Willow Smith Reveals Why She Felt “Unsafe” In Her Music Career

Published: Saturday 31st Jul 2021 by Ryan

Willow Smith is getting candid.

During an appearance ‘The Yungblud Podcast,’ the ‘Transparent Soul’ songstress opened up about the struggles she has faced in her career and how they came off as “bratty.”

Her words below…

“For so long, I had a lot of fear. I felt extremely unsafe in my music career in the past and that feeling of insecurity or unsafety, like I didn’t feel protected, which went really deep. It’s interesting because all of those memories and emotions have just been resurfacing.”

She then went on to discuss her recent performance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ and the anxiety surrounding it, saying:

“I had like a flashback of being like 10 or 9 and having like an anxiety attack on set and basically feeling like everyone around me was like ‘You’re just a brat.’ ‘Why aren’t you grateful? They didn’t see it as an anxiety attack — they saw it as a tantrum, and now I look back and know it was an anxiety attack.”

Smith recently released her first endeavor into punk-pop with her ‘Lately I Feel Everything’ studio album (stream it here). The project featured icons such as Travis Barker of Blink-182 fame and Avril Lavigne.

Her full interview can be found here.

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  1. Yummy Cummy July 31, 2021

    Coz she flopped so hard without a safety net (lack of her papa’s support)

  2. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) July 31, 2021

    She fell into a s h I t hole after whip my hair 😂🤣😂 she was like a kindergarten kid tho💅🏿

  3. Nicky July 31, 2021

    Everyone is not meant to be a star and in the spotlight.

    I’m sorry.

    Willow go get an education and live off your family’s riches.

  4. KeyLoLo July 31, 2021

    She just like her whole family say ANYTHING to try to sound all deep..girl bye! Just say you was young and tired and stop trying to make it seem like you just been through sooooo much 🙄

  5. Hmm July 31, 2021

    She was a child, not a star. Instead of trying to record an album, she should’ve been having the pre-t*** and teenage experience with her peers. She wasn’t ready or mature enough to have an adult career. Her parents misguided her & fckud her up.

  6. Meena July 31, 2021

    Everything feels a little cliche with this era, from the image to the sound. I feel like she’s still trying to figure out who she is artistically.

  7. NoFanNoStan July 31, 2021

    Lol her and her brother stay trying to have struggles

  8. akathexfactor August 1, 2021

    The costumes are a distraction! Rock/pop artists don’t dress like that anymore unless it’s for a magazine cover or brand modeling. 🙄

  9. Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 1, 2021


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