Summer Walker Slams London On Da Track As Deadbeat Dad: ‘I Do All The Work’

Published: Tuesday 13th Jul 2021 by Rashad

As the likes and positive comments rolled into London On Da Track‘s social media pages for posted pictures of him on daddy duty over the weekend, his baby’s mother – singer/songwriter Summer Walker – suggested the pictures were performative.

Taking to Instagram Monday (July 12), the 25-year-old slammed him for his alleged absence in their daughter’s life then launched into a rant against “blogs and commenters” who claim she mistreats and neglects her child.

Ouch! Look inside to see how all the drama unfolded:

Over the weekend, Track (born London Holmes) shared multiple photos and videos of himself out and about with his daughter with Walker.  Once news of the pics landed on the desk of Summer, she responded with:

“I am the full care taker of my child that man pulls up on the weekend w his mama & his gifts for a day or 2 takes his pics but I do all the work when I’m not at work. So once again suck a dick,” she wrote on her now-vanished IG story.

The above wasn’t all she had to say on the matter.

Later, as captured by our friends at 9MAGTV, Summer launched into a rant against critics of her parenting skills.  In addition to threatening to fight trolls and revealing she cries when separated from her daughter, the ‘Playing Games’ singer addressed followers who expressed concern about her mental health.

“…ain’t nobody motherfu**in’ depressed. The only time I was depressed was when I was with that…and that’s gone now, that’s dead now,” she said before later stating, “Please, if you wanna let me stay home with her all day and all night and you pay my bills, we can make that arrangement.”

See the full clip below.


All the action mentioned above occurred just a week after Walker engaged in a heated online exchange with one of London’s other baby mamas.  Click here to revisit that story.

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  1. K’man July 13, 2021

    Well girl start taking some pills or whatever you need to do help with that anxiety! Cause you need to start working on another album and a tour because you got another mouth to feed!

  2. True Tea July 13, 2021

    Girl he literally does all the work in the studio, what is the issue? You one child. And I’m sure he lives in the home. So he’s not exactly an absentee.

  3. Notbeingfunny…but July 13, 2021

    Not being funny… but she knew he was a deadbeat from time. Like all the BMs complained about him quite publicly, so you knew what he was before you got with him and had a child. K Michelle told everyone that you can’t raise a man… Flip side: maybe he is still about and we don’t see that? Who knows.

    • Paulo July 13, 2021

      Exactly. I believe her on her claims but she set herself up. Why do they always believe they’re the exception?

  4. S H A D I S M July 13, 2021

    S H O C K E R 👀

    Cardi got pregs after a slew of #1’s
    had decorated her music tool belt.


  5. Makal July 13, 2021

    That’s the man/baby father you chose darling. We don’t have an ounce of sympathy for you. I recall Summer crying over him several times prior to her pregnancy. She’s a clown. 🤡 Such a poor example of a mother and woman.

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