned? Ha! Have several at this point…no need for me to even argue with your dumb idiotic a**. This rebuttal was cute though. I needed the giggle…hehe.

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