Doctor Says R. Kelly’s Had Herpes Since 2007 Amid Reports the Singer Knowingly Infected Others

Published: Friday 20th Aug 2021 by Rashad

As the highly publicized R. Kelly trial for sex trafficking and racketeering rages on, more and more shocking details emerge from the courtroom.

Just a day after key witnesses alleged the GRAMMY winner impregnated and procured fake documents to marry late R&B singer Aaliyah before her 16th birthday (when he was nearly 30-years-old), the ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ singer’s physician of 25 years testified under oath he has been coping with genital herpes since before 2007.

Details inside:

Taking the stand Thursday (August 19), Kelly’s longtime primary care physician, Dr. Kris McGrath, revealed he suspected the singer had genital herpes as early as June 2000 due to symptom’s the star exhibited.

Claiming he told the singer-songwriter to “inform your sexual partners so they can make a decision whether or not to have sex with you,” McGrath also said Kelly (or an associate on his behalf) would frequently call him for refills on drugs to treat genital herpes.

“It was so often that I had memorized the number to that Walgreens,” he said of the alleged requests.

While prosecutors unearthed medical records that showed McGrath prescribing Kelly the herpes treatment drug, Valtrex, in March 2007, medical records – according to the prosecution – did not show the singer as officially diagnosed with the disease until 2011. Jerhonda Pace testified Wednesday (August 18) that Kelly had sexually abused her in 2009 (when she was only 16).  According to her, their intercourse was unprotected and led to her developing herpes.  Pace went on to allege the singer did not disclose he had herpes at the time of their sexual encounter.

“It is difficult to prove because it is not easy to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knew he was infected when the sexual intercourse took place,” Roger Canaff, a former assistant district attorney in New York City told CNN. “However, testimony from a doctor who was treating Kelly is damning evidence. It shows that, as far back as 2007, Kelly knew he had a venereal disease. If it can be proven that he knew, and that he continued to have sexual intercourse, then the offense can be proven against him.”

[photo sources: AP Images/GETTY Images]

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  1. Becky Goodhair August 21, 2021

    That’s what you get for indulging
    in debaucherous wickedness.

    S ex with minors ✔
    P issing on s ex partners ✔
    Infecting them knowingly ✔

    Waterboard this damned heathen

    • Wwwd August 21, 2021

      That’s why Tupac who was jailed for r****. Just said he hate black bitchezz….

      Where u there you rotten evil soul.

      • Becky Goodhair August 21, 2021

        Who U callin’ a B itch?!? Do I look like yo’ mama? ❌

  2. Tino August 21, 2021

    Damn I guess “The same girl” R. Kelly and Usher was singing about in 2007 gave both of them h*****.

    I’m the biggest Usher fan but I couldn’t resist that lol

    • Wwwd August 21, 2021

      I hate bitchezz like you. Y’all refuse I mean refuse to post rkelly defense.

      Post his defense. Mfs

  3. Wwwd August 21, 2021

    Not gulity that man did not r*** all those children.

    Put up his defense.

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